10 Dislikes & likes

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So, I am still in this challenge. Day 12 huh? Progress. I realized that I do not need to hurry and finish the challenge the way others do…like everyday post. I wish I can do that but for now, I am taking my time, whenever I am available, I will write and blog. It is important that you will enjoy what you are doing not stressing about it and try to fit in.

I took my time thinking about what I like and dislike. It is not that easy huh? But this helps me to understand more of myself.

Let’s begin!

  • I DISLIKE: #1 Showing off. I believe that nowadays, this generation, you can easily find people who try their best to show off and let people think that everything is perfect in their life. It is sad in a way that in this way, others become depressed looking how miserable their life is. People tend to compare themselves to others. So, I actually dislike this character. I don’t usually dislike the person itself, it’s just that… the way they do to impress others is not my thing. To be honest, you can really feel someone if they are just happy genuinely or just showing off. Social media is the best source to find these kind of people. Let us be real, friends. Life is not a competition. Just enjoy your journey.
I LIKE: Humble people. Private People. Sometimes they really are the ones who can boast everything in their lives but they keep themselves low. I really love this character. It’s just amazing that they don’t live to impress.
  • I DISLIKE: #2 Complaining. At some point of our lives, we do this. But the one I don’t really like is the severe one, the extreme one. There are people who just love to do this all the time, it saddens me as well how discontentment people are. And they don’t see the beauty of everything, of life. And just simply enjoy it. One example: I currently live in the beautiful island of Aruba. This past year I’ve been working in the hospitality industry, where customer service is highly required. I meet different people and one of them are the ones who complain about everything. They complain how expensive, the currency, and even the weather? Can you believe that? The weather!!!! Aruba has a tropical climate. It doesn’t rain here most of the time. It’s hot here and tourists love it. But there were days that we get rain, I do believe we need it. And some of them they got upset about that. They came for the sun.

“When do you think the rain stops?” guest asked. “Oh,Ma’am it will be sunny soon, in Aruba rain doesn’t flow that long, few minutes only.” I answered. “Are you sure?” she asked back with her angry tone. I just smiled. In my mind: “OMG is it my fault that it rains? Do I have the power to control it?” Jeezz.. Why! OH Why!!

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CTTO Aruba is a beautiful island. It is called ONE HAPPY ISLAND.
I LIKE: COOL and Appreciative. There are people who still find Aruba just fine whether it rains or not. They appreciate the traits Aruban has. They are truly friendly and nice. Everyone greets you “Bondia (Good morning), Bontardi (Good Afternoon)” whether they know you or not. It’s Aruba thing! And I love it.

In general, I like people who are just fine whatever the situation. Grateful and content in life. I admire them. Such an inspiration.
  • I DISLIKE: #3 I don’t like raisins. I just don’t like them. I don’t know why!
I LIKE: I can only eat the tart with cooked prunes in the middle.
  • I DISLIKE: #4 Cockroaches. Who would like these? In Philippines where I grow up, there’s a lot. HAHA Ewww. Especially when they start to fly. I can’t… I would cry!
I LIKE: the living in Aruba. We don’t have cockroaches here. Thank God.
  • I DISLIKE: #6 Songs with bad words. I know everyone has an opinion about this. I don’t judge them but it’s just not my style to listen to lyrics with bad words, mostly the whole song. HEHE
I LIKE: Music in general. I love to sing and dance. It’s my thing! I love arts too such as scrap booking, Journaling and creative planning.
  • I DISLIKE:#7 Religious Acts. I grew up in a Christian family. As you grow, you learned that God doesn’t really want you to act religiously with hypocrisy. He wants relationship with you. Just be real and true, know HIS will and what HE wants you to do, and you will know it by reading HIS word and commands.
I LIKE: Serving God. I know He gives me more than I deserve so it is in my heart to serve HIM wholeheartedly.
  • I DISLIKE: #8 Broken Promises. There’s a saying ‘Promises are made to be broken’. It’s better not to promise and just do it than giving someone false hopes.
I LIKE: God’s promises. It never fails and he fulfills. In this world, we cannot trust anyone but HIM. I cling to His promises.
  • I DISLIKE: #9 I don’t like when people make other look bad to make themselves look good.
I LIKE: Real ones. Friends will say good things about you especially when you are not around. They are very rare. When you found them, treasure them.
  • I DISLIKE: #10 Rude and Arrogant.
I LIKE: Chocolates, Buko (Coconut) Juice and shakes, smoothies. HAHA Not connected with rudeness but yeah. I love these. πŸ™‚

Will you share yours?

Thank you! Have a great day.

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