The Truth Behind OFW’s Selfies! Selfie Smile .Positioning my phone a bit inch from afar, a little higher, to make me look skinny. Oh wait let me pose side view so my pimple won’t show on the left side of my chubby face. I have to smile to look happy, right? Okay.. 1…2…3 Selfie Smile No filter? I look dark, let me choose Juno image effect, posting through Instagram. Be happy  caption, #hashtag #happy #selfie.

The upper and lower bony structures in vertebrates forming the framework of the mouth and containing the teeth, (Ang galing ko mag English, sa Google ko yan nakuha, search mo, yan lalabas LOL), my jaw (yun lang yun!) was literally hurting after hundred times of taking selfies. I couldn’t still choose the best shot. Parehas lang naman! The struggle was real, wasn’t it? Relate much?

“One tall frappuccino mocha, please”  What is your name Ma’am?, Starbucks employee asked, handling the cup and a pen. Yaya Dub.

Wag kayong umangal, kunwari lang uy!  It was Yaya Dub’s day off, time to relax. But first let me take a selfie . Pose. Pose. Post and post. And that awkward moment when someone is looking at you while you are taking picture of yourself. Kinda hard to smile. Smile Istorbo si kuya e!

Ganito eksena minsan…

Selfie doesn’t mean you’re always by yourself. You do that too when you are with your peeps, groupie sometimes. Pre papicture nga. 1..2..3.. patingin?  Isa pa pre yun kunware malaki muscle ko. Isa pa, isa pa. Okay. Wait, try to include the background  tska yung food. Benihana and sushi.  E di wow! or where guys usually go Hooters , yung ang specialty ay chicken…. wings ba or breast?  Smile.

E yung nasa restaurant kayo hindi pa kayo makakain dahil picture-an muna. Kalam na kalam na ang tyan but everyone is smiling, posing and enjoying the view at the beach side restaurant, picture-an muna ang food. Sakit sa panga ng pagsmile tapos tyan din dahil sa gutom. LOL But it’s fun!

Capturing memories. Enjoying the time when you are off from work. Enjoying the view. Trying to be happy. I love it! Keep doing that!

We go on restaurant not because we want to show off. We want to have a life sometimes. It’s normal. Everybody has the right to enjoy yung pinag-hirapan nila. Hindi masama ang lumabas and magsaya paminsan minsan.

Rewind before Selfies

My chest are tightening, lips are twitching, eyes turning to red. Pearl-like salty liquid about to flow,  I couldn’t breath. An expression of pain. Shed tears. Crying face “”She is really a good actress, Oh my gash, she got me there”  This is me while watching “On the Wings of Love” episode.

Tiffany and the rest of the neighbors organized an event to raise funds for her father who is suffering with heart problem. He refused to be operated because of financial difficulty. He is a good person, it was not a bother to them at all to be of some help. Tifanny, as a loving daughter, did everything to make the concert a success. She had taken the risk of pleading a popular actress, who has a hectic schedule, to be the special guess at the said activity. Without any confirmation, unsure as she is if Anne Curtis is coming, her father found out that the star didn’t make any notice, he decided to go at the stage to inform the people and just simply apologize for the disappointment it had cause. “Good Evening everyone, we thank you for coming over and we are sincerely…” Suddenly, an expensive vehicle arriving, a tall, sexy and beautiful lady going out from the car, crowd screaming. “…welcoming Ms. Anne Curtis” surprised father shouted.

She came. She spoke and explained that even in her busy schedule, she couldn’t say NO to a daughter who sent her a letter that truly touched her heart. She would do the same thing, taking all the risks, whatever it takes to save her father. So let the celebration started.

Meanwhile, another daughter living in the United States of America, working to help her family financially, doesn’t know that her father is sick. She herself pretends that everything is well in there, of course not, it’s not easy to work abroad, covering up with her smile and happy tone whenever they talk through Skype. OFW.

Drama. It happens in real life. While watching this episode,breaks my heart. Besides from I am an emotional person I kinda relate myself to the situation. Tama na yan! Palabas lang to uy! Smile Drama pa more!

My chest are tightening, lips are twitching, eyes turning to red. Pearl-like salty liquid about to flow,  I couldn’t breath. An expression of pain. Shed tears. Crying face

That moment when your grandmother who took care for you for a long time is being confined at the hospital, fear suddenly runs through your blood, I want to go home, I want to see her.  Scared to death that you won’t be able to see her again.

When your 2 year old son got an accident, a tricycle hit him, a boiling water accidentally fell on him, or a daughter who was diagnosed having a dengue fever, I want to go home, I want to  take care of them. I want to be by her/his side. I want to be there. Scared to death that you wouldn’t able to see them again.

When your parents are sick but you are not beside them physically. You sacrifice the happiness being together because you wanted to give them everything as much as you can financially but your strength isn’t enough, they think you are just fine, never let them see when you are breaking, all you just need sometimes is their smile, their hugs and you will be alright. I want to go home.

You worked as an office worker when you were at your own country, and you have chosen the path of being a maid in other country. Horrible feeling! But you’ve gone through it because of love, the love for your family.  You cried I want to go home.

Long distance relationship. Your can’t be there with your love ones, you can handle or you couldn’t handle LDR, it’s still painful. You’ve given up or you’ve been fighting, it’s still distressing. You had been cheated or you cheated, it’s heartbreaking. You are away from them, you can’t control the situation, it causes you anxiety and depression, the extreme sadness you’ve never had before. It’s real, to the highest level. I want to go home, your heart speaks, it screams, you are sobbing but no one hears. That’s how we live, OFW.

We shed tears. We release pains. Iyak pa more. Just in case no one ever told you this, if you are an OFW, “I am proud of you” We all have different situations that caused us to be distressed and yet we can still stand up and smile at the camera. Selfie pa more! Isn’t it cool? Smile

Living far from your country, far from your family and friends troubled you at times. If you are an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) you can understand the level of loneliness I am saying. You are blessed if your whole family is with you now. You passed the stage of this. Even so, I believe you’ve gone through lonesomeness as well. For those who had left their love ones – friends, spouse, children, girlfriend, boyfriend et al, taking the risk of having the so-called  ‘good life’, you surely have an idea of what I am talking about. But are you really having a good life? Did you really choose the right path? Is this really a good decision? These might be some of the questions once or still keep being asked in your mind sometimes. To spend most of your days sacrificing, working hard, alone moments, worrying too much for love ones from afar, homesickness, self pitying, depression etc., you tend to cover them up by hanging out with friends, being drunk, partying, treating yourselves in the restaurants and most of all, hindi mawawala, taking selfies. “I am having a good life”, caption, #hashtags.

 “I understand them ‘te Lei, that’s how they release their stress”, someone told me. And to tell you the truth, I have nothing against with all of these. I don’t judge them, I do not condemn them, I totally understand them. But it saddens me as well. We try our very best to be happy, we fought everyday. I do! So do not think that you are alone experiencing the same thing. Everyone has different struggles everyday. Everybody has their own way to unwind, de-stress, and take loads off. Physically, emotionally and mentally you’ve been fighting all along. Who are you when no one sees you, when you are alone? Were you still the person who laughs in front of people,smile over the camera? ‘Everything is well with me’ portrait. Admit or not, you sometimes feel empty, there is something missing that makes you wanna stop living. (Aha magka-rhymed Smile)

It is okay to be sad at times, to sometimes feel lonely, to sometimes feel tired and stressed. It is okay to cry, it is okay to be in pain and sorrow. But take this as an opportunity to draw near to the One who can give you strength to survive the day. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

The truth behind OFW’s selfie:

People think when you work abroad , they have this idea that you save a lot of money, you are rich and you are super duper mega over happy. Smile But the truth is..

1. We are sad but we try to be happy.

Those selfies were sometimes taken after the feeling of homesickness and self pitying.  Selfie helps us to be strong and confident. Masarap kaya yung feeling maganda. Try mo! Smile

2. We are poor, we are not rich. We are just blessed.

At least for me, this is true. Smile Just because you saw me eating at sushi bar or fine dining restaurant doesn’t mean I have plenty of money. Most of the time, they are free. I am just simply blessed! Thank you Jesus. However, others spend some of their money to eat outside to de-stress. Please understand ,they are not luxurious, there were only the day where they can enjoy life. It is not always. Wag kayong judgmental. Hehe Smile

3. We are not shopaholic.

I am not. I dunno with the others. LOL. I am telling the truth, the majority of my dresses are  gifts. Namamasyal lang kaya may selfie sa mga stores. Smile Sa iba naman, that’s the way they make themselves happy in exchange of the many sad days and nights nila.

4. We are prayerful

I do not go out all the time. I try to spend time praying. This is the only way where I can connect with the people I love far from me. God has been pouring out his grace upon me and I should be always thankful and be proud. Selfies with verses and inspirations are not intended to show off and tell people how religious I am, it’s just being grateful that someone like him, gives me the courage to go on, believes in me, makes me feel beautiful, precious and love. Bonus na lang ang ganda diba? Maganda ba ako? Weh? wala kayong paki, kung gusto nyo gawa din kayo sarili nyong selfie- Pabebe


Yeng tetee? megende be ke? LOL 🙂

Marami pa at hindi ko na siguro masabi lahat. I just want to clarify that we are also humans, we have problems but we try to find ways to be happy just like the others. We are only thankful,although homesick strikes a lot of times, we still have reasons to enjoy our days here on earth.

Today, I got the courage to speak out. Instead of bringing all up those dishearten me,  I want to be thankful. I have reasons to be grateful and so you are.

This is the day that I have made! As you rejoice in this day of life, it will yield up to you precious gifts and beneficial training. Walk with Me. along the high road of thanksgiving, and you will find all the delights I have made ready for you.

To protect your thankfulness, you must remember that you reside in a fallen world, where blessings and sorrows intermingle freely. A constant focus on adversity defeats many Christians. They walk through a day that is brimming with the beauty and brightness, seeing only the grayness of their thoughts. Neglecting the practice of giving thanks has darkened their minds. How precious are My children who remember to thank Me at all times. They can walk through the darkest days with Joy in their hearts because they know that the Light of My Presence is still shining on them. Rejoice in this day that I have made, for I am your steadfast Companion.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

I will sacrifice a thank offering to you and call on the name of the Lord. Psalm 116:7

From a book ‘Jesus Calling-365 Day Devotional’ by Sarah Young. I can feel that God is directly talking to me. There are so much more to be thankful for.

Let us count our blessings and take selfies! Happy Thanksgiving Day!


What Brightens Up the Darkest Times?

What brightens up the darkest times? What softens all the wounded hearts? what covers, forgives the greatest sins? What’s Greater? – Lyrics, What’s Greater by City Harvest Church

There is no greater love than the love of God. It is His Love, his grace that keep us moving. Whenever you are at the end of the rope, he is the one who catches you. He is the only one who gives you the satisfaction of life. His presence is amazing.

In worship, I feel home. I have peace.

I just want to share one of my worship times with you. Take time to listen. God bless you. Thank you!


What’s Greater Cover

Featured Photo : Ctto (google image)

Prinsesa sa Starbucks

I am sitting on a very comfortable sofa drinking a one tall Frappuccino Mocha at Starbucks. Wearing a casual sleeveless with a combinations of black gray and white stripes, above the knee dress. It is indeed a wonderful time with myself. Yes, me and myself will have a great bonding tonight.

Time check: 5:30 pm, November 20, 2015. Friday @ Paseo Harencia, Aruba

Note: I am not endorsing Garnier. hehe 🙂

I was waiting for this moment that I could walk alone and will have a quality chat with my mind outside the house, outside a four corner room. It’s been almost four years since I had this moment. I usually do hang out with family and friends but I always wait for that moment where I can sit and relax, walk around, think and write anything that comes in my mind. I used to share my thoughts to people close to mine but these past few years I am becoming more deep and thoughtful, serious and purposeful, not open to everyone, remembers negatives, moody and depress. I am becoming an introvert, having a melancholy temperament.

I always believe that I am Sanguine. Bubbly, jolly and talker. The more people I get to see the more I feel better. Extrovert. People do change huh? I know why I become like this, I might tell my story in the future posts. Because tonight Yhang, it’s gonna be different. Let’s have fun! Let us try to be Sanguine and Melancholic at the same time. 🙂 Hmmmm.. No, I want to be a Pincess today.


CTTO (Google Images)


A guy is passing by and from a far I can see he is staring and smiling at me. I do not know why but I did smile back. I am not that bad, why wouldn’t I give my smile to a person who smiles at you? It is not difficult to do anyways. This is what I love about the people in Aruba. They are friendly, they will greet you even they do not know you personally. In our culture, you’ll become suspicious if you smile to a person you do not know.

 There are three ladies coming out from the inside. By the way I am sitting outside the coffee shop. One of them asked me if I could take picture of them three. She’s speaking Spanish. “Okay, sure” I answered. “1…2…3…Smile, One more time  1…2…3 Smile.” I was smiling so wide as well, seems camera is in front of me. “Thank you” “You are welcome”

Cring! Cring! Cring! ….

My phone is ringing. Someone is calling.

“Hello ‘te Lei, andito na ako” (Hello, I’m already here)

Reminder: No one is allowed to call me ‘te Lei except my brother. He is the only person who calls me with that nickname. I think that is sweet. 🙂

I asked Papa to drop me at Western Union to send a birthday gift to my sister. Unfortunately, while driving over there, I forgot my passport for a valid ID requirement. I didn’t tell him. I don’t know, I had a feeling that he would get mad at me. I could have asked him to send by his name but I said to myself, No! I will find ways when I get there. I phoned King. Thank God he is my savior for today. I badly wanted to send it today. While waiting, I went to Starbucks and couldn’t wait to have that ‘muni-muni na’ (to reflect). Ma-drama talaga ako minsan but I really do love meditating.

I hurried back to Western Union and there he is. Standing outside, wearing a black polo shirt and jeans with a good posture. My brother is really a handsome man. Thank God for that! Praise you Jesus. I’ve learned this from my sister: to always compliment someone. She does that to us so nagbobolahan talaga kami. 🙂 LOL

There are kababayans (Fellow-Filipinos) who will send money to their family in Philippines. ‘Inaamoy lang natin no? Padala na agad.’ ‘Ganun talaga’

No regrets. We, Filipinos, love to help our family by all means. We will do everything for our family to give them a good life. It’s not an easy journey but it is very rewarding. We have heard some stories from Overseas Filipino Workers around the world that truly touched the lives of many. One day, I will share mine. Mabuhay!

Done at WU. Okay bye King, thank you!



At Starbucks again. It’s free WiFi here. Wag kayong ano, masarap pag free!

Second round, White Chocolate Frappuccino 🙂

I am enjoying this: seeing people, observing them.

This is cool. I am outside, alone but not lonely. YES! As a Sanguine person, like what I said earlier the more I get to see people, the better I feel. I am joyous to see different kinds of people. I love smiling at them. My heart is happy.

A woman next to my table is holding her cellphone, browsing perhaps while her husband is eating bread. At the other table, a guy doing the same. I can see from here, he is on Facebook scrolling down, down, down. He took a selfie and maybe posted it to his Instagram or sent to his chat mate. A group of people to my right, they are together but they are silent because everyone seems praying, bowing their heads towards their cellphone. Why would I care? I do not mind. I am just observing. Looking around, everybody is on their gadgets. This is how the social media taking our lives huh? I am actually one of them. Welcome to the cellphone world!

But I am not sad. Not that I don’t care but here’s the reality of life. Everyone is into it. It’s one of the basic necessities of our daily lives. We can’t control that but we have our choice. Choose to balance life. Be in a high technology world, that is not a problem but have a life as well. Spend quality time with your love ones. When you go out for a dinner together, you may have a rule, a specified amount of time to take pictures, to post them and when time is up, enjoy the time, look at their eyes, listen to their stories, laugh with them. For an OFW like me, social media is very useful. There are a lot of times you do not have someone to share your stories with but you can communicate through your social accounts. Posting, liking images, commenting and sharing them are not bad at all. But for me personally, I do appreciate when someone sends personal messages, sincerely asking how’s my life going on. It’s really a big thing to me. I feel missed and valuable. Hindi ka pa rin nila kinakalimutan kamustahin kahit na matagal na kayo hindi nagkikita. Yung alam mong hindi ka abala kapag kinausap mo sila, they will take time to listen to you. I say thank you for those who are still keeping in touch with me. Your “HI and Hello” are very much appreciated. I wouldn’t dare to say “Goodbye” to these kind of  friends. Malayo man, malapit pa din. Dito o? Sa puso ko. Maraming Salamat po!

But first, let me take a selfie.

Nahiya naman ako mag-smile. May nakatingin. Awkward! HAHA

Oh wait, I remember I have to give her the Western Union control number. Called my sister, choppy. Naubos na load hindi pa rin nagkaintindihan. Enebeyen o! Gonna find loading station. Out of credits na!

I went to rest room first, then walked around, I found a mini store.

Do you sell Digicel load? Oh, NO. I’m sorry.

Hindi yan katulad sa atin na kahit saan tindahan may loading station. Dito, kelangan mo pumunta sa mismong network to buy. Meron din mga store na nagbebenta pero mahirap maghanap. So I got out from the store and was looking for my phone to call someone. I groped for it in my bag, I couldn’t find. I stopped for a moment. I found a small table, I took out my things from bag one by one.

Oh no! My cellphone. I left it at Starbucks.

I’d better hurry. Run Yhang, run! Or else you will go home walking. Haha That is another problem, I need a ride to go home. I was about to call my father to pick me up later.

Thank God, my cellphone is resting on the chair. Wew!

I had a chance to call tita Blessie to put credits on my number and will pay her when I get home. Yey I can still find ways huh! Thank God.

Talking and laughing with my sister made my day! Thank God. I don’t usually give her calls. Ang mahal kasi! Hehe But I was talking really fast thinking that my call will be disconnected anytime soon. Every second counts.

20 minutes and 34 seconds = Awg 15- (8dollars) /8 x 42 = P336.00

Ang bilis naman! hehe 🙂 But it was great hearing her voice.

Five minutes later, a call from best friends Ehdz and Cess. And we are complete today. No matter how busy you are, spend time with your love ones. Screenshot_2015-11-20-20-25-24[1]

12248071_10208266481684594_551575312393603439_o (1)12232753_10208266481724595_9027924911017583933_o

A princess is willing to wear a smile to everyone. A princess helps and is happy to other’s happiness. A princess is kind. A princess spends quality time with family and friends. A princess laughs. We have a saying Laughter is the best medicine. A princess appreciates the beauty of life. A princess compliments. A princess trusts God. A princess prays. Today, I become who I wanted to be. I’m Princess. 🙂


Nung sinundo ako ni King. Usapang OFW kami sa sasakyan.

“Ako lumawak ang pag-iisip at pang-unawa ko dito” -King

“Akala ko nung una wala akong pwedeng ika-proud sa sarili ko, but I came to realize that I  am actually proud of myself” -Yhang

Kung bakit? Ikukwento ni Princess sa susunod.

It’s time to zzzzzzz.

Thank you! 🙂 Be a blessing today!

Beauty That Doesn’t Fade (Part 3)

Ang tunay na maganda hindi nahihiyang umutot, hindi rin nahihiyang magluto ng pansit canton na naging biko. Ano daw? LOL Sa part 2 po natin mababasa ang ilan sa masayang moments ng mga kaibigan nya with her. Pero ito talaga, ang tunay na maganda di nagsasawang tumulong sa kapwa nya.Wala ng intro ah? Wala ng maisip e.  Haha

Part 3 and last na yehey! Makakatulog na ako.

Ang puso nya ang mas nagpapaganda talaga sa kanya. Kaya nga marami talaga  nagmamahal sa Queen of our hearts e. Kung bakit? (Part 1)

Basahin : Beauty That Doesn’t Fade 1

Sa Part 2 naman nakilala natin ang mga humahanga sa kanya at ang hinangaan nya. At sa mga nagtatanong, ako na sasagot. Yes, single po sya. 🙂 Single but happy. Ready to mingle? haha Ask her.

Alamin: Beauty That Doesn’t Fade 2

Ako, personally marami ako natutunan sa kanya e. Kung paano nya ako inaalagaan ganun din ang pagtingin nya sa ibang tao. She is really concern about a person’s heart and soul. Charming talaga e. Napakaswerte talaga nung matatawag kong kuya. Ready na ba tayo? Alamin natin kung paano talaga sya ginagamit ni Lord para mag inspire at mag-encourage sa ibang tao.

What are the lessons you’ve learned or wisdom you’ve got from her?


Obedience to God is the key to success. Amen

“But this is what I commanded them, saying, ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you will be My people; and you will walk in all the way which I command you, that it may be well with you.’

Jeremiah 7:23 




Leiah Falguera .Special shout out for this beautiful lady of God and soon to be wife of Ptr. Mike Calingacion. She surely asked God’s confirmation. Excited na yan o?! Yung usapan natin ah? HAHA All the best! Congratulations. True Love Waits and True Love Weds. Cheers


Sana hindi ako mali pero this from Sheena Marie S. 🙂

To her best friends, sige kasali na din ako. Thanks for loving my ate Queen huh! Bawi ako one day. 🙂

Princess Val, Queen-Mel, Ehdz



May future ba kayo ni ate Queen, Ric? Haha Joke


At marami pa talaga…


Commercial Break ulit..


Oh Vitamins for the eyes. Sino mas pogi? Haha Itanong nyo sa akin dali sino yun isa dyan! LOL 🙂

Ito daw natutunan nya kay ate Queen:


May isa pa sya natutunan Kinain mo tae mo? Tinuro din ni ate Queen. Mahusay na magtagalog yan HAHA

From Rowell



Isingit na rin natin ito. I supposed to ask this sa mga nasa Aruba and ibang bansa kaso I didn’t have the chance to interview them. But we want you to know ate Queen We miss you so much!


Ricky Sanchez, Singer-Composer/Papuri Singer/TV Personality


More about Ricky Sanchez

Thank you po Sir!

Wishes/Prayers for Ate Queen

Ramdam mo na ba ano ang kahilingan ng marami? Let’s take a look.

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-27-08 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-41-13 (3)

Ito na yun o?…

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-29-56 (5)

Ang alin kaya? May nawawala! Hanapin natin. Sing sing ba ito? ALDUB ang peg.

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-53 (2)

Lahat naman pala e. NAghahanap ka rin ba? Ano ba tong wish na to?

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-28-28 (3)

Pwede bang i-box na ‘to? Iregalo nating lahat? LOL

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-27-42 (3)
From Rochelle Sulitas

Ito mas excited kasalan agad agad e! Ako din mapapatalon ako pag nangyari yan. Yung aabot ang talon hanggang Pinas sa sobrang saya.

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-21-27 (2).png

Bongga diba? Mas mabilis ito. Baby agad. Nasaan na kaya kasi e no?

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-12-05Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-53-06 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-54-00 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-19-18-32-40 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-30-19 (2)

Sa Isang tulad niyang ganito?…

Screenshot_2015-11-19-01-19-33 (2)

Hindi paba dinggin ni Lord ang prayer natin for her? Hehe Sa Tamang Panahon

May nakakamiss sayo sobra o! 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-18-18-50-02 (2)

I promised her ipaparating ko sayo to te Queen, kaya ayan usap usap kayo lage. 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-58-06 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-33-11 (2)
From Rowell. Naging babae kasi e! Gf mo nak? Nangenge-alam pa e no? HAHA

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-54-44 (2)


Let’s also wait for Mr. Left? Haha May ganun ba? Dami na kasi humahabol dyan kay Mr. Right. Tama na yan!

Screenshot_2015-11-09-19-45-01 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-18-50-02 (4)
From Kimberly Mallari

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-56-20 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-05 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-51-00 (2)

Let’s have faith. See you soon! 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-06-00-03-05 (2)

Mahanap na nya ang TAO  para sa kanya. Tao ah. Tao. Hindi yan Bagay o H? HA? Hay? HAhaha up! 🙂 Thumbs up! Salamat neng..

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-32-02 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-28-03 (2)
From MArjie Cuello

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-35-29 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-43-14 (2)


Yes po. Amen. Sa dami natin nagpepray nyan o? Yes na yan Lord diba? 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-48 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-51-35 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-56-18 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-24-19 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-19-16 (2)


Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-27-09 (2)
From Randolph

Bata pa naman pala e. Maghintay pa tayoScreenshot_2015-11-09-22-23-45 (2)

Nasaan ba Mak nagpunta yan at hindi pa rin dumarating gang ngayon? Dami na naghahanap sa kanya o?! Natraffic. May forever e. Forever traffic! Only in the Philippines.

Mr. Right, God’s will, God’s best, si Forever at kung anu ano pang tawag sakanya, where na you? Dito na us? Madami dami kang mapapasaya pag dumating ka sa takdang panahon. Kaya medyo bilis bilisanmo. Matraffic? Maglakad ka na. Pwede na din yan. So Bayaw? Can’t wait to call you Kuya!

Pero guys seriously, God’s love is more than enough. Kaya nga siguro nakapaghihintay si ate Queen at single pa rin sya hanggang ngayon dahil na-enjoy nya ang love ni Lord. Totoo naman na mas nakakakilig ang love Nya sa atin.



Ang sarap sarap sa pakiramdam kapag alam natin may nagmamahal at nag aalaga sa atin. Yung bang kahit na alam mo na hindi ka perfect pero ang tingin nya sayo ay perfect, righteous. Sa totoo lang, darating sa buhay natin na mararanasan natin masaktan, iwan ng minamahal natin pero may isa na kahit kelan hindi ka iiwan. Mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ikaw Lord. Ito ang isa sa mga aral na naituro sa akin ni Lord through ate Queen. Kasi ang buhay sa mundo ay pansamantala lang, maging ang mga tao sa mundo. Hindi lahat nasa tabi mo, hindi lahat lage andyan para sayo, hindi sila ang magkukumpleto sayo. But if you seek the ONE who will fill your longings and emptiness, hindi ka luge kasi pupunuin ka nya ng pagmamahal ng walang kapalit. You are the apple of His eyes. Sya ang FOREVER natin, the ONE and our TRUE LOVE . His name is JESUS.

Be loved…


Pero dahil gusto ni Lord na magtiwala tayo ng bongga sakanya. Maganda na ganito na rin wish natin sabay sabay. 1 2 3..Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-49-03 (2)

O diba? Hindi pa rin ako tumigil. Pataasan ng faith o? LOL

Screenshot_2015-11-07-17-37-10 (2)
galing sa Kalyeserye to. 🙂


Thanks so much for taking time to read. Sa lahat po ng nagmamahal sa ate ko sobrang thank you po. God bless you all!


Beauty That Doesn’t Fade (Part 2)

Her heart makes her more beautiful, heart towards the Lord and people. She is obviously a Queen of Beauty. Ang galing ko mambola ano ba yan! HAHA But for real, I appreciate her so much. She is very strong. Her faith? hmmm naku! Mahahawa ka e pag kasama mo sya. Kaya nga miss ko na talaga siya! I always look forward in seeing her again. Malapit na yan! sabi nga diba? ayon sa pambansang salita “Sa Tamang Panahon”.

If you haven’t read my previous post. Click here:

Karugtong po ito as a gift for her birthday. I want her to feel that her beauty truly shines, hindi dahil kapatid ako kundi marami din sa mga kaibigan nya na magpapatunay na siya ay pawang isang anghel na nahulog sa kalangitan. Mababasa nyo po yun sa previous post ko. E di wow!

Magthrowback muna tayo

3. Unforgettable Moment/Funny Moment with Her




Sa sobrang bait sunod na lang e! HAHA 
Ulitin nyo kaya ulit yan neng? 


Sorry ang pag-crop ko ay terible. LOL 🙂 Patawad


Aba Aba! Nagdedate? Lahat pala alam ah. makikichika nga ako!  Si Ate Queen po ay isa sa Mentor ni JR.



Hindi ko ito sinadya pero magkasunod si Mark and Mhai? Sila na?! HAHA Peace 





Hindi kasi dapat nagju-judge agad agad porket mukhang bata, bata na? wag ganun!
From Rowell, Ang sabi sya daw ang nanghingi ng picture. Nagexplain?

Ito, BABALA! Trademark namin to. LOL Utot Pa More!

smlirate ella

Naalala mo ito?

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-40-57 (4)

Kung merong tawanan, may iyakan din. Madalas yan pag may GOODBYE moments. Oops.. Happy MEmories lang. Wag iiyak! Hugs 🙂 

tta espie

Yung mga talagang madalas nya nakakasama, tanungin natin:

Unforgettable Moments?

O diba? Sila ang tunay na best friends! HAHA Parehas sagot eh!

Masarap alalahanin ang mga moments na ganito, diba? Patunay lang na tumatanda ka na ate Queen! HAHA. Salamat po sa mga nag-share ng kanilang mga happy times with her. Ako din ay nag-enjoy naman!

Dahil dyan may babati muna.

PASTOR JORDAN ESCUSA, Voice Over Guy/Radio Host and Youth Pastor. 
Ito kaya? Ano kaya masasabi nya sa susunod na babati?
image-443e233bca1622bacfc7f1f611b48aa8bf80fbbb00bb989084f35b82ee171be3-V (2)
O teka muna ah? Wag ampalaya! Babati lang yan.. Twinkie daw o! He is the sweetest guy friend of ate Queen. Okay? Friend Okay? HAHA
Balik tayo sa first question, portion nya lang to.  Nung tinanong ko sya, talaga namang naexcite din sya. 🙂
Describe her in one word
Oh yung iba dyan, i-zoom na ang pic kung sino ba itong tumatawag sakanya na twinkie. Alerm me yern! Yan tayo e!
What do you like about her?
Prayers for her? /Message for her?

Ang cute ng teddy bear! Ang cute din nya e no? Sarap titigan e. Alin? Yung bear ba? O yung may hawak? Parehas te. Makalaglag to. Buti di nya to naiitindihan. Hmmm. Sayang naman!

Thank you Ducky! 🙂

4, Who are her admirers?
Ayan na! This is just for fun.Wala po akong intensyon manira ng relasyon.

Wag po kayong ano. Crush lang naman e! hihi :0 Laglagan na!


Okay sige hindi ko ilalagay! Ako po yun! LOL Peace Mak.




Bakit ba? Ano kaya kinakatakot nila? Crush lang naman. Pag-hanga uy!


O diba? Kasali si XYZ. HAHA. Sa mga nakagets, yun na yun! Move on na tayo. 🙂

Sino ba yan Eric na yan at paulit ulit ko nababasa? Haha eric


Ah eto pala yun! HAHA Belated Happy birthday din sayo Bro Ercison Lugtu. Ang liit ni Eric. (Nagsalita ang matangkad!) Peace! 🙂

5. Who was/is her crush?

Buti nalang hindi kami magkasama ngayon. Nasabunutan na siguro ako.“Loko ka talagang bata ka” Yan ang sasabihin nya“Marami ka talagang kulit e” 


No shame! HAHA


OO nga nung nasa Bethany pa tayo noon? 🙂

Sya naman di daw nya alam pero...


Hindi na. Sinagot? HAHA


Ito napaka-accurate. 🙂 Weh?


Sino nga ba talaga?


Di nga ric? Baka naman…


Ikaw naman pala e! HAHA



Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-58-20Ilabas na yan c CB! Haha Pati na yan c JC. Sino yan? 🙂

Mahal nya ngang tunay. Wala naman masama sa One-sided Love diba? Masarap pa rin magmahal. Napakapalad kaya ni CB lage syang pinagpepray. Paubutin kaya natin sakanya to? Game? LOL Joke lang!


Siya rin naman naghihintay o? Pa’no kung sila pala in the end! Jesus Christ! HAHA

Sabay sabay tayo magsabi ng “AMEN”


Isang hindi inaasahan pagkakataon. Ang araw na iyon ay tunay na nagpasaya sakanya. Okay lang yan. Darating din ang forever mo SA TAMANG PANAHON. Hindi man si Christian pero naniniwala ako isa syang Christian, believer of Christ. Basta wag lang si Batista ha? LOL

Happy Birthday ulit my sister Queen. May PArt 3 pa. 🙂

Maraming salamat muli sa inyong oras!








Beauty That Doesn’t Fade

Every woman is beautiful. She is. Oh! She may not have the features of the Top Most Beautiful Women in the world, hindi rin sya artista or model seen in television and magazine but she has a unique, God-given beauty and strength. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Wherever she goes, her beauty shines. I am not exaggerating this but really…She is one of a kind. Thank God we are sisters. LOL 🙂

Magtatagalog na ako. Hirap na! HAHA

Maganda, may talento, mabait at may puso ang ilan sa mga katangiang hinahanap ng mga tagahanga sa kanilang mga ini-idolong artista. Kung isa kang Aldub fan, appear tayo! Ako naman ay talagang natutuwa sa tandem na sina Alden at Maine. Ibang iba sila. Ako ay kinikilig. Ang puso ko ay tumatalon sa sobrang saya habang sila ay pinapanood. Hindi ito patungkol sa kanila, actually. Sorry po! Cute kasi nila e! Lalo na si Maine I like her kasi she is beautiful inside and out. Ayon yan sa pag stalk ko sa social media accounts nya. Hehe. But you know what? I admire my sister more hindi man sya sikat tulad ng mga artista pero para sa akin, sikat sya sa puso ko. HAHA o quota na ako ah? Bola pa more.

Ang pangalan nya ay Queen-Mel.

“Mommy saan nga uli nakuha yung ‘Mel’ sa name ni ate Queen?

I can’t tell the story behind her name. Sabi po kasi ni Mommy ko:

Okay Mommy! Copy!

BABALA: Asawa ni? Babalu! LOL Aldub Fever. Enebeyen

Hindi pa man ako naguumpisa may babala na. May pagkama-drama and kinda horror kasi ang story nun. Sige good vibes lang tayo. Kung kayo po ay curious siya nalang po ang tanungin nyo 🙂

Let me introduce myself first. Gusto ko din sumali sa eksena e. I’m Princess, her sister. Yung mas maganda sakanya. Yes, ako na nga yun. HAHA Syempre kasinungalingan yun. Tanggap ko yan. I am an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). Sa kagustuhan ko pong mapasaya ang ate ko kahit na malayo ako naisip kong gumawa ng ganitong klaseng post.

Ako po ay naginterview online ng mga ilan sa mga kaibigan nya from Elementary, High School, College and Workplace. Nagpapasalamat naman po ako dahil ako ay pinaunlakan nila. Mabuhay po kayo! At nanghihingi din ako ng pasensya sa mga malalapit sa kanya na hindi ko po nabigyan ng pagkakataon mapasama sa simpleng regalong ito. Hindi kasi kineri ng powers ko. 🙂

Para sa iyong kaarawan mahal kong kapatid.

  1. Describe Queen in one word

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-11-57 (2)

Sa totoo lang natawa din ako sa DP nya. Ang palabas na ito ay di naaangkop sa batang manonood. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. LOL

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-27-44 (2)

Ang Sweet 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-25-28 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-22-56 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-21-16 (2)

HERO. I wanted to ask why. But yeah.. I know the answer. She is truly a hero. Lipad na te Queen at sumigaw ng Darna! HAHA Seriously, She went through a lot of struggles especially in taking care of her siblings. Magkaroon ka ng kapatid na tulad ko? Di ka kaya mangunsume? (tama ba yun word?)  Tama na yan 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-22-37 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-23-30 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-18-00 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-51-25 (2)
Michael Isip

Ikaw na ate Queen ang mukhang emoji! 🙂 Smile pa more

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-28-20 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-05 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-36 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-43-00 (2)Proud sister here! Ganyan din po ako e. Yung special.. Special Child pwede na din. LOL In fairness ang hirap i-crop isa-isa ha! HAHA


Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-31-18 (2)

May naeexcite talaga sa interview interview-han. Naguumpisa pa lang gusto na magjump sa last question. Excited ka te? Message na agad agad? Peace! 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-31-28 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-48-41 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-49-40 (2)

LORD Ikaw na po ba yan? HAHA 

At meron din namang nahirapan..

 Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-56-44 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-55-31 (2)

She Is truly an amazing person. Isn’t she? 

FB_IMG_1446867400234 (2)
She is our Queen!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Proverbs 31;30

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-50-48 (2)
-Kuya Jon
Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-54-24 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-47-51 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-40-57 (2)FB_IMG_1446698620696From Family/Relatives:

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-52-37 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-29 (2)
Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-51-25 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-53-29 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-35-43 (2)

KATAKOT! Agreed. Para kasi yan manghuhula parang alam na nya agad ano nararamdaman mo. Wala ka malilihim LOL 🙂

Na sa first question palang po tayo! kaya pa ba?

2. What do you like about her?
Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-15-09 (2)
Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-21-16 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-22-56 (2)


Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-23-30 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-27-52 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-31-37 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-35-17 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-05 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-36 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-43-00 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-56-13 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-18-00 (2)

Teka, Commercial Break! May babati sayo Ate Queen!


Dave Rutaquio, Radio Announcer at Far East Broadcasting Company, Philippines. (702 DZAS)

Wait ‘te Queen wag kang kiligin fansign lang yan. HAHA Pero pwede no? Pwede ko kaya syang tawaging KUYA? Naku pag nabasa nya to. Joke lang po! LOL Thanks so much Kuya Dave  🙂

Makinig po kayo sakanila, marami po kayong matutunang aral. More about FEBC. Click here :

Ganyan sya ka-special o! 🙂 Let’s continue..

What do you like about her?

Screenshot_2015-11-09-19-20-28 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-09-19-20-35 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-32-19 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-29-22 (2)

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-22-37 (2)
Ikaw na malalim. Di ko maarok! hihi 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-22-37 (3)

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-26-59 (2) Nobela. 🙂 Dop, Sige na amin na.. may aaminin ka pa diba? HAHA Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-55-31 (2)Amen!Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-36-24 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-56-44 (2)

HAHA. Grajo E! kelangan pa bang imemorize yan?
Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-29 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-40-57 (3)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-29-56 (2)
Okay Mommy! Copy!

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-29-44 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-28-59 (2)
Ano daw sis? Haha Naguluhan na ako!

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-27-00 (2)



May babati pa ulit. 🙂

Chinkee Tan, Motivational Speaker/Inspirational Speaker/ Radio/ TV Personality/ Wealth Coach/ Best Selling Author

Maraming Salamat po Sir Chink! 🙂

Ako naman ang tanungin nyo? Hehe Yes, She is truly beautiful inside and out. Walang duda. Kung paano kayo na-blessed sa kanya, mas blessed ako dahil kapatid ko sya. God is good huh? I am so grateful!

While we are still here on earth, let us make a difference. Let us appreciate more. Love more. Enjoy life by bringing joy to others. I praise God for you ate Queen. This really makes you beautiful – your HEART. The Beauty That Doesn’t Fade. I am so proud of you. Sabi mo nga “Success is doing what God wants you to do” I love seeing you growing more and more in Christ and doing His will in your life. His glory shines in your beautiful and angelic face. Keep shining! 🙂

But wait, there’s more. Laglagan pa more for the next post. HAHA

Thanks so much!

PS. Happy Birthday ate Queen! I will always be here for you no matter what. Malayo man, malapit pa din. You’re in my heart forever. O diba may forever? Lots of love.


“The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”


Photos pa more


Lakas ng hangin. dami ko electric fan! 🙂

FB_IMG_1446868112507 FB_IMG_1446868130838 FB_IMG_1446868135990 FB_IMG_1446868143104

Queen and Princess, BFF


God Speaks

There are days in my life that I do dwell on negative thoughts. Everybody does, I guess. Sometimes I wonder when will be the day that I will just simply be brave to step up and do unusual things without considering the current circumstances. I am pertaining to life’s goals and dreams. These days, I’ve been really meditating on what I really want to do in life. What is my ultimate dream? What is really in my heart?

To be honest, right now I do not know.

As an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) my options are limited. You can’t just simply do what you want, or choose a job that you want. You have to comply with the rules and wait for the right time.

Everyone has dreams. I can’t think of one now. Is that a bad thing? I do not know. But today God once again revealed His message. He never wants me to end the day with questions unanswered. God speaks. Besides from His Word that gives hope and wisdom to us, He also uses people as an instruments to release His message.

While chatting with my sister. I asked her:

Ate Queen, kung meron kang gusto mangyari o pangarap sa buhay ko, ano ‘yon? (If you had a dream for me, what would it be?)

‘”Gusto kong matupad mo ang pangarap mong maging guro” (I want you to achieve your dream to be a teacher)

“Pero ayokong magplano for you, gusto ko ikaw” (But I do not want to plan for you. I want you to do it yourself)

So I answered her, I really do not know what I really want to do. I don’t know what else I can do or I am good at. How would I know?

“Pray. Fast and Do something, try!”

God speaks through people. I do pray. I fast (not always hehe) Doing something? Hmmm. Well that? I am scared to try. I am afraid to fail. I do not try because of fear and shyness. But here’s the good thing I do not want to die without even trying. The Bible says “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but one of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

God speaks through His Word. It explains. Being timid is not from him. God gives us the power. It means He has given you the ability to do something. You are capable in doing something great. Sometimes it is difficult for us to believe this and we hesitate to receive His good gifts with open hands. Negative thoughts hinder us to see the good things He has in store for us. Be positive now. It’s about believing and receiving.

He teaches us to love. I don’t need to explain what love means. Because of love we become stronger to overcome anything. Thank God for He is the source of everything. Thank God because He loves us. Thank God because He also gives us the spirit of Love. God is love. Take time to sink this into your heart: God loves to love you. His nature is to love us unconditionally. When guilt creeps in and you think you are not deserving for His abundant blessings and goodness, let’s put this way, whether you love him or not, he will love you no matter what. His love is perfect for your imperfections. He doesn’t require you to be perfect. He accepts you for who you are and He is a father who will always believe in you and say “YOU CAN DO IT” Isn’t amazing? If you do not feel loved and accepted,there He is. He is just waiting for you. It’s about believing and receiving. You are not just given the power to do that something but also love to overcome everything along the way.

Self-discipline. This..I am working on this. I have to have the motivation to keep going even I fail. I tend to see the worst thing or believe that something bad will happen. I am not consistent. I get excited at first but when gloomy days come I stopped and never want to try again. Train yourself to do things consistently. This sounds really hard huh? Would you want to join me as I start to discipline myself? If I want to be great, I need to do that something God is putting in my heart consistently with determination and dedication.

Do not be afraid to try. Wag matakot sumubok. Stop being pessimistic. Start being optimistic.

I like when my sister says  “Wag mo i-base ang buhay mo sa buhay ng iba. Iba iba tayo ng plano ng Lord, promise unique yan sayo. Basta gawin mo lang ang kalooban ng Diyos sa buhay mo. Walk with it and you will see” (Don’t base the life that you want to have with other’s lives, God has different plan for everyone and believe me, yours is unique)

Along the way you will hear things you do not want to hear. But if you have peace and joy in doing it, even it is confusing at times, as long as God has confirmation, you are in a right path. Do not walk the plans of others in your life. What  do you really want to happen? What do you want to do? What are the things you are good at. Consider these questions. Do not listen on others’ dictation in your life. Do what you want to do and God wants you to do.

“I want to do what God wants me to do” “I don’t want to die without me doing what He commanded me to do” They’ve been running in my mind for a long time. The problem is: I am not doing anything to fulfill them. First, I do not know yet. Secondly, I do not know how to begin.

The same day, I was chatting with one of the awesome missionaries I’ve met. His name is Garret. “The Father is just stirring your heart up to do something great. Listen to Him” Timely huh? I’ve been running from His plans, I guess. And again, He uses people as instruments to release His message.

Listening. It requires focus. Paying attention to His voice is also important in knowing His will. It would be difficult for us to focus on what He is saying if we are so preoccupied with many things. Nowadays, social medias are taking over our lives. No matter how we try not to be attached, they are already one of the major necessities in life. I am not against of social media or networks. God is just simply saying to use my time wisely. If you need to abridge the time spent browsing on internet, please do so. Take time to listen by praying and reading His Word. God Speaks, listen.

 I had a sweet conversation with a girl named Sharon, 7 year old. I love talking to kids because their hearts are so pure.

“What do you think the reason or reasons why Princess is here in Aruba?”

  • to be with her father and family
  • to have a job
  • to go to church
  • to have date in Aruba?
  • to be with Brandon
  • to marry in Aruba and stay in a hotel

“What are the things you know Princess is capable of doing?”

  • You are good at counting money, so you need to work in a shop or store
  • You’ll do your own concert and everybody will buy a ticket to come and see

Do they make sense? HAHA 🙂 I am loving this! I love the second one. Let’s dream big! 

“Which one is better? Princess in Philippines or Princess in Aruba?”

Aruba because you’ll get more money in Aruba unlike in Philippines you’ll get one penny.


Why? Do you think money can make you happy?


So, Why?

Stay in Aruba because I said so.

Yes Ma’am! LOL Now it’s her turn to ask questions. You can’t win. She wants to have her turn.

Do you think God protects you all the time? She asked. Yes.  Do you think God give everything you want? I didn’t answer immediately. No, not all. Everything I need, YES. Do you think the Lord talk to you every minute?


God speaks at all time. He talks to us every minute, every second of the day. The sudden thoughts in my mind are not just thoughts from nowhere. He speaks through your heart, through His Word, through people, through situations. He hears everything. He sees everything. He knows everything. He will not just sit down and watch over me but He is actually working for me to know that He is calling me for greater purpose. It’s about Believing and Receiving.  If you are in my situation? What is your response?

 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things. Romans 8:32

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Luke 11:9-10

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths
of righteousness for his name’s sake.
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.
Psalm 23

Prayer ng Bagong Not-so-Confident and Desperate Blogger

this is my storyDear Lord,

I do not know why I started a blog here. I know myself and I don’t think this is my thing. Can I just only be a reader? Why there’s an urge and desire in me to write? Why why why? I want to try try try. But I don’t know how how how. LOL.

How on earth am I gonna write a story or something interesting? I don’t even know how to start. I’ve been writing for days but I I haven’t finish any or I just simply don’t want to post them. Lord, just one story. One blog. Could you please help me do it? For a writer it’s so easy for them to construct sentences. Well, I am not a writer. But I can sing. Ano daw?! To be honest I only want to inspire people through my stories. Do you think I can do it? I may not have the gift of writing but am I capable of inspiring people? I do not know. How am I gonna know? How am I gonna start? Speak to me God. Now na!

Do I have to study? What to study then? Vocabulary? Language? English Proficiency? I admit I am not academically intelligent. But do I really need to study these for me to come up with a story? I know I can write. Only on my journal haha, Pero usapan lang natin dalawa yun e, My Prayer Journal.

Sigh. The answer is. “Just simply tell your story”.

Wait. What? My story? Okay. My story. It’s been in my heart for a long time to share how I overcome those terrible situations in my life. Wew! Teka, It’s getting serious huh!

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Princess. Yes, My name is Princess but I am not a princess. Well, actually I am. Am I? Sorry, I do not know how to write a blog, my bad. Whatever I am saying here, If i make sense or don’t please be patient with me. I am trying to be patient myself. Okay, I am God’s princess so I want to believe I am.

There was a princess named Yang-Yang. She is a very beautiful and confident lady from…eeennnkkkk (I don’t know where she lives). Single men chase after her. She has a lot of suitors. And one day toooooottttt .. Connection lost. I apologize that’s all I know. This is the story my mom reads when I was in her womb, she said. I was named after her.

My real name is Princess Leah. Nickname: Yhang

I am not a princess but I’m Princess. Gets? I don’t have a lot of suitors. That part didn’t apply in my real life story. Haha. Beautiful. hmmmm. Maybe that applies. Perhaps I am. It depends on how you define Beauty. Confident? Here we go. I am not. I do not have the confidence. Shy type po e.

My desire is to inspire. My prayer is that I would be able to inspire people through my stories or just sharing random thoughts.

“Kaya ko po ba, Lord?” Nose bleed na po ako. Call the ambulance. Emergency!!!

If you are a new blogger and read blogs from other bloggers. There are two different thoughts might enter your mind.

1, “Wow, they’re really good in writing. I am challenged and encouraged to do my own”

2, “I don’t think I can make this.It is intimidating. So, I better not try.”

Negative and Positive. Which one on your mind? Ang tanong po ni Facebook “What’s on your mind?” Post it.

I have them both. Parang yung kantang ‘Urong Sulong‘ by Alden Richards. Naninikip ang dibdib, di makapagsulat ng tuwid.
Ano nga ba ang mawawala kung susubukan ko? Wala naman diba? Am I afraid to read some negative comments? Perhaps.

Sige na nga ito na po ang nagpa-Go sa akin. “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but one of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7. Hindi na po ako mahihiya. (How I wish) I am trying my best, though. So, here are my last words, karugtong ng prayer ko.

My place where I can be myself. Post it pa more!
My place where I can be myself. Post it pa more!

“Lord, bless the one who is reading this. I pray that he/she won’t criticize my writings. May he/she find himself/herself good enough to write stories that will inspire readers. Dahil po ako ay naguumpisa pa lang, maari rin po syang magbigay ng tips and advice on how to write a blog. Pwede nya po ako email. Ipagkaloob nyo rin po nawa sa akin ang husay at galing ng blogger na nagbabasa nito sa pagsusulat kahit konti lang po. Ma-appreciate ko na po ng bongga. Maari rin po syang magiwan ng comment sa comment box pero dalangin ko po ay hindi masakit. Napaka-aga pa po para ma-bash ako. Naguumpisa pa lang po e. Nais ko pong maisulat sa mga susunod na pagkakataon ang mga aral na natutunan ko sa inyo. Ikaw ay tapat at mabuti, Lord. Maraming Salamat po, Amen”

Thanks for reading. God bless you more!



I don’t want to doubt you anymore

‘Coz you’ve proven me your love, O Lord

I just need to have faith and fear no more

‘Coz you’ve proven me your love, O Lord

Every time I think of you

Of the wonders of your hands

Every time I pray and kneel before you

Seeking you with all my heart

I am amazed, I am found by You

I feel not alone

I feel your comfort, Lord

By your presence, I am overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed

When I call, when I pray

You listen, you are there

I will bow down I will worship

For you alone our God

You alone our God

Worth Keeping


When I feel alone and full of pain

When I’m in trouble and full of sorrows

All I can do is to trust you more

All I wanna do is to give my heart to you, Lord

You said, be strong and have good courage

You said, the battle is Yours

You said, You’ll go before me

And you will be with me

You said, do not be afraid

You said, do not be discouraged

I’ll never leave you

Nor forsake you

Your Word is true and worth keeping

I will keep on believing

That there’s a time for everything

In every season I will trust you, Lord