To my 16-year old self

Hello there! 👋

It is okay to not be okay, sometimes. What is not okay is to be afraid all the time. The “what ifs” and “but’s” hinder you to pursue what you really want to do. You should go for it. You should learn to risk. The thing is, you are very careful, so afraid to make mistake.

Mistakes make us human. It is okay. We learn from them. You must be brave to face all your fears. Because the truth is everyone feels it, the only difference is… they do it afraid. So do it! Search it and pursue it.

Stop pleasing people. Stop thinking how and what people reacts on your decision. It is your life you are building. What they say don’t matter. You should listen to what your heart say. Be confident. Be fearless.

But in fairness, I love how you love God. You gave everything to Him, you want to follow what He wants, though you struggle, you still choose to obey Him. Your heart at this season to His is on fire. Your plans in life are just plans but you make sure that those are pleasing to Him. Your passion in serving Him is amazing and I love that about you. Though you are unsure on what the future brings, the only thing that hold you up is the line “I trust you, Lord” and believing that He will take care of you. That’s what He does. That’s who He is.- our loving Father.

Stay in Him.

I was stocked in this challenge, because I think I wasn’t that confident to say these words, I had to reflect. And yeah, whatever! Say it. 😂

Wish someone told me all these things. Wish I was brave enough to pursue what I really want to do. Wish I was confident and believe more in myself. I believed in God but I was lacking of confidence. Does it make sense? Haha But this is in the past, life goes on and I have learned a lot. The truth is, we still have time. Age is just a number. Do what really your heart is telling you. Just Do it…. Afraid.


30 Day Blog Challenge


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