Better Late Than Never

Yes, it’s 2017. I’ve been wanting to write but I was so off these past few months. But it’s new year I have to gather myself, stand up and face the new chapter of life. Today, I decided to review my 2016  life. God wants us to be thankful and rejoice all the time. I am a Christian, yes, but it doesn’t mean I don’t experience sadness and all. Everyone is under construction, I believe. Everybody has problems in different forms. We just have to learn to face them and handle them well. Anyways, I will be sharing my 2016 Goals accomplished & unaccomplished and Prayers answered in this post.

2016 Goals and Prayers – Review

  1. Gift of Giving

God has been so good to me ever since and he never stop showing me that He is my Jehovah Jireh, my God who provides. There are a lot of people around me that always give so I prayed and desired to exercise the gift of giving. It was kinda difficult for me because my status here in Aruba is not stable but still I wanted to share even little things.

  •  I donated some of my clothes.
  • I helped a friend with financial.
  • I gave handmade bookmarks
  • I created handmade cards and gave to those I loved and appreciated.

     2. Driving Lessons/License

Unfortunately I still didn’t get my license but practicing driving.

      3. Bank Account

Yey! Finally, I opened February 2016. I arrived here in Aruba 2012 and I struggled to open an account because of some circumstances. I am not trying to broadcast everything about my life but for me this is really an accomplishment. HAHA 🙂 Thank God.

     4. Read books/novel. (10 or more)

Hmm.. I only read 5 books:

  • Kontento ka na ba sa kaperahan mo? Vic and Avelyn Garcia (Unleash the highest Potential of you Money)
  • Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
  • The Power of Right Believing – Joseph Prince
  • Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks
  • Become a Better You (7Keys to Improving your Life Everyday) – Joel Osteen
  • Hunger Games (Mockingjay) – well this, until now I didnt finish the last book. Hihi (almost..almost!)

   5. Study /Learn Papiamento

I understand but I can’t speak fluently.

   6. Be confident.

To be honest, I struggled so much with confidence but God is guiding me. There are times I really feel brave and confident.

     7. Apply for a New Job

I did. I had part times. And again, because of my status here in Aruba which is not stable, I couldn’t get a full time. But I am good. I thank God for His provision and grace everyday.

       8. God’s presence and obedience to Him.

This should always be the top priority of every Christian.He is so good and deserve our service. I still am a Worship Leader at our church and a Tambourine Dance Coordinator.

    9. Cover Songs with Brandon (him playing guitar, me singing)

Well we jammed few times but we still haven’t record any. HEHE this for 2017 Goals 🙂

     10. Travel (anywhere God wants)

This is unexpected but I prayed for this and when I returned to my notebook. I was really in tears for he answered prayers. Places I went to:

  • Curacao
  • US – Orlando, Georgia, Savannah, South Carolina

    11. Write Consistently.

I can say that this year I did write so much. Blogs, journal, personal etc.

    12. New Laptop

I know maybe those who read my old posts, I always say about God’s grace. I am not exaggerating it but His grace is truly amazing. I got mine for free. 🙂

    13. New Printer

Yes, I got one. Thank you Lord

   14. Get more followers on WordPress.

When I was writing this last year, I had 6 followers on my blog. I targeted and wanted to reach 50 followers. I have 62 followers now. WOW! hihi Thank you so much.

     15. Dental Check up.

I had a root canal operation.

   16. Receive an unexpected blessing! Great things. I am excited.

I wrote them exactly like that. The monster blessing was US Visa was approved. I got a chance to travel last year and visit my mom. It was really awesome experience.To God be the glory!

     17. Lose Weight.

HAHA. Sorry but I gained more. 🙂

The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9, In their hearts human plan their course, but the Lord establish their steps. 

I do not ask more and unbelievably ones. I only asked God that whatever I have, to help be content and be happy. I think that is more important in life. BE CONTENT. I had so much blessings last 2016, I also had down moments but those are also blessings so I can draw more closer to Him. I thank God for everything. For material blessings, unexpected ones, great ones but also for all the pains and struggles for they are also used to make me brave. God makes me brave. I praise God for the last year and I will thank and adore Him for this new year. Better Late than Never. Happy New Year! 🙂