Congratulations! Your Visa has been approved

“We are going to Georgia and you guys need to apply for visa” our Pastor told us. I am currently attending at Church of Zion Aruba covered by Congregational Holiness Church which is based in Griffin, Georgia. As a part of the praise and worship team or music ministry, I needed to join. Well, not really required, we are not forced though. But wait… it’s America? Let’s be all real, everyone wants to go there, everyone dreams to go there especially for ordinary people like me. I have been living in Aruba for 4 years now. I have known some Filipinos who’ve been here like 10years, 20 years or more, some are already Dutch Passport holders.

What are the requirements to be approved? Oh okay..If it’s not for business purpose and you only want to have visa for pleasure or holidays. Here’s from what I have heard from others and I used to believe.

  1. You should be a 10year resident.
  2. Your bank account, if you are a single should at least have 10 thousand guilders.
  3. House and lot property
  4. Car
  5. Good Job position with a good salary

So, I believed I am not qualified.

  1. 4 years living in Aruba and still renewing permit every year
  2. I just opened my bank account. I do not have a lot of money
  3. NO house and lot property
  4. NO car, not even a license.
  5. Household worker, no payslip given

Will I dare to try? Yes. Why? Here’s what I can boast about and believe that I am qualified.


After worship service last Sunday, May 29, we (other churchmates) traveled to Curacao. Our appointment date for U.S. Visa interview is May 31st. In total, we 7 people from Church of Zion who will be applying for visa.

It is easy for me to be negative but this isn’t planned. I was about to cancel my application due to financial issue. I couldn’t afford. “Ptr, I might cancel my application” I messaged him. But after that, I know in my heart God wants me to go and try. I prayed. “Lord if its your will, you are our Jehovah Jireh, our provider, so If its your will, you will provide” Few minutes later, one of our church mates messaged me. She also applied for an appointment for Visa. We were talking about the requirements and I told her that I already messaged the pastor that I am cancelling. And she asked why. I told her. To make it short, she offered help and I was able to join them to Curacao. With the help of my brother too, he provided my pocket money and for accommodation.

I am not poor. HAHA. God is rich and he promised to never leave me nor forsake me and he proved that how many times.

Monday, We walked to the down town in Curacao. It was nice. We also went to the Aquarium and Dolphin Academy. I liked it. Fun. Dinner at Kyoto Japanese Restaurant. There are Filipinos working there. It was so good to see Kababayans 🙂 They are nice people.

It was a long day, we went back to the hotel and we prayed and worshiped God. Preparing our hearts for the interview, declaring that it is all about God. We will do it for God’s glory. We will minister to Georgia and it’s just a bonus if we have some pleasure there. But the main goal is, we will do ministry there and meet other fellow Christians. We claimed that we are all approved.

At night when we go on our respective beds. I was talking to God and really amazed how God made things beautiful. I am a pessimistic person. I am sad to admit that but there were times I think more of negatives. Well, people did not really notice that. Only God knows the real me. His grace covered me. I am a worship leader, I love worshipping God through singing. It is my passion and nothing and no one can stop me by doing it. It is my life. When I worship, things changed, my views, my perspective, my heart is full of His peace and joy. Who would not want to be in this place, in His presence. As we pour out our hearts towards Him, He is pouring our His presence to us. And His presence is a life to me.

But I would also admit that there were days the enemy is trying to occupying my heart and mind with negative thoughts. I fight and God is fighting for me as well. I believe. That evening. I prayed again “Lord, I rebuke all this negative thoughts, they are not from you, help me sleep and relax tonight so I would be able to answer questions with gladness and peace in my heart.”

I slept good. Thank God! The moment I woke up, God spoke to me “You are approved” I smiled and really smiled.. Happy because I heard him and secondly, I have peace and joy. I relaxed the whole morning and waited to be interviewed.

3 Questions:

  1. Do you work? What is your job?

Yes. I am a household worker in Aruba. I smiled 🙂

2. You are working for a family? How long you’ve been working with them?

1 year last February

3. How long you’ve been living in Aruba



The interviewer asked questions to my brother and other 2 church mates. We were blessed because all the questions regarding church and all were asked to the first batch, other members of the church.

“Okay, Congratulations Your Visa has been approved, follow these instructions.”

Yesterday we received our passports. Thank God. Georgia here we go! 🙂

What else can I say? What a mighty God we serve. HE can do impossible things to possible. And God is truly amazing in giving us favor and grace. Praise Jesus!



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