Tuesday Random Thoughts

Everybody wants to be accepted and loved. Everyone wants attention and care. I admit sometimes I am trying to find my satisfaction from people, from my parents, friends and love ones or special someone. I want their time. I long for their love but the more I expect from them, the more I get disappointed. I ended up becoming bitter towards them.

Bitterness and eventually turned to brokenness. I started to think that no one loves me and no one cares. The result: I give up on loving people even those people who didn’t do anything wrong to me.I held that love that suppose to be shared and shown. God wants us to love unconditionally. But it is our nature to love with conditions. God is the only one who love that way –perfect, unending, without expecting anything in return. Well, I guess I didn’t understand that before.

I can be desperate for someone’s attention. But at the end of the day, our gracious God will let me feel that no one else can touch my heart like he does. Why am I looking for anyone’s attention? Why am I wanting to be accepted? Why do I want to look attractive? Do I need those to gain people’s care and love? No, of course not. God wants me to be me. because he loves me as who I am. And there, His touch will change everything I feel. Knowing I am not alone. I am precious in His sight. I am the apple of His eyes. He knows everything. He knows me so well. Nothing is hidden, he knows every detail of my life. So, why should I be ashamed of what I feel? I can be real in His presence.

I am thankful whenever I feel this, whenever I feel unaccepted, unattractive and ugly. “U” things HAHA. Why? Because it is a reminder that  I am accepted because He said so. There are people who love me as I am. I thank God for that. I am attractive. He gave me this heart towards HIM and he looks into our hearts. Every time I see how people looks on the outward appearance, I remind  myself that inward beauty is the essential part of living. Physical beauty will fade but a person who has a good heart will shines and lasts. For me, that’s the real beauty. If people won’t notice that, does it really matter? No. Because we live for our King and he will be honored if we will continue to guard our hearts. If our purpose in life is to give God the glory, these things don’t matter. Your heart is.

I feel sad and bad for ladies who cry over men who don’t even notice them. I understand them completely, I did and do feel that sometimes. We chased, we stalked, we waited but seenzoned. HAHA 🙂 But it doesn’t define us, right? It doesn’t mean you are ugly. Maybe God is sparing us for the wrong person. Maybe God wants us to seek Him earnestly and asked Him for a man/woman He wanted us to be with. And trust Him more. I don’t know why I am thinking this stuff but today is one of those days I couldn’t stop my thoughts, an urge to share. Well, everybody is free to share their thoughts. So, if you are reading this, thank you and I really appreciate you visiting my page.

My point is. God loves us the way we are. You do not need to be someone else. You do not need to impress someone. Because God sees you beautiful. You are awesome. I wonder if God also feels that butterflies in stomach whenever we see our crush, when he/she replies on our messages, enjoys being with that someone we love. I think so, He must be really happy when His children, His brides enjoy His presence. So, instead of trying so hard to be accepted by anyone, be reminded that you are already accepted. You are loved. You are wanted.  Enjoy God’s beauty. Be filled by His love towards you.


God, I thank you for you never reject me. You love me as who I am. When I think about all my weaknesses and flaws, I can’t help but cry and ask why on earth you love me. But it is your nature. You delight in showing your love, grace and mercy. Whenever I want someone to comfort me, help me to run to you. Whenever I long for someone’s time, help me to give my time in praying and reading your Word. Whenever I feel hopeless, let me see your beauty, your grace and let me be amazed all the time. I know I made and will make mistakes, but God, you are all I need in this life. I want to seek you with all my heart. Thank you for I know you do not miss a thing, you notice me and you see everything. Father, I give my heart to you. Help me to understand your love so I will love myself and others. Help me to see myself the way you see me. Beautiful. Complete me and I give my all. Take over. Amen


Thanks for your time reading my post. I pray that God will speak to you. If you are one of those who feel unaccepted and unloved  I would love to listen and pray for you. Inbox me 🙂


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