Worship even when you don’t feel like doing it.

It is such a privilege to be part of God’s ministry. As a worship leader, there were times I just simply don’t want to do it but I still do it. It’s not about how I feel but it is about who God is. He deserves to be adored so no matter how I feel, no matter what my situation is, I will still worship the ONE who deserves all the glory. I do not want to sound religious. I have my flaws too. But in this writing, I want to you to be encouraged as much as it encourages me whenever life seems all a mess. whenever I feel I am not doing the right thing and my best. It is not enough to just sing

I remember my mentor when I was younger. I was assigned to worship lead at our church for the next Sunday. Everything in my life was a mess that time and I asked her if he can help me find someone to replace me to lead on Sunday. She asked me why, and there I did tell her all the drama in my life. It’s not that bad, I just don’t feel doing it. She is very strict but loving person. She then answered me after telling the story “Is that the way you should serve your God?” And I answered “I do not want to transfer the spirit I have right now to the team because I am not really okay?” “Oh, so whenever you are not okay, God shouldn’t be worshiped? Is that what you meant?” I understood it and my tears kept falling.

God will remain God no matter what. No matter the situation is, whether you are okay or not, God is a God who deserve our worship. We should have a heart like that. Even things are not going well, we should still choose to adore HIM. There are so much reasons to give Him the glory in our life. I do not want to sound that my life is perfect. I actually don’t have. If I have to tell everything in here, you will be spending hours and hours reading. Everyone has problems and it only comes in different forms. But what makes it difference is the way we handle and face them.

I will always have problems, that’s what I believe. There will always be times that I will just lie on my bed, cry my eyes out and with so much pain. In the midst of adversity, God is wanting us to do the best thing. You know what the best thing is? Worship. God’s presence will always be the best place to hide when you do not know how to handle things. In seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes being in His arms, soaking yourself to His Word, praying, singing praises, thanking God for all He has done to you, counting all the blessings and all, is better than thousand years. It changes everything. It changes your view in life, your terrible feelings and loneliness suddenly turn to positive and wonderful feeling. Let me say God’s presence is everything. Jesus is everything we need.

I am not good of explaining things theologically, but really.. His presence is life to me. It’s amazing to have experienced this, it’s privilege, it’s an honor. I forget things that worry me, I forget the pain, I forget the struggle in just few seconds or minutes as soon as I know God is covering me with his love. Knowing how he really loves me changes the way I look at things.

 The social media is a big destruction to our relationship with Him. When I found myself browsing and scrolling my Facebook, Instagram and others for hours, I had to stop and tell myself “Stop scrolling, Read your Bible” I am not saying I am a person who read the Bible all the time consistently. I just understand that His word is a lamp to our feet. A perfect guide and light unto our path according to Psalm. And it is really true. So whenever you feel that your path is not the direction you should be taking in, remind yourself God wants to direct your path. Reading His word is a step of knowing him more, finding him and loving him.

I am still one of the people who want to know more about Him and I am still in the process. I am under construction, letting my architect to design me. I am the passenger wherein I let the driver take over my life. It is more about trusting Him. I might not understand everything that has been happening in my life right now but what I am sure of is God never changes. He remains faithful. He loves me for who I am. My situation doesn’t define me, I will believe what God says who I am. I am beautiful, I am precious and I am a victor. My success  doesn’t define the way the world define it. My treasure and my success is in God. It’s in His presence. It’s in my worship towards Him I truly belong. IN HIM alone.

“Is this the way I serve God?” I  will ask myself this question whenever I don’t feel coming to him, whether I don’t feel thanking Him and whether I don’t feel worshiping Him. Because the question will always remind me whenever I see myself not doing my best to the ONE who created me, I am missing something. HE deserves more than anything else in this world. HE is my God, the one who loves, forgives, rescues, comforts, corrects, accepts and adores me, the only One who can touch my heart so deep. How could I not give my best? He deserves our everything. He wants our heart. Give your heart and do your best.

Worship even when you are sad, even when you do not have a job, even you have financial problems, even when you are in pain. Worship. God remains God no matter what and He deserves our adoration. 🙂



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