Hello baby ko!

Cringggg! Cringgg! Cringg!

“Hello baby ko!” I answered

“Hi baby ko, I just want to at least, at least hear your voice and say goodnight. It feels you are near whenever I hear your voice” he said.

I asked him to go to sleep early tonight because he wants to have 7 hours sleep everyday. He needs to wake up early the next day for a walk with his mom. He is trying his best to be healthy which is a good thing.

“But.. I miss you” he replied. Few seconds after, I received the call.

He is a sweet person. No doubt. He never fails to make me feel beautiful all the time. Well actually, every single day he will randomly say “You are beautiful” “Why are you so beautiful?’ “Bakit ang ganda mo?” (in Tagalog)

I am blessed to have him. I want to say more about him. If I won’t control this, I will obviously show that I am head over heels in love with this man. I feel like saying all the endearing words to express how I feel LOL 🙂 I am in love, am I?



One of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received. It was posted on my Facebook account. He really knows how to make his fiance smile. I thank God for Him. I do not want to sound cheesy but really.. this is cheesy! LOL. Hallelujah Thank you Jesus! I am loved and so blessed.

It is important that even you are in a relationship for so long, you have to appreciate your partner all the time. Just because you are comfortable with each other you will not do any effort to make him/her special. We had ups and downs but we make sure to look at each other how God sees us. We are loved unconditionally by God. Only Him can really love us perfectly, of course. Therefore, we should try our best to love others unconditionally.

English Standard Version
We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

I will not say that we have the perfect relationship because we do not have. What we have is God, who is so gracious in teaching us how to love, forgiving us and loving us with unending love. The goal in any relationship is to be God-centered. I will share more on future posts. 🙂 this is good for now.

Prayer for him

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this man. You have heard me a lot of times that I am really grateful you brought him in my life. He is truly my answered prayer. I pray that you will help him grow more in your knowledge. Remind him always that he is loved by You. Make him a  man you wanted him to be. Thank you God for your love that cause us to love each other this way. Thank you for bringing us together. Guide him and protect him together with his family. I know you will always make him happy because you want me to be happy as well. I love seeing him laughing. I like his smile, his eyes. Okay, Lord I better stop. HAHA  All I want to say is thank you because he is one of the greatest things happened in my life. Ooops. I should really stop, I want to reserve words for my vow on our Big Day. 🙂 We love you Jesus. Amen 

Thank you for reading. God bless you


To write or not to write?

Eyes wide open, staring at my laptop

Lying in the bed, looking around

Thinking what to say

Gazing on the ceiling

There are a lot of thoughts

But I don’t know how to start

I typed some words, sentences and paragraphs

But I ended up deleting them all

“What to write?” Can anyone help me?

“How to start?” It’s frustrating me

All I know I want to express myself

Singing, scrapbooking and writing

Singing to share my heart’s language

Scrapbooking colorfully makes my heart happy

Writing, besides from expressing myself

I feel like I am in a different world

That’s what I love about it

Where I can have a voice

Louder as I want

Thoughts seems to explode

I had to say them, I couldn’t sleep

I don’t like it anymore sometimes but why I cannot resist

“Am I really for writing world?” I always asked

To give it a try is not bad at all

Here I am, for how many times thinking to deactivate

I still end up writing

Is this what I want to do?

Or just because everyone does this too?

The first time I ever felt this

I want to write and I want to pursue this

Doubt hinders me to keep going

“NO, your write ups are non-sense”

“Yes, write to share and express”

Life is short, do what your heart says

Keep going, keep writing, and never stop trying

Until you surely know and say

‘I want to be a writer’

This time… Part 3 na hihi

Thank you so much. The third part wishes and prayers from my family and friends. I re-blogged this so late. HAHA 🙂 It’s really touching. It makes me see myself a different way. God bless my sister and them!


Sana napasaya ka namin Yhang =D.

Habang ginagawa ko ito mixed emotions pero ang nakakatuwa ang lakas ng pakiramdam mo, nakakainis noon pa man di ko magawang taguan or mag-lie sa iyo at magawang tiisin ka grrrr.. Che!

Proof? ito oh!!! Kaw talagang bata ka, di ka pa rin nagbabago hmm


#KULITNABATA. wala ako surprise sa iyo kasi alam mo na, token of appreciation lang bwahhaha #anodaw#DEADMAKANASAKINSAVIBER#BLEH

O siya ituloy na natin ito !!!! hapon na sa pinas haha 🙂

VII. Mga Taga Aruba naman 🙂

From: Pastor Roel 


From: Faisa


From: Eugene


From: Rj

rj.jpg Amen =D

From: Tita Mergy


From: Jeriah


jeria2 Adorable girl 🙂

From: Glyz


glyz2 Dito na kita sinama ah 🙂

From: Tita Agnes, my Rose and Kim


Tita I appreciate you 🙂 Thank you for helping me on this.. I miss you Rose and Kim and also Jeriah.. =D

From: Tita Mildred



From: Tito Vener

vener Tito Vener…

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“When you worship Me, they will hear Me”

You know I was so blessed to hear you worshiping. Hear you singing, just loving God. And i believe that God will anoint you more and more. I dont know what your heart desire is. I just wanna sing over you. I know that God… You know the father says even the father sings over us, he dances over us with joy, he sings over us. See, we sing a lot , we hear a lot about the song of the lord. We hear a lot about the song of a bride. The song the bride groom, see, God sings over us. You have prophecy like just people speak it, we have prophesy that is sung. And God has given me the grace and anointing to sing over people and just to release the word of God over their lives and to see a song being sung is so powerful. And its awesome when God sings. I love praise and worship. I love it. But to be honest with you. It is wonderul to sing song. But I always wait when the prophetic song kicks in then the Spirit begins to sing. Its not our song anymore. Its not our music anymore. Its not our words anymore. But it is His song and his words. We must always come to a place in praise and worship when God begins to sing. And those songs will touch people’s lives. I’d love to sing ‘Lord I gve you my heart, i give you my soul..i live for you alone. Evry breath that I take every moment im awake, lord have your way in me’ it is wonderful to sing. Songs that has been written by men but when God to sing over us and we God begins to sing like:

When you give your life to ME, when you surrender it all, I will use you the way the best I can. I will anoint your hands, I will anoint you. I will let my anointing flow. Surrender yourself to Me as you worship Me, I will touch your heart and your life. I will make known Myself to you, I will speak to you, just surrender yourself to Me, your life, your heart, your eyes, your hands, your feet, give it all to Me. I will set  you free. This is just the beginning, this is just the beginning, where I will speak to you and you will hear my voice and I will speak to you in many ways and when you hear my voice there will be a melody, songs from heaven will fill your heart and when you sing the song of the Lord, your heart and voice will beat as one as you sing the revelation of the Son. You release it with power and authority, the songs will be release with power and authority. It will set the captives free. Sing, sing a song of the Lord and don’t hold back. Sing the song of the Lord, don’t hold back. I will anoint you, I will anoint your voice more and more. It will not stop, it will not cease, it will grow as you worship Me in liberty, a freedom to fill the place, my glory will shine on your face. I am with you. I called you. I will anoint you. I will lead you and I will guide you. I will fill the songs in your mouth, I will fill it up with My words. Just worship Me in my presence. Just worship Me and you will see, it will touch many lives, it will talk to many lives when you worship Me. When you worship Me, they will hear Me, they will hear Me, they will hear Me.

“When you worship Me, they will hear Me”

From Psalmist Abraham Laisana

Conference: Prophetic Worship

Church of Zion

La Cabana Aruba

O4.17.2013 10:32pm

It was three years ago when I received these prophetic words from a psalmist named Abraham Laisina. He was from Netherlands and he was invited to be our guest speaker for the Praise and Worship Prophetic Conference held by Church of Zion Aruba. I remember someone recorded it from church, an mp3 file so I had the chance to listen to it and I wrote them down. He said those words to me in the form of singing. I was one of the worship leaders that night and because I am a shy type person (weh?) each time I lead, I got nervous. I’ve been leading for how many years but still I get anxious each time. It is His grace that I am able to stand up on stage. I was quietly praying to God before it starts, I asked him to simply flow in the room and to everyone’s heart and to me, of course. Here’s my prayer in secret “God, please show me if I am really called to do this, make me have that feeling of satisfation and joy as I do this service for you. Your will be done and may you found my heart pure before you” I love to sing. But just because someone can sing doesn’t mean you can be a worship leader. There is more to it and it’s accompanied by a great responsibility. Why? Because you are about to usher the people in the presence of God. For you to lead them, you yourself should be in his presence,soaking into His Word and prayer so you can worship Him in Spirit and in truth. For me, without sounding religious, worshiping God is everything to me. I just love to sing for Him. I might write more about it for future topics but today, I want to share this revelation that God has revealed to me.

I love to be in His presence. Words are not enough to express how great the feeling is when I am in His presence. It is life to me. Days before the conference, it had been in my thoughts and convictions that God wants me to surrender everything to Him so He can use me, to empty myself so He can fill me. I am longing for Him. He is the only one who can satisfy me. And when I worship, even I am in the midst of trials, pain and struggles I had the courage to keep going, to keep moving and believing that all things work together for good to those who love God.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

To tell you the truth, I have nothing to boast about my life. I don’t have riches in this world. But what I have is Jesus and that I can say I have my everything. I do not want to sound so holy or be called ‘holier than thou’ because I am not. I am imperfect, a sinner saved by His grace. But what I can boast about is the grace of God that overflows in my life. When I worship, either in the privacy of my room or in public, I found my self in a different state, seems everything is perfect. I can feel the deepest of peace where I cannot get from anyone or anything in this world. Nowadays when you look on social media, crimes, war and filthy things everywhere we can all see, and its depressing and heartbreaking. But with His promises, you can sleep peacefully and soundly and be assured that you are safe, not to worry too much because you know that He will hold you, guide you and protect you.

“For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.” Isaiah41:13

“You know what? I am blessed to hear you singing, to hear you worshiping Him, just simply loving God” Bro. Abraham came to me saying this line and started to prophesy. I don’t know. The las time I remember I was really pouring out my heart to God. I had to prepare my heart. I was so nervous and all I can say to God is to take over. “I don’t want to be seen here, I want your presence to flow through me, through the team, through the leaders and just simply use us for your revelation to people” I prayed.

When you are a worship leader, you sometimes forgot that the worship time is not your time. We are so worried about what we are going to say, our attire, about our voice, about the music and instruments, the quality of the sound etc. See what I prayed first “God, show me that I am called for this” It was selfish of me that I want to lead well instead of HIM be glorified. ‘Show me I am called for this’ is asking him to prove that he is calling you to do this and he has to accompany you as you lead. There is no problem about acknowledging HIm, that is my point actually but often time worship leaders are so worried about the outcome of the whole worship time.

But in the end of my every prayer. “Jesus it is not about me, about the songs, about the music, not about us, It is all about YOU” It is important that we check our hearts from time to time. It is not actually the quality of my voice that matters when I lead, it is about the content of my heart towards the Lord. Why are you singing? Is it because you have a good voice? Is it because everyone is in the team and you just wanted to join? Is it because it looks fun in the worship team? NO. You are there to worship GOD alone. Whether you are in the team or not, wherever you are, a true worshiper worships everywehere.Worship is not about singing or playing instruments. It is a lifestyle. Whatever you do that gives glory to Him is worship.

The fact that I have no strength to speak and to do things because I was so nervous. I let it go. I let God take over and I will simply focus my heart to HIM. It is His grace that flow to me so I would be able to do what he wants me to do. I know in my self that I cannot do it but because He told me to do it, I can make it because He strengthens me. When you are called by God to do a task, He will surely enable you. Just simply say “YES Lord, I will follow”with all your trust that He will guide you.

God gave me the grace to sing. And I want to use that for Him. We all do have God-given gifts, we have to use them for His glory.

Today, it was not an accident that I got to read my old journal, I believe. I was reminded about my purpose in life. At the present time, the world’s standard of living is so high and depressing. Everyone runs to the top of the world, they work hard to be in the highest rank of living. Money, fame and beauty, they worry about. There were times in my life that I got depressed seeing my batchmates having a good life, they travel, they have their own family, good carreer, house and lot, beautiful skin and faces etc. and I started to look down on myself. I feel terrible! But God’s word is so comforting and he rebuked me.

 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?Mark 8:36

People may seem have a good and perfect life but God is looking to our hearts. He is more concern to our soul.

I thank God for he taught me how to be content and to keep fixing my eyes on Him so that all I can see everyday is beauty. He is wonderful and He created me in His own image. So, I am beautiful 🙂 right? HAHA

Bro. Abraham ended his encouragement in prayer for me:

Father, I thank you in Jesus name. Lord I release even the prophetic anointing. Lord the psalmist anointing. Lord that is even upon my life. Father, I release Lord the measure of that anointing. I impart, I release, Lord that she may sing the song of the Lord, she may declare the prophetic song without fear and without hesitation and with power and authority. It shall come forth like a river it’ll flow in Jesus name. In Jesus name. Amen

God spoke to me through Him. These are one of the days where I only want to be wrapped in His arms. Loving God is difficult, we fail most of the time but His love never changes, never fails and unending that challenges us to know him deeper. I needed a confirmation for what I have been praying for and there He goes, showing me this again. God is stirring my heart and I do not want to live not doing my purpose. God is calling everyone of us and He wants you as well. He wants your heart so he can freely move miracles in your life. Surrender yourself to Him.

“When you worship Me, they will hear Me” – GOD

Be a blessing!


Tama na!

Tama na

Layuan mo na ako

Kanina ka pa

Lapit ka ng lapit a!

Sinusubukan ko ng lumayo

Pero pilit kang dumidikit

Ayoko nga sayo e, Hindi mo ba maunawaan?

Dahil ba naka-shorts ako?

Kahit anong taboy ko sayo mas lalo kang lumalapit

Didikit pa talaga sa balat ko e no?

Nagawa kong palitan ng mas mainam na kasuotan

Para ako ay tigilan

Tama na, ang sakit sakit na

Nakakaiyak na.

Hindi ka ba makuha sa isang tabuyan lang?

Layuan mo na ako! Tama na..

Kahit saan ako mapunta sumusunod ka

Mga bulong mo sa aking tenga, nakakainis na

Hindi ka ba talaga titigil?

Nakakasakit ka na

Kapag hindi mo ko tantanan

Baka ako ay magkasakit pa

Hindi ka talaga hihinto ‘gat di ako mag “Aray”

Layuan mo ako, pakiusap tama na

Kulang pa ba ang ginawa ko?

Hindi paba sapat?

Nagspray na nga ko e para lumayo ka lang

Gusto ko na matulog, magpahinga

Lamok lumayas ka!

Tama na!!!



Ako’y kinikilig!

Kasalukuyan akong nakangiti ng napakalaki abot hanggang tenga! Kinikilig ako:) Isang love story na napaka common. Babaeng simple, hindi nag aayos pero napansin ng lalakeng mayaman, sikat at higit sa lahat pogi! Nangyayari pa kaya to sa totoong buhay? Oo man o hindi, this fairy-tale-like story ay nakakakilig pa din. Nakakatuwa naman talaga ang mga Koreanovela e no? Bukod sa napaka pure ng story when it comes to love and relationship e ang lakas din makabata nito e! High Schooler lang ang peg. Yung feeling mo ikaw yung babae hinahabol ng lalakeng pogi. HAHA MAngarap! Nganga naman kasi sa totoong buhay. Kaya nga siguro dami single ngayon na babae kasi naghahanap ng perfect guy or tinatawag na Mr. Right. Umaasa may ganun pang mga lalake sa mundo yung alam lahat kung nasaan ka, susundan ka, nakabantay sayo para lang ma-make sure nya na safe ka. Yung palihim ka piprotekatahan. Yung kahit mayaman sya at against sayo ang parents pipiliin ka pa rin nya na mahirap lang pero mabait, simple at maganda din naman. Sige maniwala ka kasi na maganda ka! 🙂  E ambot lang sa totoong buhay. Hirap makahanap nyan.

GANOINpaman, ako’y kinikilig pa din. Ang sarap naman kasi ng feeling kapag may nag-aalaga sa yo diba? Kapag may nagmamahal at concern sayo, yung tipong ngingiti lang sya sa harap mo kasi nacucute-an sya sayo? at magtatanong ka “Bakit? Bakit ka nakatitig? (yung tonong nagiinarte, enebeyen! Sabay hagis ng buhok pataas) At sasagutin ka nyang nakatitig “Bakit ang ganda mo?” Tunaw! HAyyyyy.. Ang sarap mainlove. Eto ah! Hindi ako nagiinarte pero kinikilig talaga ako pag may nagmamahalan. Kahit nga married couple kapag nakikita ko silang sweet, kinikilig ako! Di ko alam bakit. Kasi siguro yung LOVE andun e, ramdam mo.

One time naging crush ko si Kimpoy Feliciano, online hearthrbob, social media sensation. Dami dami nya followers karamihan babae. Nacurious lang ako nun e. Nasama pa nga ako sa closed group sa FB na sya mismo ang nagcreate. Talaga namang nakikipag communicate sya sa mga fans nya e. Kanya kanyang papansin sa mga posts e. Dahil single din sya, maraming kababaihan ang talaga namang I am sure umaasa na mapansin ni Kimpoy. Sinubukan ko lang naman if mapapansin ako sa post. Napansin naman ng ilang beses. Nag-umpisa na ako magpost sa group kasi nila-like nya nga talaga. naging isa na rin ako sa papansin, naghahangad sa like and comment ni Kimpoy. Attention. Kamote stressful, dami ko kaagaw! HAHA Nakikinig na din ako ng song nya noon yug title ay “Ikaw Lang” Akala mo naman talagang ikaw ang kinakantahan ni Kimpoy e.

Ikaw lang pag-ibig sa buhay ko
Ngunit bakit ka naman ganyan
Walang tiwala sa akin
Mahal na mahal naman kita
Tunay ito, aking sinta
Hindi kukupas kailan pa man
Kahit itanong mo
Kanino man, mahal kitang talaga

Gabi-gabi na lang sa pagtulog ko
Ikaw lang ang panaginip
‘Pag ako’y gising na
Ikaw pa rin ang na sa isip
Kahit hindi mo ‘ko kaipiling
Asahan mong sa iyo pa rin
Ang pusong ito na iyong inangkin

Ikaw lang ang tanging minamahal ko
Huwag makinig kaninuman
Ikaw lang naman at wala nang iba
Sana ay maniwala ka na

Tunay ito, aking sinta
Hindi kukupas kailan pa man
Kahit itanong mo kaninuman
Mahal kitang talaga

 WEH? Di nga? Haha. Aba may votes votes pa yun nagsisipuyatan sila para maging top 1 lang si Kimpoy sa list. Yes, number 1 sya nung mga panahon na yun pero hindi ako nagvovote nun. 🙂 Over na ata! Pero meron talagang mga fans na talagang full support sa kanya. Like lang or mention lang sa post ni Kimpoy e masaya na ang mga iyon e nagsisitalunan na sa kilig. Ganun nga talaga ang karamihan sa babae. Mababaw ang kaligayahan. Mapansin lang, ayos na! Mahalin mo lang, okay na. Kayong mga lalake dyan wag kayong paasa. HAHA Kung wala naman pag asa bakit kelangan pang hayaan mahumaling sayo ng husto, itigil mo pang impress mo kung mangiiwan ka din naman. #Hugot

Isang araw habang nakikinig ako sa kanta nya na yan. Napaisip ako, may parang kumausap din sa akin. At sa maikling conversation with God that moment nabago na ang takbo ng love story ko. Yan yun araw na sabi ko.

“Lord ang gara naman, babae ako bakit ako naghahabol sa ganyan, sikat pa. Dami ko kaagaw. Di naman ako desperada mapansin pero tulad ng maraming babae nahangad din ako ng fairy tale story. Mapansin, mahalin din? Actually di naman talaga ako choosy e. Di ako mahilig sa pogi. Mas gusto ko ang character. Higit sa lahat yung malakas din sayo. Ayaw ko ng ganito Lord yung ako ang maghahanap. I am your princess, I believe. Hindi ko kelangan maghabol sa kahit kanino para mapansin lang at mahalin. Ibibigay mo yun sa akin sa tamang panahon” (wala pang aldub dialogue ko na yan! haha) Sa tamang panahon. Kaya maghihintay ako kasi pag galing sayo laging Okay. Kaya tama na to Lord.”

” Tska ang gara no? Ang tao ang dali dali nila gumawa ng kanta tulad nito, mga love songs para sa tao. Dahil sa love, masarap magmahal at mahalin. E panu kana? Mas nakakakilig ka kaya! You are LOVE itself. Kung nagagawa nilang makagawa ng song for a person, pwede rin naman para sayo diba? Mas bongga ka nga magmahal e”

Yung araw na yun, nakagawa ako ng isang kanta. Masyadong madrama ang araw na yun, punong puno ako ng emotion. Habang naglalakad ako, bulong nya “Sino ba ako para sayo Yhang?” Aba kahit na nasa daan ako ang luha ko naman talaga bumuhos e.He is my everything, narealized ko na kung gaano nya ako kamahal na hindi ko na talaga kaya pag wala sya. Yung joy at peace na binibigay nya everyday. Walang makakagawa sa akin nun kahit sinong lalake. Yung love nya unconditional, walang ganun sa tao. Maari mawala silang lahat, iwan ka or saktan ka pero sya? Hindi e, Iba sya magmahal. kaya ang sabi ko sknya “You are the lover of my soul” Isang araw ko lang nabuo. Inspired na inspired ako. Yun ay kanta ko for God na naging way din na matagpuan ko ang Prince Charming ko 🙂 Nakakatuwa! Hindi ako nagmamayabang pero parang totoo talaga na fairy tale happens in real life. Yung parehas kayo nagseek sa KING para matagpuan ang isat isa. Ang pogi nya kaya. Latak ako. Lage nila sinasabi Jackpot daw ako, nakaksakit na kayo ah. Maganda naman ako ah? At least sa mata nya HAHA. Di ko akalain mamahalin ako ng isang tulad nya. Pogi sya inside and out. Thank you Lord! 🙂

Ako ay kinikilig. Yung habang nagkukwento ka, daldal ka sa harap nya tapos nakatitig lang sya sayo, nagsmile. Nagtanong ako ng bakit. “You are so cute, You are so beautiful. I am so blessed” Ayyyyyy

Sa Koreanovela pinapanood ko kinikilig ako sa love story nila, lage ko inaalala ang araw na nagkakilala din kami at paano kami nagkatagpo. Kinikilig pa din ako. Kinikilig ako kung gaano ako kamahal ni Lord at ibinigay nya sa akin ang tulad nya.

Realizations on turning 29ish

Kids want to get old and old people wanted to be kids again. The same feeling as others who turned at this age, I had that moment of truth as well. Like “Wait, really? What happened?” This is also a moment where you evaluate your life and will have a deep realizations. Let me share my thoughts on turning 29ish.

  1. LIFE IS SHORT, Be Content.

We usually hear this when a person dies, but this time no one dies. I just become more aware of my age. If we only know when will we die, I am sure all of us will live everyday as if it is your last. But reality check, we do not know when. But we all know that our life here on earth is short to be negative all the time. Why not spend your years meaningful and happy? How?

Contentment is one of the answers. Life is not a competition. We are all given a life to enjoy. Just because some are rich you should hate yourself being poor and choose to pity yourself.  Just because you are in Philippines and most of your friends work abroad doesn’t mean you are not successful. Also, just because they work abroad doesn’t mean they don’t experience struggles and hardships. We all do, wherever we are, whatever we do, we all undergo in the process of learning and enjoying life. Admit it or not, we have and/or had depressions and anxiety attacks at times. You started to look down on yourself and believe the thinking that you are nothing because you also starting to compare yourself to others.

We always want more. I remember someone who once said “If I will only have that phone, I will end up there and will not ask for more” he got that phone, but guess what every year he wants to change his phone. High technology, trending, everyone has it and ending up “I want that too”. If cellphone is only a way of communication and if it still works, why should I buy a new and expensive one? It is okay to upgrade or buy whenever and whatever you want. Its not a problem as long as you can afford and know your priorities. My point is, in our lives we never be content if we will freely let ourselves flow how the world goes. You get frustrated when you can’t have what you want, the luxurious life that everyone wants, and start to be feel jealous and compare self to others. Be content. If they are rich, let them be rich. If you think you are poor, you are wrong. God has given us everything we need. You just have to know the difference between NEEDS and WANTS.

Hebrews 13:5(ESV)

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

1 Timothy 6:6-11 (ESV)

But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and[a] we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.

When I was younger, I used to be like someone who wants more. I want this and that. I had deep thoughts of being rich. Big own house, car and beautiful branded clothes. I spent time thinking and wishing my life to be like that, perfect as others look at it. And when I came back to reality, I started to get mad at my parents. “If only they are rich” But as time goes by, as I learned from life and see what truly the real treasure is and through God’s word, the light unto our path, I changed. My perspective in life changes. That “if only they/I am rich” turns to “If only I am content”. If only from the very start, I am content, I would be happier and appreciate the beauty of life. It is okay. It’s not to late. God wants us to be content. I do not want to spend my life on earth comparing my life to others. I want and choose to be content. Thank God for his correction and learning.

 2. Love Yourself.

This is a broad topic to discuss. I do not want to be misunderstood when I say “Love and Be yourself” God loves everyone of us and he accepts us for who we are. I will only talk about a situation where self pity and low self esteem  overwhelm me.

Many of us dwell on the thoughts “I am not good enough” “I am not capable” “I can’t achieve great things” “I am miserable” “I can’t achieve my dreams””I will be forever like this” Regardless of age, we tend to dwell on negative thoughts. “Buti pa sila” “Buti ka pa” Those words and thoughts unconsciously destroying your character and personality. You forget who you are because you are filled with others attainments and start to even look on their flaws as well to make yourself believe either you are better than them, or you think you are wretchedly unhappy.  Both results are not good If you don’t know how to balance, you will become insecure and ending up comparing yourself to others and hatred starting to fill your heart to the people too. You think they’ve got them all good together in their lives and you don’t. Sadly you become hard on yourself unknowingly. You become jealous about other’s possessions and achievements instead of focusing on your abilities and accomplishments.

Social media is something we can have an access on others’ lives and you started to think that they are more blessed or fortunate than you are. It is normal that we sometimes feel jealous, everybody feels that, admit it or not. But it always good that you will have a good check in your heart from time to time. If you want to have a peaceful life. Star to love yourself and see the good things in your heart. I personally admire people who are happy to others success. They are very few. Do not be somebody else. Be yourself. Love yourself.

There will always be someone who is better than you, prettier or more handsome than you, smarter than you, richer than you but there is only one YOU. You are unique. When I realized that I really wanted to write, a dream held in my heart for a long time. I doubted it first because I focused on others’ works. They are so good and I am not. I admit I still have to learn things. But one thing I have learned, I won’t achieve any goals in my life if I won’t step on it. JUST DO IT. I do not write because everyone has the ability to write (for bloggers and writers), I write because I love to. I need this to make me feel happy and fulfilled. They are better than me yes, I know. I admire them but instead of focusing on those ‘more than you’, look into your heart, START appreciating your own self and you will be amazed how God becomes gracious in bestowing blessings and favors, abilities, skills, talents and gifts upon you. I can’t say that I am able to write good but by doing this, I am loving myself. It helps me to express myself. So whether people won’t like what I am writing or saying here, I will still do it because I love doing this. 🙂 I am God’s masterpiece. You are God’s masterpiece. It means you are His great art of work.

Ephesians 2:10 New Living Translations (NLT)

10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

3. Nobody to Somebody 


I am 30 and during my younger years, negative thoughts like these empower me. It does happen to me still at times. I don’t like it. I do not want my heart be consumed with dirty things such us hatred, greed, anger, jealousy, frustrations, depressions and all. Everyone does not like them, of course. I do not want to live like that, so seeking the ONE who created us is the best way to know what is good and what is not, to have a knowledge between right and wrong. I am so thankful that the life God has given us everyday is a chance and challenge for ourselves to be better. To live a life with a purpose. You learn along the way, your journey of being Nobody to Somebody is not an easy journey yet it is fulfilling. I used to believe that I am just nobody and won’t be able to achieve great things.

Yes, if I have to compare my life to my college friends and batch mates, and define success as possessions and career growth, I would say I am nobody. In my previous posts, you would read how was my life  in 4 years living in Aruba. Click A part of my Story if you want to know. 🙂  But I would say I am Somebody now. I am not boasting about my life, honestly, I have nothing to boast about. At this age, I do not have a job everyone dreams, I don’t have a house or a car, I don’t have expensive clothes, I do not have gadgets that everyone wants. I don’t have money to eat to some fine dining restaurants, name them, I have nothing to boast but.. let me tell you, I have a job, not a good position but I have at least I have a job. I do not have my own house but I have people who treat me like their own family, besides from my father’s place, I still find home by those people who are nice to me. Gadgets? To tell you honestly, I didn’t spend a lot of money for my phone, laptop and ipad. They are almost free. Freely given to me. Restaurants, I can eat sushi which we all know are expensive. I ate at fine dining restaurants because of lovely people who invite me at times, again it’s free.

This how I call favor from the Lord. I don’t demand for things, God is showering His blessings to me. I am so blessed. Really. I don’t mind if other people look down on me. I am not explaining myself for the ones who think I have all together. I also experience things here huh! You just have to be content, love yourself and to be somebody. Somebody means, knowing your identity in Christ. When negative of this world strike you, remember who you are in Christ. You are accepted. A new creation, blessed, cherished, designed by God, favored, forgiven, saved, unique, you are loved and you are victorious. The Lord sees us so wonderful, you gotta believe you are. From that person whom I think Nobody, I have learned to embrace the love of God to be this Somebody, knowing my worth.

4. I am Egg! HAHA

Just like an egg mixed to other ingredients to bake a cake. I am like an egg, I used to like to be isolated, I cover myself with my shell. I don’t like to see the world for not being open minded and just believe what I want to believe. I do not want to open myself to anyone. I am okay being inside, comfortable. But I had to let someone break my shell for me to be useful and to live longer I guess (mabubugok ako e!). Breaking the shell could be painful for me, adjustments will happen because I’ve been living inside my shell for a long time. Time comes that I need to be put in a bowl and mixed with other ingredients. I am an egg, that is my purpose of living so I let myself mixed to others. In mixing process I need to blend in for the baker can create a perfect cake. Mixed and put in a pan. When ready, put in an oven to bake, you cannot make a cake if you won’t put the mixture in an oven. Inside the oven, the temperature would be so hot  but it is needed for a cake to be baked. As soon as you are ready, the sweet delicious aroma will spread the whole area. Just like when you pass a bakery, you smell the delicious cakes and breads. whooo 🙂 Dushi! And you are ready to be eaten.

I let God break me and release me from my shell. Shellfishness. Haha Selfishness. It is not always about myself, being comfortable, and not to see others needs.I have to give myself to be used and be useful. It does not give you satisfaction when you are alone inside your shell. You are made for something else that is why you are longing for that purpose for you to feel the satisfaction. He needed to break me so I can give myself away. When I say, “Okay, Lord have your way” I let the Baker do as he wish. It was not easy, it’s uncomfortable. “What? why do I have to mix myself to others? Why do I have to blend in? I can be alone.” “I don’t care about them. I will live my life on my own. Yeah. “self” where we can only think about ourselves all the time, what we want, what we feel, what makes us comfortable without desiring to see others needs or situations. That is the moment I go to see different and difficult people around me but still I have to accept them for who they are and blend in because they are also God’s creation with different function in the world just like me. I am not saying that you have to please everyone. The point is, God shows me that I am loved and little by little he also teach me how to love. I am not saying also that I love someone perfectly. Only God can do that. But Jesus inspires us to love others. Well in fact, the greatest commandments God gave us:

Matthew 22:36-40

36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Loving yourself makes you love others. Loving others is loving God.

Fruits of the Spirit

The mixing process produces you with these characters that God wants us to learn. I am not saying I have them at all times. I am human. I am not perfect, I am so perfectly imperfect but I have a perfect God who loves me just the way I am and teach me how to live a life meaningful. His word is a guide for me to be in a right path. Sometimes I am in doubt to write things about this, I don’t want to let people feel uncomfortable by making them feel “I have the perfect life.” Of course not, again, I am not gonna boast about myself but I can boast about the ONE who helps me becoming like this. I still have things to learn, I know. Just like the saying “Experience is the best teacher and the worst experiences are the best lessons” In life, learning is unending cycle. Live to learn.

When the mixture is ready, I have to be put in the oven. Those are the times when you want to get out from it because it is painful, you feel like you can’t endure the temperature anymore. This stage could be the painful experiences in your life, dealing with difficult people, facing different tragedies in life, financial problems, broken hearts, broken lives etc., you feel like there will be no escape. There is a time for everything. Even the baker wants to get you from the oven, he still has to see if you are ready. I have to wait for the right time until I am really ready. Sometimes you really have to endure it the long time, but guess what? When you wait, the result will always be great. There is a blessing in waiting and obedience. When the Baker takes the cake out from the hot oven, he knows that you are ready. The aroma will spread out the place. You will see the smile from the Baker and from the people around you wanting you to be part of their lives. The praise will always goes to my Baker for making a good cake or bread. You are becoming a blessing. You make them happy. It is so fulfilling to see you are blessed to be a blessing.

Final Words

Life is short. We should learn how to be content and enjoy life. I will say it again, stop comparing yourself to others. While living on earth, do not waste your time on comparing yourself to others instead appreciate yourself. We are unique in our own way. Find things that make you happy. If you have a desire and dream deep down your heart and you still didn’t act with it, just do it. We are all learning. If you fail, its okay but never stop learning. Just like what I am doing, if writing makes me happy, even there are people that is better than me, I will keep doing this, I guess. HAHA. because I am becoming proud of myself for I used to have a low self esteem yet I am sharing my deepest thoughts now which help me seeing my worth. When you learn lessons from life, choose to be a blessing. There’s someone out there needs your story to be refreshed, encouraged and be reminded again. Share yours! Be a blessing!

If you are still reading this, thank you so much for your time. These are some of my great lessons in my 29ish living in this world. I still want and have to learn a lot of things. And may this be an encouragement to you. I would love to hear from you by writing on comment box. Yey! God bless you 🙂






Keep Calm You’re 29ish

Have you ever think to stop and start again? 🙂  I just turned 29ish yesterday. March 1, 2016, Tuesday. When someone ask my age, it’s kinda difficult to admit I am 30, so I better say 29ish. Okay? I am trying to calm down but really? Am I this old? I demand a recount. LOL.

CTO: Google Image

Hahaha. I really laughed when I see this. What happened? … LOL 🙂

I didn’t plan anything actually. I just wanted to stay home and have a birthday sleeping mode. My friend, Cherry, encouraged me to do something fun. It’s only once that I turn 30. True enough but for me “sleeping”is fun. haha I asked for a week vacation from work. It’s good to have rest like this. Thank God. So yeah, had to gather myself, relax and have fun!

How did I celebrate my 29ish:

  1. I cleaned my room (half cleaned haha)
  2. I washed my bed sheets.
  3. I stayed home with my cousin because everyone was at work.That is sweet of him special mention to Christopher Neil Grajo for going straight here after school. He accompanied me.
  4. My brother took a half day off, well actually I was not the reason, he had to fix some documents. But then I am happy he came home early. Yey! May kalaro na ako.
  5. Papa arrived in the afternoon, nice way to spend your birthday with the family
  6. Decided to eat dinner out with relatives and friends, Papa and Tita Blessie couldn’t join because Papa was not feeling well. But he gave me his gift. 🙂
  7. Had fun at Peanuts Restaurant with them

Busog na busog na ako halata sa tyan. Patawad HAHA

with my fiance and mother in law to be 🙂

Tito Mommy Miles and Tito Daddy Emong , Tita Janet


Sige Birthday nyo? Kayo na malaki image. Sila yun walang sawang mang asar sa akin pero kami tatlo lage magkakasama, I am their Princess. kaya nga wala ako dyan. I am their favorite pag dating sa bully-han 🙂 I love you men! My cousin and brother.


I woke up early in the morning, heard my phone beeping continuously. So I checked it and yeah it’s March 1, people are giving their greetings, encouragements and prayers posting on my Facebook Timeline. One of them is a blog greeting surprise for me made by my sister Queen. I remember making her one last year. I interviewed her friends for some silly and serious questions about her. She did it to me this time. How sweet! 🙂 I am blessed to have her and the people participated. Thank you so much. I feel so loved

She asked three questions:

  1. Who is Yhang to you ? (Yhang is my nickname)
  2. What is/are unforgettable moments or experience with her
  3. Birthday Messages/Prayers for her

Click if you want to know more : Birthday Messages from Friends and Family created by Ate Queen. Sweet 🙂 Thank you so much for the effort and love, people. I can’t mention names one by one but I am really grateful for all the greetings! God bless you all!

February 29 and March 1 are my birthdays. 🙂 Philippine time and Aruba time. My first greeter made me cry at first.


Four reasons I cried after reading this:

  1. Ang hirap basahin. Hindi na ako marunong magbasa ng short texts, Jejemon ka sis. LOL
  2. I wanted to hug you and everyone over there but I can’t, I am too far. But I whispered to God to embrace you all for me. I love you!
  3. The surprise. It was very touching, though I know you all making that for me, I knew it, you guys were so busy na naseenzoned lang ang beauty ko 🙂
  4. My scrapbook materials kept in the baul for 4 and half years. Haha You guys used my materials for the surprise. Funny! It’s okay, I really appreciate the effort 🙂 I am excited! I would surely love it!

My day was already made by the touching messages and revelation from the people close to my heart in the morning. I grabbed my journal and start to write. Thanking God for all the blessings. Its not money or material things but it was a very great gift. God made me feel I am so much loved by Him by giving me those people in my life. Nakakaiyak malaman na naiiyak at namimiss nila ang old times with me. Thank you God for their friendship and love. I feel so blessed and loved, really. Ang sarap sarap nilang basahin. 🙂  Thank you to my sister, dalawin nyo sya, follow din Queen’s WordPress Blogsite. I really really like them, you know? I had so much tears and laugh while reading them. Thank you for everything. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🙂 Panalo sa effort te. Pak na pak. I feel loved.

Only One Regret : Yesterday, I could have gone to Starbucks. If it’s your birthday, you do not need to pay anything. It’s free! 🙂 Here in Aruba, it’s free. I do not know with other countries. I was already tired and full from the dinner so we all went home 🙂 I will have to wait another year to have a free Starbucks. Haha Now I want it. Grrr.

To my Facebook friends, thank you so much for the greetings. I appreciate you all. May God bless you abundantly. 🙂

This year is my year! Yey 🙂 On my next blog, I will be writing about My Thoughts on Turning 30. Thank you for reading. I know I am not that good blogger, but I have to do this because I love doing this, it helps me express myself through writing. So, even I am not that well (yet) please bare with me. Let me enjoying blogging. No bashers please. 🙂  Cheers!

I am craving now. this is what I ordered yesterday at Peanuts Restaurant:Fish Chicharon

20160301_210412 (1)

Pahabol: I love him, I carried him when he was a baby, I did it again on my 30th.

My brother King 🙂

Family. My inspiration. I love you all


Ako na ang latak! haha my Queen and King 🙂

My Grandmothers. I really miss them. Tears 😦 Thank you Mama Esther and Lola Nena

Me! Small and looked terrible 🙂 haha


Princess at 29ish . Happy Birthday to me! Thank you Jesus for another year. 🙂

Tell me now, do I look 29ish?

This Time… Ikaw Naman =D (Part 2)

Part 2 daw birthday wishes and prayers ☺ Thank you so much ate Queen!



IV. PCLI Workmates (Philippine Christian Literature, Inc.)

From: Lucky 


From: Kuya Henry


From: Kuya Mike


From: Sir Nestor


From: Kuya Onin


From: Sir Ram


Dami kong tawa kay Sir =D
From: Ate Shanz


shanz2 Salamat Ate Shanz sa love mo sa sister ko, sweet =p

From: Kuya Eman


eman2 Yhang, miss ka na nila =D

From: Sir Ronald


ronald4 For the record, nakilala ko lang si Sir sa fb nakita ko kasi na taga PCBS baka connected din sa iyo Yhang 🙂 at nakalimutan kong Princess ka pala sa office, dami ko bloopers sa surprise na ito hihi #niceexperience. Anyway sir, thank you for answering all my questions 🙂

From: Ma’am Sol


sol2 Yhang, Ma’am mo Oh 🙂 #sweet

So…. Di pa tayo tapos Yhang…

Happy ka ba? =D

May isa pang babati sa iyo = D

I remember ikaw ang unang nag-invite ng speaker sa Church at camp natin non na popular, sa iyo nag-umpisa iyon eh.. Eto na…

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This Time….. Ikaw naman =D

Thank you sis. You finally have a wordpress account. I really appreciate kahit gaya gaya ka. Hahaha ☺
Let the writing life begin. 😁


You used to surprise many people, especially those people who is close to your heart, IKAW IYAN!!! Pero this time IKAW NAMAN! I’m not good as you my Princess but I want you to know,feel that you are loved and special malayo man, malapit rin =D

Nag-interview ako ng mga taong nakakakilala sa iyo, mga taong napadaan sa buhay mo. I asked them this 3 questions:

  1. Who is yhang to you?
  2. What is the most unforgettable experience or moment you had with Yhang or some people know you as Princess?
  3. What is your message to Yhang on her birthday?

My prayer as you read this blog mapapangiti ka and you’ll realize how blessed you are; ikaw ay naging blessing sa kanila. So sit back and relax at sana may popcorn ka dyan sa tabi mo…

WAIT!!!! Naghalungkat ako sa magic baul mo at sa mga old photo albums natin at…

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