Just Pause for a While

I was in the car, a song in the radio was playing and I realized something.

“Sometimes you just have to pause for a while and listen to what God is telling you.”

And you realized that life isn’t about us. It’s truly all about Him. I still remember the days way back in the Philippines 🇵🇭 where I was so into knowing Him more, wanting to go deeper and deeper. Like I don’t care about anything else, just “give me Jesus”

I was passionate in serving Him. All I care is doing what He wants me to do. I do care for people to know Him and experience the love of God. But it’s different, now. I admit. People nowadays are so busy in their lives -job, career, love life, business, studies etc. Oh wait!…plus social media.

It does take over our lives. Pre-occupied with so many things and sadly, we don’t think about Him all the time. Ouch!

We have to pause and go back to your first love. The song lyric says

“… You can have all in this world, just give me Jesus”

I miss HIM. And I miss myself going deep to His presence. I longed for it everyday. I remember when I used to sing praises to Him, worship Him every single day. The best place I’ve ever been – in HIS presence. Where there is no doubt and fear there, only joy and peace and LOVE. That’s where we supposed to be. Even in the midst of darkness, being with HIM is just wonderful.

God never leaves us, that’s the truth. The challenge is.. to make room for HIM, to give time for Him no matter how busy we are. 

It is important to pause for a while and think about our priorities. Life on earth is just short, we are just passing by.  This is not our home. Make room for what is important, know HIM deeper. 

Just one of my favorite worship songs say “The more I seek you, the more I find you. The more I find you, the more I love you”

God’s love is the best LOVE among any other love in this world. So, loving HIM is the best decision we could ever make. 

Pause and think about HIM. HE thinks about us all the time.

O God! I just miss you. I apologize for not making you my priority. I will make it up to you. Thank you for being patient with me.