Rid the world of 10 things

Hello there! I’ve been out of this blog circle the past days. It’s still in my heart to finish this 30 Blog challenge, though I can’t do it everyday. I decided to write in my own schedule, when I have a chance.

I love doing this so I will try and try til I become consistent. I hope so. Okay. Let’s continue, I am currently in Day 9.

  1. Religious Act

I just wish that people will be more genuine and true. Religious people tend to be hypocrite and dishonest. Why don’t we just be real and having a good relationship with God will be the main purpose of life. We do not have to show off how holy we are. Only God sees everything even the deepest motives of our heart. So if I will be able to get rid of something in this world, number 1 is the religious act. Act normal and real, my friends. When I say this, of course, we still want to act according to what God wants us to. Religious acts won’t save us, my dear friends.


Fear hinders us to do great things. With all sincerity, I would love to get rid of this and make everyone brave. Do the things you love to do and just be happy.

3. Poverty. Let’s all be rich! HAHA

4. RACISM. Period.


To be honest I can’t think more. HAHA So , I only have 5 things to get rid of in the world.

At the end of the day, these things are in the world for a reason. We face it almost everyday. Let if flow but be against the flow. Be the change you want to be.

How about you? What would you like to get rid of in this world? Share your thoughts. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Rid the world of 10 things”

  1. “Let it flow but be against the flow.” – I like this.

    Hmmm… I guess what I want to get rid of in this world is sickness in all forms. Kung pwede lang sana. Hehehe.

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