Prayer ng Bagong Not-so-Confident and Desperate Blogger

this is my storyDear Lord,

I do not know why I started a blog here. I know myself and I don’t think this is my thing. Can I just only be a reader? Why there’s an urge and desire in me to write? Why why why? I want to try try try. But I don’t know how how how. LOL.

How on earth am I gonna write a story or something interesting? I don’t even know how to start. I’ve been writing for days but I I haven’t finish any or I just simply don’t want to post them. Lord, just one story. One blog. Could you please help me do it? For a writer it’s so easy for them to construct sentences. Well, I am not a writer. But I can sing. Ano daw?! To be honest I only want to inspire people through my stories. Do you think I can do it? I may not have the gift of writing but am I capable of inspiring people? I do not know. How am I gonna know? How am I gonna start? Speak to me God. Now na!

Do I have to study? What to study then? Vocabulary? Language? English Proficiency? I admit I am not academically intelligent. But do I really need to study these for me to come up with a story? I know I can write. Only on my journal haha, Pero usapan lang natin dalawa yun e, My Prayer Journal.

Sigh. The answer is. “Just simply tell your story”.

Wait. What? My story? Okay. My story. It’s been in my heart for a long time to share how I overcome those terrible situations in my life. Wew! Teka, It’s getting serious huh!

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Princess. Yes, My name is Princess but I am not a princess. Well, actually I am. Am I? Sorry, I do not know how to write a blog, my bad. Whatever I am saying here, If i make sense or don’t please be patient with me. I am trying to be patient myself. Okay, I am God’s princess so I want to believe I am.

There was a princess named Yang-Yang. She is a very beautiful and confident lady from…eeennnkkkk (I don’t know where she lives). Single men chase after her. She has a lot of suitors. And one day toooooottttt .. Connection lost. I apologize that’s all I know. This is the story my mom reads when I was in her womb, she said. I was named after her.

My real name is Princess Leah. Nickname: Yhang

I am not a princess but I’m Princess. Gets? I don’t have a lot of suitors. That part didn’t apply in my real life story. Haha. Beautiful. hmmmm. Maybe that applies. Perhaps I am. It depends on how you define Beauty. Confident? Here we go. I am not. I do not have the confidence. Shy type po e.

My desire is to inspire. My prayer is that I would be able to inspire people through my stories or just sharing random thoughts.

“Kaya ko po ba, Lord?” Nose bleed na po ako. Call the ambulance. Emergency!!!

If you are a new blogger and read blogs from other bloggers. There are two different thoughts might enter your mind.

1, “Wow, they’re really good in writing. I am challenged and encouraged to do my own”

2, “I don’t think I can make this.It is intimidating. So, I better not try.”

Negative and Positive. Which one on your mind? Ang tanong po ni Facebook “What’s on your mind?” Post it.

I have them both. Parang yung kantang ‘Urong Sulong‘ by Alden Richards. Naninikip ang dibdib, di makapagsulat ng tuwid.
Ano nga ba ang mawawala kung susubukan ko? Wala naman diba? Am I afraid to read some negative comments? Perhaps.

Sige na nga ito na po ang nagpa-Go sa akin. “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but one of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7. Hindi na po ako mahihiya. (How I wish) I am trying my best, though. So, here are my last words, karugtong ng prayer ko.

My place where I can be myself. Post it pa more!
My place where I can be myself. Post it pa more!

“Lord, bless the one who is reading this. I pray that he/she won’t criticize my writings. May he/she find himself/herself good enough to write stories that will inspire readers. Dahil po ako ay naguumpisa pa lang, maari rin po syang magbigay ng tips and advice on how to write a blog. Pwede nya po ako email. Ipagkaloob nyo rin po nawa sa akin ang husay at galing ng blogger na nagbabasa nito sa pagsusulat kahit konti lang po. Ma-appreciate ko na po ng bongga. Maari rin po syang magiwan ng comment sa comment box pero dalangin ko po ay hindi masakit. Napaka-aga pa po para ma-bash ako. Naguumpisa pa lang po e. Nais ko pong maisulat sa mga susunod na pagkakataon ang mga aral na natutunan ko sa inyo. Ikaw ay tapat at mabuti, Lord. Maraming Salamat po, Amen”

Thanks for reading. God bless you more!


2 thoughts on “Prayer ng Bagong Not-so-Confident and Desperate Blogger”

    1. Ayy thank you po. Haha Opo, I read some of your blogs. Nahiya naman po ako! HAHA Ang galing e! Can I get a follow back? Hihi Thanks so much! Sna nga maging kasing galing din po ako ng iba katulad nyo. You are blessed! 🙂

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