Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Okay, WordPress readers and followers. This is something personal. Allow me to post this open letter for a good friend of mine. I wanted her to really feel that today is her day.

Dear Gienah,

How are you doing? I hope you are feeling awesome today. This is your day so you better enjoy it. Have fun and relax. I was not okay but I tried my best to put myself together just to greet you and do something for you. Starting this post, I am feeling better little by little. We are both an OFW, so there are times we have the homesickness attack. Today is one of my days where I want to be home, see friends and family in the Philippines and laugh with them. Do you feel that today? I hope not because I believe that God surrounded you with great people in your life who can inspire and encourage you there at Qatar.Yes you are in Qatar, I am in Aruba but that doesn’t mean I won’t greet you and be a friend during your special day. Ako na ang ma-drama dito! Wag kang gumaya sa akin nag-e-emo ako. Mapalad ka dahil wala akong ginagawa ngayon at makakapag-greet ako ng bongga sayo tulad nito. HAHA 

Anyways, there are things I want to say  and I want you to be encouraged.

  1. You are wonderfully made


Psalm 139:14  (NIV)

 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

O diba ibig sabihin daw nakakatakot ka! HAHA Fearfully! God created you uniquely. You know what I like about you that I do not have? Your sexy body and your complexion. But I  do not envy you don’t worry. Sometimes we may think that we are not appreciated and accepted but I want you to know that God loves you so much. He created you in His own image, it means you are perfect in God’s eyes. People may hurt you and they may look down on you but remember that God sees you so precious.I am proud of you. I have a beautiful friend. 🙂 So today please feel wonderful!

2. You are beautiful


It’s so amazing how God looks at us. He looks at you as perfect while we sometimes look down on ourselves (well all the time, I guess!) So please be reminded that you are beautiful no matter how you feel you are not. He doesn’t look at your mistakes or weaknesses. He sees you perfect so when you feel you are not beautiful. Remember what God says to you. And you really are beautiful huh?!

I am so glad that you are now a worship leader. Gosh! I was really happy when you told me that. I am proud of you and I really had a feeling that you will be in God’s ministry, knowing you will be with ate Angel. Wow. She is a great mentor. I miss her. Say hi to her for me 🙂


Honored to be part of their wedding. And you were really pretty that day 🙂


bobolahin kita ng husto ngayon kasi birthday mo! HAHA


with your sisterette…You guys are so pretty! Bakit di kayo nag-artista?

And I was looking for our picture, I couldn’t find it! yung para tayong naka-bold kasi yung mukha lang kinunan? E nakatube tayo parehas.


Yan lang tuloy, si kuyang na photographer photo bomber e! HAHA

So naniniwala ka na ba na maganda ka? Ako din bolahin mo.

3. You are a Jolly Person


Basta mga isip bata tayo noon. ‘Gang ngayon naman diba? HAHA Nakakamiss lang yun tawanan natin noon na parang wala ng bukas. Kaya kapag naiisip mo na lage ka nalang malungkot at nakasimangot. Isipin mo na JOLLY PERSON ka. People love to be with you. Hindi ka burden sa iba kasi nagpapasaya ka at blessing ka sa amin. Kaya magpa-Jollibee ka naman dyan!


Ito pa o? Obvious naman neng.. ang bibig paki sara! LOL 🙂

Okay, mag-throwback tayo! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. You have a golden voice

I pray that God will use you mightily in His ministry. As  a worship leader, I pray for God’s authority and power over your life. Sing for Him, keep leading the people in God’s presence. You are in a right path my dear. The journey of Christian life isn’t easy but fulfilling. God is awesome. Hindi pang karaoke lang ang boses, pang langit pa! 🙂


I do not have photo while you are leading the worship at your church pero masaya ako for you talaga. HAppy talaga! Promise.


Parang kelan lang! I miss you Gienah and everyone. 


God’s favor and love be upon you always..

Be happy today okay? Sino ba ka-date mo?

You are loved. I love you and we love you. Happy Birthday!




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