Sacrifice. Big Word

Sacrifice. Big Word.

Will you call this Sacrifice?

Studied a course that I did not like

I wanted to please him so I  did

Will you call it Sacrifice?

If I chose to be a maid just to have a better life

I struggled, I cried and I almost give up

But still I chose this path for them

For my father that I wanted to be with

For my family , financially I can provide

Will you call this sacrifice?

I left my country , family and friends

And to believe that I am brave

My career , my life I sacrifice

Did I regret it? Yes I must say

But helping them makes me happy



If this is His will, I am willing to sacrifice

But if He says, It is time

I will choose and have faith in Him

To take the path I want and He wants.

Looking at Him, how he sacrificed someone

Someone valuable for the sake of others

His Son was given, died on the cross for us

Mine is just little compare to the pain He felt

Just to save you and me

So I will endure because He is with me

He is not against me, I believe

I don’t deserve His love but I will choose to serve

I give my heart and my life as a living sacrifice

Big Word.




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