Who is Princess

I am ugly. No one likes me. I am not fun to be with. I am boring and a mess. I am not capable of doing great things in life. These are some of the lies I used to believe for many years. But I am actually the opposite, I realized now. I’ve learned to believe in myself and to the One who created me.  I am precious, and so you are.

If beauty can only be defined physically, I don’t think I’ll be qualified. I started to understand that inside beauty is far more important than the outside. I still take care of my hygiene and health, though. But guarding my heart is one of my greatest purpose in my life.
It is true that not everyone will like you but do not waste time to be someone else. I’ve learned to be myself. Be yourself.
Life is beautiful and we intend to enjoy it. Live. Learn. Share to Inspire and most of all be beautiful. 🙂 You are!


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Life on earth is ephemeral. Do what makes you happy!

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