Aruba, You are Beautiful


Last week, I had a chance to walk/jog with some of churchmates.Everybody has problems in life but when you get out and see how beautiful God’s creation is, you won’t feel any anxiety or sadness. The beauty of Aruba calms my heart. I have to embrace the place where I am. God leads me here and I have to joyfully seek His will and do His will. 

Exercise is good for your health.It is also good for your heart! It’s really beautiful. This is the beach at Renaissance Park.

Yes, I am the youngest but I feel so at home and comfortable with them because they are cool. I thank God for them. The place becomes more beautiful with awesome people around

God brings us to a place where he doesn’t lead. I am trusting God for today and tomorrow and for the next days. Thy will be done. 

Bunita! It is a papiamento word means beautiful. Aruba ta Bunita. 

Of course, lastly, I thank God for who I am. I have flaws but because of His great love, I still feel loved, accepted. This is one the days where I need to remind myself no matter what happen, God loves me and He remains faithful. 



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