This Time….. Ikaw naman =D

Thank you sis. You finally have a wordpress account. I really appreciate kahit gaya gaya ka. Hahaha ☺
Let the writing life begin. 😁


You used to surprise many people, especially those people who is close to your heart, IKAW IYAN!!! Pero this time IKAW NAMAN! I’m not good as you my Princess but I want you to know,feel that you are loved and special malayo man, malapit rin =D

Nag-interview ako ng mga taong nakakakilala sa iyo, mga taong napadaan sa buhay mo. I asked them this 3 questions:

  1. Who is yhang to you?
  2. What is the most unforgettable experience or moment you had with Yhang or some people know you as Princess?
  3. What is your message to Yhang on her birthday?

My prayer as you read this blog mapapangiti ka and you’ll realize how blessed you are; ikaw ay naging blessing sa kanila. So sit back and relax at sana may popcorn ka dyan sa tabi mo…

WAIT!!!! Naghalungkat ako sa magic baul mo at sa mga old photo albums natin at…

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