Prinsesa sa Starbucks

I am sitting on a very comfortable sofa drinking a one tall Frappuccino Mocha at Starbucks. Wearing a casual sleeveless with a combinations of black gray and white stripes, above the knee dress. It is indeed a wonderful time with myself. Yes, me and myself will have a great bonding tonight.

Time check: 5:30 pm, November 20, 2015. Friday @ Paseo Harencia, Aruba

Note: I am not endorsing Garnier. hehe 🙂

I was waiting for this moment that I could walk alone and will have a quality chat with my mind outside the house, outside a four corner room. It’s been almost four years since I had this moment. I usually do hang out with family and friends but I always wait for that moment where I can sit and relax, walk around, think and write anything that comes in my mind. I used to share my thoughts to people close to mine but these past few years I am becoming more deep and thoughtful, serious and purposeful, not open to everyone, remembers negatives, moody and depress. I am becoming an introvert, having a melancholy temperament.

I always believe that I am Sanguine. Bubbly, jolly and talker. The more people I get to see the more I feel better. Extrovert. People do change huh? I know why I become like this, I might tell my story in the future posts. Because tonight Yhang, it’s gonna be different. Let’s have fun! Let us try to be Sanguine and Melancholic at the same time. 🙂 Hmmmm.. No, I want to be a Pincess today.


CTTO (Google Images)


A guy is passing by and from a far I can see he is staring and smiling at me. I do not know why but I did smile back. I am not that bad, why wouldn’t I give my smile to a person who smiles at you? It is not difficult to do anyways. This is what I love about the people in Aruba. They are friendly, they will greet you even they do not know you personally. In our culture, you’ll become suspicious if you smile to a person you do not know.

 There are three ladies coming out from the inside. By the way I am sitting outside the coffee shop. One of them asked me if I could take picture of them three. She’s speaking Spanish. “Okay, sure” I answered. “1…2…3…Smile, One more time  1…2…3 Smile.” I was smiling so wide as well, seems camera is in front of me. “Thank you” “You are welcome”

Cring! Cring! Cring! ….

My phone is ringing. Someone is calling.

“Hello ‘te Lei, andito na ako” (Hello, I’m already here)

Reminder: No one is allowed to call me ‘te Lei except my brother. He is the only person who calls me with that nickname. I think that is sweet. 🙂

I asked Papa to drop me at Western Union to send a birthday gift to my sister. Unfortunately, while driving over there, I forgot my passport for a valid ID requirement. I didn’t tell him. I don’t know, I had a feeling that he would get mad at me. I could have asked him to send by his name but I said to myself, No! I will find ways when I get there. I phoned King. Thank God he is my savior for today. I badly wanted to send it today. While waiting, I went to Starbucks and couldn’t wait to have that ‘muni-muni na’ (to reflect). Ma-drama talaga ako minsan but I really do love meditating.

I hurried back to Western Union and there he is. Standing outside, wearing a black polo shirt and jeans with a good posture. My brother is really a handsome man. Thank God for that! Praise you Jesus. I’ve learned this from my sister: to always compliment someone. She does that to us so nagbobolahan talaga kami. 🙂 LOL

There are kababayans (Fellow-Filipinos) who will send money to their family in Philippines. ‘Inaamoy lang natin no? Padala na agad.’ ‘Ganun talaga’

No regrets. We, Filipinos, love to help our family by all means. We will do everything for our family to give them a good life. It’s not an easy journey but it is very rewarding. We have heard some stories from Overseas Filipino Workers around the world that truly touched the lives of many. One day, I will share mine. Mabuhay!

Done at WU. Okay bye King, thank you!



At Starbucks again. It’s free WiFi here. Wag kayong ano, masarap pag free!

Second round, White Chocolate Frappuccino 🙂

I am enjoying this: seeing people, observing them.

This is cool. I am outside, alone but not lonely. YES! As a Sanguine person, like what I said earlier the more I get to see people, the better I feel. I am joyous to see different kinds of people. I love smiling at them. My heart is happy.

A woman next to my table is holding her cellphone, browsing perhaps while her husband is eating bread. At the other table, a guy doing the same. I can see from here, he is on Facebook scrolling down, down, down. He took a selfie and maybe posted it to his Instagram or sent to his chat mate. A group of people to my right, they are together but they are silent because everyone seems praying, bowing their heads towards their cellphone. Why would I care? I do not mind. I am just observing. Looking around, everybody is on their gadgets. This is how the social media taking our lives huh? I am actually one of them. Welcome to the cellphone world!

But I am not sad. Not that I don’t care but here’s the reality of life. Everyone is into it. It’s one of the basic necessities of our daily lives. We can’t control that but we have our choice. Choose to balance life. Be in a high technology world, that is not a problem but have a life as well. Spend quality time with your love ones. When you go out for a dinner together, you may have a rule, a specified amount of time to take pictures, to post them and when time is up, enjoy the time, look at their eyes, listen to their stories, laugh with them. For an OFW like me, social media is very useful. There are a lot of times you do not have someone to share your stories with but you can communicate through your social accounts. Posting, liking images, commenting and sharing them are not bad at all. But for me personally, I do appreciate when someone sends personal messages, sincerely asking how’s my life going on. It’s really a big thing to me. I feel missed and valuable. Hindi ka pa rin nila kinakalimutan kamustahin kahit na matagal na kayo hindi nagkikita. Yung alam mong hindi ka abala kapag kinausap mo sila, they will take time to listen to you. I say thank you for those who are still keeping in touch with me. Your “HI and Hello” are very much appreciated. I wouldn’t dare to say “Goodbye” to these kind of  friends. Malayo man, malapit pa din. Dito o? Sa puso ko. Maraming Salamat po!

But first, let me take a selfie.

Nahiya naman ako mag-smile. May nakatingin. Awkward! HAHA

Oh wait, I remember I have to give her the Western Union control number. Called my sister, choppy. Naubos na load hindi pa rin nagkaintindihan. Enebeyen o! Gonna find loading station. Out of credits na!

I went to rest room first, then walked around, I found a mini store.

Do you sell Digicel load? Oh, NO. I’m sorry.

Hindi yan katulad sa atin na kahit saan tindahan may loading station. Dito, kelangan mo pumunta sa mismong network to buy. Meron din mga store na nagbebenta pero mahirap maghanap. So I got out from the store and was looking for my phone to call someone. I groped for it in my bag, I couldn’t find. I stopped for a moment. I found a small table, I took out my things from bag one by one.

Oh no! My cellphone. I left it at Starbucks.

I’d better hurry. Run Yhang, run! Or else you will go home walking. Haha That is another problem, I need a ride to go home. I was about to call my father to pick me up later.

Thank God, my cellphone is resting on the chair. Wew!

I had a chance to call tita Blessie to put credits on my number and will pay her when I get home. Yey I can still find ways huh! Thank God.

Talking and laughing with my sister made my day! Thank God. I don’t usually give her calls. Ang mahal kasi! Hehe But I was talking really fast thinking that my call will be disconnected anytime soon. Every second counts.

20 minutes and 34 seconds = Awg 15- (8dollars) /8 x 42 = P336.00

Ang bilis naman! hehe 🙂 But it was great hearing her voice.

Five minutes later, a call from best friends Ehdz and Cess. And we are complete today. No matter how busy you are, spend time with your love ones. Screenshot_2015-11-20-20-25-24[1]

12248071_10208266481684594_551575312393603439_o (1)12232753_10208266481724595_9027924911017583933_o

A princess is willing to wear a smile to everyone. A princess helps and is happy to other’s happiness. A princess is kind. A princess spends quality time with family and friends. A princess laughs. We have a saying Laughter is the best medicine. A princess appreciates the beauty of life. A princess compliments. A princess trusts God. A princess prays. Today, I become who I wanted to be. I’m Princess. 🙂


Nung sinundo ako ni King. Usapang OFW kami sa sasakyan.

“Ako lumawak ang pag-iisip at pang-unawa ko dito” -King

“Akala ko nung una wala akong pwedeng ika-proud sa sarili ko, but I came to realize that I  am actually proud of myself” -Yhang

Kung bakit? Ikukwento ni Princess sa susunod.

It’s time to zzzzzzz.

Thank you! 🙂 Be a blessing today!


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