Day 2: Your bucket list

30 Day Blog Challenge

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I am actually sharing this in public. whooaa! HAHA It’s kind of uncomfortable but if this can inspire someone, well I am willing to. We are all allowed to dream dreams, to write goals and achieve them. No rush, no pressure, take your time and just enjoy the journey.

Personal Development

Get your body in the ultimate shape at once in your life
Join a Singing contest
Learn how to swim
Learn how to drive
Get a driving license
Be truly happy
Overcome my shyness (sometimes!)
Have a perfect teeth
Find my passion in life


Learn how to speak Papiamento ( un tiki so (a little bit) )
Learn how to speak Dutch (een beetje)
Learn how to speak Spanish
Learn how to speak French
Find a job you love or create the job you love
Take a class you’ve always wanted
Study again
Be a great writer
Have a music Album
Have a business


Spend Christmas on the beach
See the Solar Eclipse
Sky Diving
Climb a mountain
Ride a horse
Sleep in a 5’star hotel
Find my own secret spot
Learn how to surf
Release a paper lantern/floating lantern
Camping on a beach
Wall Climbing
Sit on a rooftop
Ride in a limousine


Feel like the happiest person on earth
Leave inspiring notes for people to find
Send a message in a bottle
Leave a positive note on someone’s windshield
Go on a mission trip
Tell little kids about Jesus
Worship like nobody’s watchin
Read the entire BIBLE
Write a worship song and sing it at church
Reduce my negative thoughts
Take a homeless person out to dinner
Read the Bible in a year
Use your travels to glorify God
Memorize 365 verses in a year


Go to your favorite Christian band’s concert (Kari Jobe ‘The Garden”)
Drive-in movie theater
Meet my celebrity crush


Fall in love
Get Engaged
Get married
Help him pursue his dreams
Grow old with someone I love
Take a cute kissing pictures in a photobooth
Be kissed unexpetedly
Say “I do”
Write a letter for your husband and open it after 10years
Be woken up with a kiss
Have sex in a hotel room HAHA, why not?
Have sex in a cruise LOL 🙂
Travel alone with your husband

Family and Kids

Have a baby
See my baby take their steps
Write a letter for your baby (open when she/he’s 18)
Make an email for your baby and write letters,
pictures and give the password when she turns 18
Raise a child with a heart for Jesus


Set a foot on all continents
Go to Disney World
See the Eiffel tower
Travel by yourself
Travel by train
Go on a cruise (again!)
See a real castle
Travel to Europe
Travel to South Korea
Visit Bethlehem/Israel
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Visit the 7 Natural wonders of the World
Attach a lock to a Love Bridge
Visit the walk of fame
Put a piece of gum on the gun wall in Seattle
Take a picture with the Hollywood Sign
Love lack in Paris
Visit the original starbucks in Seattle
See the Statue of Liberty
Travel to USA
Visit the 50 States of America


Read the top 5 novels of all time
Write a book (Try!)
Publish a book
Be an extra in a movie
Watch sunset at the beach
One week challenge -Early devotion at the beach
Start running everyday in one month
Hold a baby Panda
Finish an entire coloring book
Disney Movie Marathon
Complete a Scrapbook
Say ‘Yes’ to everything for a full day
Have a notebook of favorite quotes/quotes from Book I read
Have a list of 100 Books I’ve Read 
Have a summer job
Get a college degree
Go on an entire day without using technology
No social media in a month (or more)
Be in a magazine
Compose my own song
Read every C.S. Lewis novels
Memorize the countries/ world map
Photo shoot 🙂 Model! At least once. HAHA
Dutch Passport


Learn how to play guitar
Learn how to play piano
Learn how to play bass
Learn how to play drums
Learn photography
Write a letter to myself and open It in 10 years
Get a tattoo
Learn how to play Ukelele
Take a photo everyday for a year
Create a memory box & open it years after
Learn Calligraphy
Use a planner consistently for a year


Own a house
Own a polaroid camera
Own a DSLR camera
Own a portable printer
Have a walk-in closet
Have a music room in the house
Have a prayer room in the house
Have a craft room 
Go shopping in NYC
Have my own personal library in my house
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Thank you for reading! Be free to share yours. 🙂 What’s your bucket list?

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Your bucket list”

    1. Aww. Busy si ate. Pinupush ko din sarili ko te! Try it. First time ko. Di ko rin po alam if tatagal ako. Haha 😆 But I know you can. Love mo writing kaya babalik at babalik ka no matter what.

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