7 Things I am awful at

Hello guys and gals! Thanks for stopping by.

I think I am good at this. Like, admitting and sharing some of your weaknesses. I wanted to real in this world full of pretensions.

Everyday we see people posting beautiful stuff on their social media and it always look like they are all having a perfect life. But guess what? It’s not. IT’s UNREAL.

So at this post, I have to be transparent at some point. Sharing things I am awful at is kind of fun, isn’t it?

  1. I am not good at sports. Sometimes, I think the reason why I didn’t grow, I mean literally, my height is 4’10”, because my bones weren’t stretch that much. I wish I am a sports minded, but I am not. HAHA
  2. I got mad easily. I even told this to my husband when we were dating that at times, I got irritated immediately. I don’t know if that is my hormones or just my personality. I have to work it out, you know? I am learning, though. I need more patience.
  3. Stubborn. When I want to do something, I must do it. It’s like ‘What Princess wants, Princess gets’. But believe or not, God changes me. I know I still have this at times but God is good for helping me overcome it. Take note: I am not worse. HAHA It’s just mild.
  4. I need to exercise.
  5. Time Management
  6. Consistency. When I begin to do something to be productive, I started it and then after a while, I stopped. Just like this blog challenge. I wanted to do it everyday the day I started, but it was not easy. I also started a “photo a day” on Instagram but after days, I cancelled it. SIgh! I want to be consistent but I am so bad at this. So help me, God! HAHA
  7. Discipline.

So, these are the seven things I am awful at. They are some of my weaknesses, but I want to believe that knowing and accepting these are just a way of improvement.

We can always try to be better on things we are bad at, right?

Have a great day! 😉

What Do People Misunderstand about you?

It’s Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge! Though, I am not able to do this everyday, I am trying my best to finish the challenge on my own time. No pressure. I am still grateful that I reached this day. HAHA 10th. 20 more. It’s called progress.

What do people misunderstand about me?

Oh well! I think the way I talk. Some people misunderstood is as an angry tone of yelling. HAHA My husband mostly noticed that. “Why are you yelling?” he asked. Deep down my heart I am just normal talking to him. I told him that before, there will be time that you will think I am angry but I am not. It’s just that’s the way I talk.

When I care, I correct. But that’s one of my ways to care. I don’t want my friends or people that I care about to suffer because of wrong decision. Some will find this positive but others offensive.

I understand. I learned from it. I have to ask permission first if he/she needs to hear my opinion or not. Unsolicited opinion is not okay. So, I guess, I learned to adjust with that.

How about you? What do they misunderstand about you?

Thanks for your time!

Rid the world of 10 things

Hello there! I’ve been out of this blog circle the past days. It’s still in my heart to finish this 30 Blog challenge, though I can’t do it everyday. I decided to write in my own schedule, when I have a chance.

I love doing this so I will try and try til I become consistent. I hope so. Okay. Let’s continue, I am currently in Day 9.

  1. Religious Act

I just wish that people will be more genuine and true. Religious people tend to be hypocrite and dishonest. Why don’t we just be real and having a good relationship with God will be the main purpose of life. We do not have to show off how holy we are. Only God sees everything even the deepest motives of our heart. So if I will be able to get rid of something in this world, number 1 is the religious act. Act normal and real, my friends. When I say this, of course, we still want to act according to what God wants us to. Religious acts won’t save us, my dear friends.


Fear hinders us to do great things. With all sincerity, I would love to get rid of this and make everyone brave. Do the things you love to do and just be happy.

3. Poverty. Let’s all be rich! HAHA

4. RACISM. Period.


To be honest I can’t think more. HAHA So , I only have 5 things to get rid of in the world.

At the end of the day, these things are in the world for a reason. We face it almost everyday. Let if flow but be against the flow. Be the change you want to be.

How about you? What would you like to get rid of in this world? Share your thoughts. Have a great day!