Once again

Once again, I sing

Once again, I worship

You’ve proven me your presence

Touchable, tangible and real

I closed my eyes

I let it go, I let it out

All I wanted is to give you my heart and my all

You’ve shown me more

You’ve given me more

More than I was asking for

I asked for your presence to lead

I asked for your Love to overtake

I simply pour out my heart

You poured out your Spirit

I did not sing, I worship

Heart full of gratitude

Heart longs for You

Heart wants to touch Yours

Oh, how I love your presence

How I want for more

More of you, I long for

I seek you, find you and love you

This peace no one else can give

Once again, I feel brave

Once again, I feel loved

Once again, I do not ask anything

But your presence

World can give confusions

Yours is clarity of mind

Once again, I am home

Freedom I feel when I come

Peace I get when I call

Joy you freely given

Once again, let me say

Your presence is life to me

Love that I get from you

Let me share to others too

God, how amazing your love is

How can I live without this

Worthy are you Lord

A God like you deserves to be adored

Once again I will tell you now and forever

Jesus, you are everything I ever needed









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