DIY Penholders

Hello gals and guys! It’s been a while. My travel post is still pending. I didn’t finish yet. I’m back in Aruba and it’s been hectic since I arrived. A lot of things happened not to mention the wedding preparation. And yes! I am getting married very soon. Finally! Haha

Well this post is not about that. I would like to share this DIY penholders. I was looking for a place or something to put all my pens (I have a lot!) but since I moved in to a new place, I don’t have everything yet but I wanted to organize my stuff especially when I do write, journal and scrapbooking. Thank God I have these to start with.


1. Holder (from Pik-nik, peanut can, and piroulie)

2. Pink cartolina (or color of your choice)

3. Ruler

4. Glue gun (with glue! Of course! Haha)

5. Scissor or cutter

6. Washy tape (optional)


It’s easy, cartolina is to cover these holders. You can design it afterwards (sorry! Not so good in explaining procedure. Haha)

Here’s the result:

It’s simple. And you don’t only save money but you exercise your creativity and you can personalize it.

And everytime you are on your desk, doing your thing, remember that “You are awesome”.

Thank you! May God bless your day.

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