To write or not to write?

Eyes wide open, staring at my laptop

Lying in the bed, looking around

Thinking what to say

Gazing on the ceiling

There are a lot of thoughts

But I don’t know how to start

I typed some words, sentences and paragraphs

But I ended up deleting them all

“What to write?” Can anyone help me?

“How to start?” It’s frustrating me

All I know I want to express myself

Singing, scrapbooking and writing

Singing to share my heart’s language

Scrapbooking colorfully makes my heart happy

Writing, besides from expressing myself

I feel like I am in a different world

That’s what I love about it

Where I can have a voice

Louder as I want

Thoughts seems to explode

I had to say them, I couldn’t sleep

I don’t like it anymore sometimes but why I cannot resist

“Am I really for writing world?” I always asked

To give it a try is not bad at all

Here I am, for how many times thinking to deactivate

I still end up writing

Is this what I want to do?

Or just because everyone does this too?

The first time I ever felt this

I want to write and I want to pursue this

Doubt hinders me to keep going

“NO, your write ups are non-sense”

“Yes, write to share and express”

Life is short, do what your heart says

Keep going, keep writing, and never stop trying

Until you surely know and say

‘I want to be a writer’


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