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“Why Me?” Or should I ask “Why not Me?”

It’s been a while, I know. I haven’t been writing on my blog these past few months. Well, who would notice, anyway? My last post was about getting myself back on track. I wrote an open letter for Princess, myself. It’s kind of connected with this post.


“Why Me?” “Why are you sending me here?” Why am I even here?” Living in Aruba for quite some years, the Lord might be tired of hearing me asking these questions to HIm? As if they weren’t answered. I can tell that God reveals His answers but sometimes I am just busy thinking about the situation without even realizing He’s been answering all this time. If only I take my time listening and hearing His voice instead of complaining and murmuring about the circumstances.


“Why Me?” I heard this again today from the missionaries we’ve met in the ship called LOGOS HOPE. It is a non-profit organization, international ship which brings knowledge and hope through literature. They sell books and at the same time ministering to people by their kindness and care to the people coming in the ship. You won’t only be happy by all the books in the library but also by their genuine and pure hearts that inspires me to keep believing and seeking God. Their passion in sharing hope and love of God is very exhilarating.


I’ve heard about it a long time ago but I didn’t have a chance to visit the ship. It visited Philippines, I believe. But I wasn’t able to go. Logos Hope was here in Aruba 7 years ago and I wasn’t here yet that time. Last April 21 up to today, May 7 they’re here in the island. And I am really blessed to have experienced the uplifting ambiance and admiring hospitality of the crew members. I needed this for all the seeking and healing process I’m going through. God just really know how to comfort me. Just in time, never early and never been late. Perfect timing.


I went in the ship like five or six times since they arrived in Aruba. I bought some books and they are not expensive. Thank God!  The first day I went, I was really really let me repeat again.. REALLY in awe. Looking around, observing every single crew in there doing their task for this ministry melt my heart once again. They are not paid. They are volunteers who gave their time and efforts, their lives for the Lord, following their calling in their lives and doing the will of God – sharing the good news. There are 400 or more crew members in the ship. Different nationalities and culture. They are meeting the world in the ship, actually. Isn’t it fascinating how God unite these people together with different languages and yet they have the common understanding that makes them united. JESUS. The love of God for them and for the people.


I think it is one of the bravest thing to do in one’s life. Leaving your family, love ones and your career behind for the sake of following Christ. Some of them are professionals but they left their  good jobs because they are called to seek the One and be the light to the World. They don’t think about the position but they have the hearts for service. A heart of a servant. They are doing what God’s will is. – to go and share the Gospel. These people are doing the right thing. Selflessly obeying God in their lives. Who wouldn’t melt their hearts towards these people?


“Why Me?” There will be times they will ask God why they are sent there. They are humans too. They feel sadness and loneliness as well. Homesickness will be very overwhelming for sure. But they are holding to God’s promises. They still find peace and joy. The more they feel it the more they run to the Lord which makes them more closer to Him. God’s revelations and wisdom are very active to their lives because all they do is to seek God in their lives while staying in the ship. They have personal and group devotions, worship times, lessons, Bible studies and discipleship lessons. And I love all these things.


One of the crew members is having a hard time ( I think everyone over there experience this) she was tired and sad, she went to the prayer room,grab her guitar, cried out and ask God, “Why Me?” She can’t speak English so well, She just started learning for nine months now. One of the requirements if you want to participate with them is  you can at least understand and speak English at a reasonable level.  God still sends her there, anyway. For the reasons? I don’t know why.  I’m sure that this is her training ground for more greater things in her life. And after days of crying to God, HE sent someone for her to be her teacher in English. They are now like sisters, caring for each other, building each other up. And yeah.. she is doing great because she can actually converse with other person now. When God calls you, HE will enable you.


Listening to their stories makes me ask a different question this time. “Why not me?” I admire them so much. Their courage and for being brave are inspiring. The third time I was in the ship, we attended a prayer event called “Pray for the Nation” we prayed for some unreachable countries like North Korea, Venezuela and more to open doors of opportunities to share the good news. We also prayed for what the world is going through like poverty, addiction, slavery, human trafficking etc. that people would know that there is hope in life. JESUS is the answer. He is the only one who can heal us within. And after the event, we got home and all. I was about to sleep, turned off my lights, but my heart is still overwhelmed. I prayed and I cried so hard like a baby on my bed. I needed this. I needed that moment. I missed that time where my heart’s only desire is to obey Him , to seek Him and to love Him. I was like a baby crying and telling him everything I feel. I felt so bad for not doing anything for His kingdom, I felt so sorry for not loving the lost anymore, I sobbed for I know God is calling me to do His will but I am to stubborn. I only look on my ugly situation, I only care about myself. While others are suffering and dying from starving, from the abuse of the evil, children are being forced to work for some countries, little ones who can’t see the beauty of life because they are abused, people who are broken and don’t see their worth so they end up hurting themselves, found their happiness in the wrong ones like pornography, smoking and alcohol and drug  addiction, shopping and everything they think will complete them. They are lost. And what am I doing? I live in fear, no confidence to speak about the truth, keeping to myself. Am I being selfish? I know the goodness of God. But I wasn’t on my self these years, I cried all the time to seek and know what was this thing that He wanted me to do. There is something inside of me that I know He wants me to share , to get out on my shell and see the world and do something..


“Why Not Me?” I want to be part of this ministry. Who wouldn’t like? But is this something God wants or just me? I prayed and told Him wherever I go, I want to be a channel of His blessings. I will speak what He says, I will go where He goes. At the end of my prayer  “I want to be with you” I want to know you more” ” I want to do your will” It doesn’t need to be in Logos Hope. All I want is to be with you. I was lost and weak because I didn’t want to follow Him, I lost my motivation because I only look at myself. But these days since I came to that amazing ship, God has been talking to me,  God has been shaking me and getting me back on track. He’s revealing me His words and promises to me “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4


I believe that everyone is called for a specific task in this life. It’s just a matter of obedience. If it’s God”s will for me to be in the ship one day, it’ll happen and he will give me confirmation through His word, prayers, from the people around me. Just like one of the staff in the ship told us. For the meantime, while living in Aruba with a different culture and language, I have to know and seek my purpose here. I am sure that I am not only here for work. He’s been telling me to do something but I still didn’t. I pray and you can also pray for/with me that the Lord will give me the courage to do His will in this island.


I can say that the island is so beautiful. Life in here is easy and relaxing. Some Filipinos call this place as milk and honey place where abundance is present everywhere. I am thankful and grateful for that but life isn’t all about it. Aruba is called One Happy Island. Like what I have said I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. But for me, this is also called “Temptation Island” where everybody is busy making money, making life very comfortable, relaxing, bars everywhere, prostitution in a certain place which is legal here. It is very comfortable that not everyone is willing to take time to gather for the name of the Lord. I honestly got used of being relaxed. But in my heart I know that this isn’t life for me. I want to see people , Christians who are willing to give their time for the work of the Lord, who can really take time teaching people about the knowledge of God, who worship God in Spirit &truth not a performance, I want to see a generation in this island who seek God and knows God’s holiness. IF I want to see it, I must begin to be one.


“Why me?” shouldn’t be ask this time. Should I ask “Why not me?” If God can use those missionaries in the ship mightily because they are willing and made themselves available? Why not me?” It doesn’t have to be in the ship. If God calls you, he will enable you. It would be great if one day I can participate with them but now my mission field is in Aruba. A revelation that God has been telling me that didn’t get in to me until Logos Hope arrived. Thank you so much for this ministry. You guys are amazing Logos Hope!! 🙂

Life is a Beach

I walked by the hotel areas and by the beach. I was stunned and made me say “Gosh, Aruba, you are truly beautiful.” Aruba is known as One Happy Island, reason why many tourists come back and forth in the island. It is a great place to relax and be away from stress at work, family and all.

People also walk or run in here especially at the hotel area. You would love to see the view, hear the sound of the waves, the sand, the people wearing swim attire with their beautiful body. (Men would actually love that). Life is beautiful. Life is a beach. 

 There are so much to be thankful for. I used to stay home when I am sad and going through some difficulties in life.Exercising is the best cure for anxiety and depression. Get out of your room and see the beauty of your place. So, I’ve learn to embrace the place where I am now. No to homesickness or depression. Yes to appreciating life and be positive everyday 

A perfect spot for lovers, huh? While walking I see them, my heart is so happy to see couples spending their time together at the beach. It’s so romantic. 😍

Kids love beach so much. Their voice and laugh while playing are good to ears, they are the sound of joy and happiness. Life is a beach. 

Let me not label them as old. They are young at hearts. They are enjoying the view and waiting for the sunset. Cameras everywhere, you’ll see. 

It was a beautiful walk. I enjoyed it so much. My heart was so happy! 😘 Life is a beach. Enjoy it. 

How Does Encouragement Affect Us?

“How does it feel when you are encouraged by someone? Do you usually take advises in a positive way or you feel uncomfortable when you are being encouraged by someone?” Kuya Monjhet asked each of us this question during our small group devotion. We gathered every Friday to listen to God’s word, we worship, we bond, we eat and we laugh. Fellowship. This is how we get our strength from the whole week of stress from work, and or school, at home and all. We all have the tendency to be preoccupied with the busyness of the world but we try to meet once a week to build each other up.

Some of the answers are:

“I feel special. It feels good because you feel you are loved”

 “I don’t usually get some encouragement from people besides from my sisters and mom, maybe because people think I am just fine, I joke around all the time. They do not know what I am going through but it always feels good when someone encourage you, it gives you strength”

“I am good at encouraging others but when someone encourage me, it doesn’t get within me”

“During the time I was really down, someone encouraged me and it helps me to keep going and not to give up.”

It feels better!

“I want to give up, I want to die! I just can’t take this anymore” 

Did you ever say this to your self or ever feel this way? I did. I would not deny that there were times in my younger years. I release these words and thoughts did run to my head. I thought that I could not make it, I thought it was the end and would not able to keep going because of trials, pains and sufferings I was going through. Everybody has different kinds of difficulties. For others, it’s not that hard but for others it is. But one thing is for sure, there is a cry inside that we want to be understood somehow.

People nowadays seek attention through social media. I have no problem with them posting different stuff marketing themselves.  I also do selfies and cover songs, though! 🙂 So this is not to judge anyone. But most of them who shared lengthy and dramatic posts problems about their family, love life and all, are mostly the ones who need to be encouraged, seeking for someone to understand. Selfies are also way of people wants to be noticed. Everyone seeks attention and affection. They want to be accepted and appreciated.

When someone takes time to listen and give you words of wisdom during troubles, it makes you feel better, special and loved. I also felt this, I do not seek advises or comfort from anyone, because to tell you the truth I am so good in covering myself by smiling and laughing. It confirmed when a missionary discerned me that I was going through hard time but I am so good in covering it. So, yeah! That is me. But believe me, encouragement like that penetrates deep inside my heart.

Good thing about encouragement, it always makes you feel better. So what are you waiting for? Find someone now who needs your simple words like “I care for you”. “I appreciate you” “Whatever you are going through, remember I will always be here” “I believe in you, you can make this” and more.

It pushes you beyond your limit.

Encouragement doesn’t only give you the feeling of being loved and special but it also pushes you to do greater. When someone believes in you, you start to feel confident. If you do not trust yourself and yet there are people around you trust you, it gives you the courage to go beyond your limit.

Hebrews 3:13 New King James Version (NKJV)

13 but exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin

Exhort means to strongly encourage or urge someone to do something. The Bible tells us to do it daily to one another. Why? Nowadays, as we can see, the enemy is trying to give us the life that we think the best for us. Clubs and bars are full while churches are empty. What do you do when your friend is choosing the other way instead of running towards God when in pain or downcast?

We are reminded to urge someone to be in God’s love all the time. The world offers great things in our eyes but we still lack of peace, joy and sometimes or all the time we feel left out or alone. As brothers and sisters in Christ, never stop encouraging someone. That is the best thing we can do to help us grow together in the knowledge of the Lord. The peace we are all looking for is in Christ Jesus alone.

It pushes you beyond your limit. Okay, before I became a worship leader, there’s a lot of encouragements I had to receive to obey. I doubt myself, I was shy, I’m still shy now, but knowing about God’s grace that is sufficient in our every needs, through the push of God’s servants, I am still a worship leader. I thought I couldn’t make it and having thoughts like I am not really called by God to do this, I can only sing but not to lead.  But because someone encouraged me to use my gifts and talents for the Lord, I tried and it was not a bad decision. I realized that this is what I am called for. This task that I thought I could not able to do, I am still doing it by the grace of the Lord.

It gives hope

Encouragement doesn’t only give you the good feeling, pushes you to your limit and beyond but it also gives you hope. If you think that there is no other way but to just simply finish your life, you are so wrong. I encourage you to speak over your life and to others. It is true when you are still alive, there is still hope. You will find hope in God.

Why is it important to encourage someone? There are people today who are giving up with their life. A simple word or action to show them that there is hope will give someone the courage and trust to keep going and have an expectations of greater things.

I admit, sometimes I enjoy the negative thoughts in a way by dwelling on them the whole time. But it is the work of the enemy to destroy us. It is not from the Lord. There is hope in those who believe in God.

Psalm 146:11

..the LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.

It motivates and disciplines

I really wanted to learn how to play piano. I am not good in playing but I can play to accompany my singing, the basics. I was told to keep practicing until you really say you can play it. Motivation and determination are some of the factors to make things happened. You are also responsible to encourage your own self. Just like playing instrument if you are not gonna take a step to learn, how are you gonna able to do it?

“What do you want to do with your life?”

“I want to be a writer”

“Oh, Nice. Do you write?”

“No, because I don’t know how to”

“You want to be a writer? Then write”

There are so many ways to learn. You just have to begin. I think everyone starts from the bottom, so you better start to do what you love to do. I write not to be praised. I write because I love to write, whether I am good or not, it doesn’t matter. I finally figure that out. Beginner will always have doubt and for us to be on that higher level, we need motivation, determination and discipline. Easier said than done, huh? I know, right. But this is also note to myself. I am not saying that I am perfectly confident in my life. Of course not, if you only know how I struggle with self-confidence. But through God’s grace, I will able to do this, right? 🙂 Encourage me now.. HAHA

When someone is encouraging you it motivates you, right? So if you ever feel motivated by someone, pay it forward. You know how encouragement can change a person’s life. 🙂

It nurtures patience and kindness

I was so impatient with myself. There are traits in me that I wanted to change instantly. So, the tendency, I got frustrated and depressed. I look down on myself and because of that, I won’t able to do a task perfectly. Do not be hard on yourself. God is patient to us, you should be too. God wants us to practice kindness to others, but also to ourselves. It is difficult for us to be kind if we are not kind to ourselves. So, through God’s grace, I am able to love and be kind to myself, believing that God created me for something better and can do greater things.

Everybody has different trials in life. When someone is mean, I try to look through that person, the inside, something within him/her. Maybe she/he has a hard time in some areas of her/his life. I am thankful to my friends who are so patient with me. I used to complain so much about my life but having people around you who never stop inspiring you and praying for you is awesome. I am blessed. It made me patient to others needs as well. Their encouragement goes within me because you know that they love you as you are, when you make mistakes, they are not gonna look down on you but they are understanding and take time to really understand how I feel. Life is learning. Everything happens for a purpose, whatever the purpose is, be open to know by running to God’s arms. His word to penetrate within us and cultivate a good heart.

Romans 15:4New King James Version (NKJV)

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

Helps you grow in Christ

Last two weeks ago, we are also reminded to make this our goal to our group. We all know that we are not perfect but God want us to build each other up. When someone is down, pull him/her up. Do not judge. Love and encourage them. A simple “How are you?” and “How can I pray for you?” can really make a change in one’s life. When I am down, God sends people to do that to me, I am grateful. Knowing that God sees everything and he wants us also to look after our neighbors and family in Christ, to pray for them.

English Standard Version

1 Thessalonians 5:11
Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

You are not alone!

Lastly, Remember that! God is there with you, God’s servant are also willing to be there to the people in need. When you encourage someone, that person feels he/she is not alone same as you feel when you are being encouraged. You need them. They need you.

John 13:34-35New King James Version (NKJV)

34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Let us love one another. God, as our father will really be happy seeing his children loving each other. Encourage them. When you think that there is someone around you needs yous simple smile. Do it.

SMILE! Give them hug! and Pray for them! 🙂


Friday Group


The Program:

We worship before we start, we sing “Great are you Lord”

Opening Prayer

Devotion Topic: Encouragement

And after.. we played 7up . Shagiddy shagiddy shapopo (idk if I spelled it right ! HAHA)

We had a good laugh! Thank God 🙂

The one handling the guitar is so pogi.. HAHA



Keep Calm You’re 29ish

Have you ever think to stop and start again? 🙂  I just turned 29ish yesterday. March 1, 2016, Tuesday. When someone ask my age, it’s kinda difficult to admit I am 30, so I better say 29ish. Okay? I am trying to calm down but really? Am I this old? I demand a recount. LOL.

CTO: Google Image

Hahaha. I really laughed when I see this. What happened? … LOL 🙂

I didn’t plan anything actually. I just wanted to stay home and have a birthday sleeping mode. My friend, Cherry, encouraged me to do something fun. It’s only once that I turn 30. True enough but for me “sleeping”is fun. haha I asked for a week vacation from work. It’s good to have rest like this. Thank God. So yeah, had to gather myself, relax and have fun!

How did I celebrate my 29ish:

  1. I cleaned my room (half cleaned haha)
  2. I washed my bed sheets.
  3. I stayed home with my cousin because everyone was at work.That is sweet of him special mention to Christopher Neil Grajo for going straight here after school. He accompanied me.
  4. My brother took a half day off, well actually I was not the reason, he had to fix some documents. But then I am happy he came home early. Yey! May kalaro na ako.
  5. Papa arrived in the afternoon, nice way to spend your birthday with the family
  6. Decided to eat dinner out with relatives and friends, Papa and Tita Blessie couldn’t join because Papa was not feeling well. But he gave me his gift. 🙂
  7. Had fun at Peanuts Restaurant with them

Busog na busog na ako halata sa tyan. Patawad HAHA

with my fiance and mother in law to be 🙂

Tito Mommy Miles and Tito Daddy Emong , Tita Janet


Sige Birthday nyo? Kayo na malaki image. Sila yun walang sawang mang asar sa akin pero kami tatlo lage magkakasama, I am their Princess. kaya nga wala ako dyan. I am their favorite pag dating sa bully-han 🙂 I love you men! My cousin and brother.


I woke up early in the morning, heard my phone beeping continuously. So I checked it and yeah it’s March 1, people are giving their greetings, encouragements and prayers posting on my Facebook Timeline. One of them is a blog greeting surprise for me made by my sister Queen. I remember making her one last year. I interviewed her friends for some silly and serious questions about her. She did it to me this time. How sweet! 🙂 I am blessed to have her and the people participated. Thank you so much. I feel so loved

She asked three questions:

  1. Who is Yhang to you ? (Yhang is my nickname)
  2. What is/are unforgettable moments or experience with her
  3. Birthday Messages/Prayers for her

Click if you want to know more : Birthday Messages from Friends and Family created by Ate Queen. Sweet 🙂 Thank you so much for the effort and love, people. I can’t mention names one by one but I am really grateful for all the greetings! God bless you all!

February 29 and March 1 are my birthdays. 🙂 Philippine time and Aruba time. My first greeter made me cry at first.


Four reasons I cried after reading this:

  1. Ang hirap basahin. Hindi na ako marunong magbasa ng short texts, Jejemon ka sis. LOL
  2. I wanted to hug you and everyone over there but I can’t, I am too far. But I whispered to God to embrace you all for me. I love you!
  3. The surprise. It was very touching, though I know you all making that for me, I knew it, you guys were so busy na naseenzoned lang ang beauty ko 🙂
  4. My scrapbook materials kept in the baul for 4 and half years. Haha You guys used my materials for the surprise. Funny! It’s okay, I really appreciate the effort 🙂 I am excited! I would surely love it!

My day was already made by the touching messages and revelation from the people close to my heart in the morning. I grabbed my journal and start to write. Thanking God for all the blessings. Its not money or material things but it was a very great gift. God made me feel I am so much loved by Him by giving me those people in my life. Nakakaiyak malaman na naiiyak at namimiss nila ang old times with me. Thank you God for their friendship and love. I feel so blessed and loved, really. Ang sarap sarap nilang basahin. 🙂  Thank you to my sister, dalawin nyo sya, follow din Queen’s WordPress Blogsite. I really really like them, you know? I had so much tears and laugh while reading them. Thank you for everything. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🙂 Panalo sa effort te. Pak na pak. I feel loved.

Only One Regret : Yesterday, I could have gone to Starbucks. If it’s your birthday, you do not need to pay anything. It’s free! 🙂 Here in Aruba, it’s free. I do not know with other countries. I was already tired and full from the dinner so we all went home 🙂 I will have to wait another year to have a free Starbucks. Haha Now I want it. Grrr.

To my Facebook friends, thank you so much for the greetings. I appreciate you all. May God bless you abundantly. 🙂

This year is my year! Yey 🙂 On my next blog, I will be writing about My Thoughts on Turning 30. Thank you for reading. I know I am not that good blogger, but I have to do this because I love doing this, it helps me express myself through writing. So, even I am not that well (yet) please bare with me. Let me enjoying blogging. No bashers please. 🙂  Cheers!

I am craving now. this is what I ordered yesterday at Peanuts Restaurant:Fish Chicharon

20160301_210412 (1)

Pahabol: I love him, I carried him when he was a baby, I did it again on my 30th.

My brother King 🙂

Family. My inspiration. I love you all


Ako na ang latak! haha my Queen and King 🙂

My Grandmothers. I really miss them. Tears 😦 Thank you Mama Esther and Lola Nena

Me! Small and looked terrible 🙂 haha


Princess at 29ish . Happy Birthday to me! Thank you Jesus for another year. 🙂

Tell me now, do I look 29ish?

This Time… Ikaw Naman =D (Part 2)

Part 2 daw birthday wishes and prayers ☺ Thank you so much ate Queen!



IV. PCLI Workmates (Philippine Christian Literature, Inc.)

From: Lucky 


From: Kuya Henry


From: Kuya Mike


From: Sir Nestor


From: Kuya Onin


From: Sir Ram


Dami kong tawa kay Sir =D
From: Ate Shanz


shanz2 Salamat Ate Shanz sa love mo sa sister ko, sweet =p

From: Kuya Eman


eman2 Yhang, miss ka na nila =D

From: Sir Ronald


ronald4 For the record, nakilala ko lang si Sir sa fb nakita ko kasi na taga PCBS baka connected din sa iyo Yhang 🙂 at nakalimutan kong Princess ka pala sa office, dami ko bloopers sa surprise na ito hihi #niceexperience. Anyway sir, thank you for answering all my questions 🙂

From: Ma’am Sol


sol2 Yhang, Ma’am mo Oh 🙂 #sweet

So…. Di pa tayo tapos Yhang…

Happy ka ba? =D

May isa pang babati sa iyo = D

I remember ikaw ang unang nag-invite ng speaker sa Church at camp natin non na popular, sa iyo nag-umpisa iyon eh.. Eto na…

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This Time….. Ikaw naman =D

Thank you sis. You finally have a wordpress account. I really appreciate kahit gaya gaya ka. Hahaha ☺
Let the writing life begin. 😁


You used to surprise many people, especially those people who is close to your heart, IKAW IYAN!!! Pero this time IKAW NAMAN! I’m not good as you my Princess but I want you to know,feel that you are loved and special malayo man, malapit rin =D

Nag-interview ako ng mga taong nakakakilala sa iyo, mga taong napadaan sa buhay mo. I asked them this 3 questions:

  1. Who is yhang to you?
  2. What is the most unforgettable experience or moment you had with Yhang or some people know you as Princess?
  3. What is your message to Yhang on her birthday?

My prayer as you read this blog mapapangiti ka and you’ll realize how blessed you are; ikaw ay naging blessing sa kanila. So sit back and relax at sana may popcorn ka dyan sa tabi mo…

WAIT!!!! Naghalungkat ako sa magic baul mo at sa mga old photo albums natin at…

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Beauty That Doesn’t Fade (Part 3)

Ang tunay na maganda hindi nahihiyang umutot, hindi rin nahihiyang magluto ng pansit canton na naging biko. Ano daw? LOL Sa part 2 po natin mababasa ang ilan sa masayang moments ng mga kaibigan nya with her. Pero ito talaga, ang tunay na maganda di nagsasawang tumulong sa kapwa nya.Wala ng intro ah? Wala ng maisip e.  Haha

Part 3 and last na yehey! Makakatulog na ako.

Ang puso nya ang mas nagpapaganda talaga sa kanya. Kaya nga marami talaga  nagmamahal sa Queen of our hearts e. Kung bakit? (Part 1)

Basahin : Beauty That Doesn’t Fade 1

Sa Part 2 naman nakilala natin ang mga humahanga sa kanya at ang hinangaan nya. At sa mga nagtatanong, ako na sasagot. Yes, single po sya. 🙂 Single but happy. Ready to mingle? haha Ask her.

Alamin: Beauty That Doesn’t Fade 2

Ako, personally marami ako natutunan sa kanya e. Kung paano nya ako inaalagaan ganun din ang pagtingin nya sa ibang tao. She is really concern about a person’s heart and soul. Charming talaga e. Napakaswerte talaga nung matatawag kong kuya. Ready na ba tayo? Alamin natin kung paano talaga sya ginagamit ni Lord para mag inspire at mag-encourage sa ibang tao.

What are the lessons you’ve learned or wisdom you’ve got from her?


Obedience to God is the key to success. Amen

“But this is what I commanded them, saying, ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you will be My people; and you will walk in all the way which I command you, that it may be well with you.’

Jeremiah 7:23 




Leiah Falguera .Special shout out for this beautiful lady of God and soon to be wife of Ptr. Mike Calingacion. She surely asked God’s confirmation. Excited na yan o?! Yung usapan natin ah? HAHA All the best! Congratulations. True Love Waits and True Love Weds. Cheers


Sana hindi ako mali pero this from Sheena Marie S. 🙂

To her best friends, sige kasali na din ako. Thanks for loving my ate Queen huh! Bawi ako one day. 🙂

Princess Val, Queen-Mel, Ehdz



May future ba kayo ni ate Queen, Ric? Haha Joke


At marami pa talaga…


Commercial Break ulit..


Oh Vitamins for the eyes. Sino mas pogi? Haha Itanong nyo sa akin dali sino yun isa dyan! LOL 🙂

Ito daw natutunan nya kay ate Queen:


May isa pa sya natutunan Kinain mo tae mo? Tinuro din ni ate Queen. Mahusay na magtagalog yan HAHA

From Rowell



Isingit na rin natin ito. I supposed to ask this sa mga nasa Aruba and ibang bansa kaso I didn’t have the chance to interview them. But we want you to know ate Queen We miss you so much!


Ricky Sanchez, Singer-Composer/Papuri Singer/TV Personality


More about Ricky Sanchez

Thank you po Sir!

Wishes/Prayers for Ate Queen

Ramdam mo na ba ano ang kahilingan ng marami? Let’s take a look.

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-27-08 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-41-13 (3)

Ito na yun o?…

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-29-56 (5)

Ang alin kaya? May nawawala! Hanapin natin. Sing sing ba ito? ALDUB ang peg.

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-53 (2)

Lahat naman pala e. NAghahanap ka rin ba? Ano ba tong wish na to?

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-28-28 (3)

Pwede bang i-box na ‘to? Iregalo nating lahat? LOL

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-27-42 (3)
From Rochelle Sulitas

Ito mas excited kasalan agad agad e! Ako din mapapatalon ako pag nangyari yan. Yung aabot ang talon hanggang Pinas sa sobrang saya.

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-21-27 (2).png

Bongga diba? Mas mabilis ito. Baby agad. Nasaan na kaya kasi e no?

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-12-05Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-53-06 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-54-00 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-19-18-32-40 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-30-19 (2)

Sa Isang tulad niyang ganito?…

Screenshot_2015-11-19-01-19-33 (2)

Hindi paba dinggin ni Lord ang prayer natin for her? Hehe Sa Tamang Panahon

May nakakamiss sayo sobra o! 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-18-18-50-02 (2)

I promised her ipaparating ko sayo to te Queen, kaya ayan usap usap kayo lage. 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-58-06 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-33-11 (2)
From Rowell. Naging babae kasi e! Gf mo nak? Nangenge-alam pa e no? HAHA

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-54-44 (2)


Let’s also wait for Mr. Left? Haha May ganun ba? Dami na kasi humahabol dyan kay Mr. Right. Tama na yan!

Screenshot_2015-11-09-19-45-01 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-18-50-02 (4)
From Kimberly Mallari

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-56-20 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-05 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-51-00 (2)

Let’s have faith. See you soon! 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-06-00-03-05 (2)

Mahanap na nya ang TAO  para sa kanya. Tao ah. Tao. Hindi yan Bagay o H? HA? Hay? HAhaha up! 🙂 Thumbs up! Salamat neng..

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-32-02 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-28-03 (2)
From MArjie Cuello

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-35-29 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-43-14 (2)


Yes po. Amen. Sa dami natin nagpepray nyan o? Yes na yan Lord diba? 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-48 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-51-35 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-56-18 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-24-19 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-19-16 (2)


Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-27-09 (2)
From Randolph

Bata pa naman pala e. Maghintay pa tayoScreenshot_2015-11-09-22-23-45 (2)

Nasaan ba Mak nagpunta yan at hindi pa rin dumarating gang ngayon? Dami na naghahanap sa kanya o?! Natraffic. May forever e. Forever traffic! Only in the Philippines.

Mr. Right, God’s will, God’s best, si Forever at kung anu ano pang tawag sakanya, where na you? Dito na us? Madami dami kang mapapasaya pag dumating ka sa takdang panahon. Kaya medyo bilis bilisanmo. Matraffic? Maglakad ka na. Pwede na din yan. So Bayaw? Can’t wait to call you Kuya!

Pero guys seriously, God’s love is more than enough. Kaya nga siguro nakapaghihintay si ate Queen at single pa rin sya hanggang ngayon dahil na-enjoy nya ang love ni Lord. Totoo naman na mas nakakakilig ang love Nya sa atin.



Ang sarap sarap sa pakiramdam kapag alam natin may nagmamahal at nag aalaga sa atin. Yung bang kahit na alam mo na hindi ka perfect pero ang tingin nya sayo ay perfect, righteous. Sa totoo lang, darating sa buhay natin na mararanasan natin masaktan, iwan ng minamahal natin pero may isa na kahit kelan hindi ka iiwan. Mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ikaw Lord. Ito ang isa sa mga aral na naituro sa akin ni Lord through ate Queen. Kasi ang buhay sa mundo ay pansamantala lang, maging ang mga tao sa mundo. Hindi lahat nasa tabi mo, hindi lahat lage andyan para sayo, hindi sila ang magkukumpleto sayo. But if you seek the ONE who will fill your longings and emptiness, hindi ka luge kasi pupunuin ka nya ng pagmamahal ng walang kapalit. You are the apple of His eyes. Sya ang FOREVER natin, the ONE and our TRUE LOVE . His name is JESUS.

Be loved…


Pero dahil gusto ni Lord na magtiwala tayo ng bongga sakanya. Maganda na ganito na rin wish natin sabay sabay. 1 2 3..Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-49-03 (2)

O diba? Hindi pa rin ako tumigil. Pataasan ng faith o? LOL

Screenshot_2015-11-07-17-37-10 (2)
galing sa Kalyeserye to. 🙂


Thanks so much for taking time to read. Sa lahat po ng nagmamahal sa ate ko sobrang thank you po. God bless you all!


Beauty That Doesn’t Fade (Part 2)

Her heart makes her more beautiful, heart towards the Lord and people. She is obviously a Queen of Beauty. Ang galing ko mambola ano ba yan! HAHA But for real, I appreciate her so much. She is very strong. Her faith? hmmm naku! Mahahawa ka e pag kasama mo sya. Kaya nga miss ko na talaga siya! I always look forward in seeing her again. Malapit na yan! sabi nga diba? ayon sa pambansang salita “Sa Tamang Panahon”.

If you haven’t read my previous post. Click here:

Karugtong po ito as a gift for her birthday. I want her to feel that her beauty truly shines, hindi dahil kapatid ako kundi marami din sa mga kaibigan nya na magpapatunay na siya ay pawang isang anghel na nahulog sa kalangitan. Mababasa nyo po yun sa previous post ko. E di wow!

Magthrowback muna tayo

3. Unforgettable Moment/Funny Moment with Her




Sa sobrang bait sunod na lang e! HAHA 
Ulitin nyo kaya ulit yan neng? 


Sorry ang pag-crop ko ay terible. LOL 🙂 Patawad


Aba Aba! Nagdedate? Lahat pala alam ah. makikichika nga ako!  Si Ate Queen po ay isa sa Mentor ni JR.



Hindi ko ito sinadya pero magkasunod si Mark and Mhai? Sila na?! HAHA Peace 





Hindi kasi dapat nagju-judge agad agad porket mukhang bata, bata na? wag ganun!
From Rowell, Ang sabi sya daw ang nanghingi ng picture. Nagexplain?

Ito, BABALA! Trademark namin to. LOL Utot Pa More!

smlirate ella

Naalala mo ito?

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-40-57 (4)

Kung merong tawanan, may iyakan din. Madalas yan pag may GOODBYE moments. Oops.. Happy MEmories lang. Wag iiyak! Hugs 🙂 

tta espie

Yung mga talagang madalas nya nakakasama, tanungin natin:

Unforgettable Moments?

O diba? Sila ang tunay na best friends! HAHA Parehas sagot eh!

Masarap alalahanin ang mga moments na ganito, diba? Patunay lang na tumatanda ka na ate Queen! HAHA. Salamat po sa mga nag-share ng kanilang mga happy times with her. Ako din ay nag-enjoy naman!

Dahil dyan may babati muna.

PASTOR JORDAN ESCUSA, Voice Over Guy/Radio Host and Youth Pastor. 
Ito kaya? Ano kaya masasabi nya sa susunod na babati?
image-443e233bca1622bacfc7f1f611b48aa8bf80fbbb00bb989084f35b82ee171be3-V (2)
O teka muna ah? Wag ampalaya! Babati lang yan.. Twinkie daw o! He is the sweetest guy friend of ate Queen. Okay? Friend Okay? HAHA
Balik tayo sa first question, portion nya lang to.  Nung tinanong ko sya, talaga namang naexcite din sya. 🙂
Describe her in one word
Oh yung iba dyan, i-zoom na ang pic kung sino ba itong tumatawag sakanya na twinkie. Alerm me yern! Yan tayo e!
What do you like about her?
Prayers for her? /Message for her?

Ang cute ng teddy bear! Ang cute din nya e no? Sarap titigan e. Alin? Yung bear ba? O yung may hawak? Parehas te. Makalaglag to. Buti di nya to naiitindihan. Hmmm. Sayang naman!

Thank you Ducky! 🙂

4, Who are her admirers?
Ayan na! This is just for fun.Wala po akong intensyon manira ng relasyon.

Wag po kayong ano. Crush lang naman e! hihi :0 Laglagan na!


Okay sige hindi ko ilalagay! Ako po yun! LOL Peace Mak.




Bakit ba? Ano kaya kinakatakot nila? Crush lang naman. Pag-hanga uy!


O diba? Kasali si XYZ. HAHA. Sa mga nakagets, yun na yun! Move on na tayo. 🙂

Sino ba yan Eric na yan at paulit ulit ko nababasa? Haha eric


Ah eto pala yun! HAHA Belated Happy birthday din sayo Bro Ercison Lugtu. Ang liit ni Eric. (Nagsalita ang matangkad!) Peace! 🙂

5. Who was/is her crush?

Buti nalang hindi kami magkasama ngayon. Nasabunutan na siguro ako.“Loko ka talagang bata ka” Yan ang sasabihin nya“Marami ka talagang kulit e” 


No shame! HAHA


OO nga nung nasa Bethany pa tayo noon? 🙂

Sya naman di daw nya alam pero...


Hindi na. Sinagot? HAHA


Ito napaka-accurate. 🙂 Weh?


Sino nga ba talaga?


Di nga ric? Baka naman…


Ikaw naman pala e! HAHA



Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-58-20Ilabas na yan c CB! Haha Pati na yan c JC. Sino yan? 🙂

Mahal nya ngang tunay. Wala naman masama sa One-sided Love diba? Masarap pa rin magmahal. Napakapalad kaya ni CB lage syang pinagpepray. Paubutin kaya natin sakanya to? Game? LOL Joke lang!


Siya rin naman naghihintay o? Pa’no kung sila pala in the end! Jesus Christ! HAHA

Sabay sabay tayo magsabi ng “AMEN”


Isang hindi inaasahan pagkakataon. Ang araw na iyon ay tunay na nagpasaya sakanya. Okay lang yan. Darating din ang forever mo SA TAMANG PANAHON. Hindi man si Christian pero naniniwala ako isa syang Christian, believer of Christ. Basta wag lang si Batista ha? LOL

Happy Birthday ulit my sister Queen. May PArt 3 pa. 🙂

Maraming salamat muli sa inyong oras!








Beauty That Doesn’t Fade

Every woman is beautiful. She is. Oh! She may not have the features of the Top Most Beautiful Women in the world, hindi rin sya artista or model seen in television and magazine but she has a unique, God-given beauty and strength. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Wherever she goes, her beauty shines. I am not exaggerating this but really…She is one of a kind. Thank God we are sisters. LOL 🙂

Magtatagalog na ako. Hirap na! HAHA

Maganda, may talento, mabait at may puso ang ilan sa mga katangiang hinahanap ng mga tagahanga sa kanilang mga ini-idolong artista. Kung isa kang Aldub fan, appear tayo! Ako naman ay talagang natutuwa sa tandem na sina Alden at Maine. Ibang iba sila. Ako ay kinikilig. Ang puso ko ay tumatalon sa sobrang saya habang sila ay pinapanood. Hindi ito patungkol sa kanila, actually. Sorry po! Cute kasi nila e! Lalo na si Maine I like her kasi she is beautiful inside and out. Ayon yan sa pag stalk ko sa social media accounts nya. Hehe. But you know what? I admire my sister more hindi man sya sikat tulad ng mga artista pero para sa akin, sikat sya sa puso ko. HAHA o quota na ako ah? Bola pa more.

Ang pangalan nya ay Queen-Mel.

“Mommy saan nga uli nakuha yung ‘Mel’ sa name ni ate Queen?

I can’t tell the story behind her name. Sabi po kasi ni Mommy ko:

Okay Mommy! Copy!

BABALA: Asawa ni? Babalu! LOL Aldub Fever. Enebeyen

Hindi pa man ako naguumpisa may babala na. May pagkama-drama and kinda horror kasi ang story nun. Sige good vibes lang tayo. Kung kayo po ay curious siya nalang po ang tanungin nyo 🙂

Let me introduce myself first. Gusto ko din sumali sa eksena e. I’m Princess, her sister. Yung mas maganda sakanya. Yes, ako na nga yun. HAHA Syempre kasinungalingan yun. Tanggap ko yan. I am an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). Sa kagustuhan ko pong mapasaya ang ate ko kahit na malayo ako naisip kong gumawa ng ganitong klaseng post.

Ako po ay naginterview online ng mga ilan sa mga kaibigan nya from Elementary, High School, College and Workplace. Nagpapasalamat naman po ako dahil ako ay pinaunlakan nila. Mabuhay po kayo! At nanghihingi din ako ng pasensya sa mga malalapit sa kanya na hindi ko po nabigyan ng pagkakataon mapasama sa simpleng regalong ito. Hindi kasi kineri ng powers ko. 🙂

Para sa iyong kaarawan mahal kong kapatid.

  1. Describe Queen in one word

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-11-57 (2)

Sa totoo lang natawa din ako sa DP nya. Ang palabas na ito ay di naaangkop sa batang manonood. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. LOL

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-27-44 (2)

Ang Sweet 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-25-28 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-22-56 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-21-16 (2)

HERO. I wanted to ask why. But yeah.. I know the answer. She is truly a hero. Lipad na te Queen at sumigaw ng Darna! HAHA Seriously, She went through a lot of struggles especially in taking care of her siblings. Magkaroon ka ng kapatid na tulad ko? Di ka kaya mangunsume? (tama ba yun word?)  Tama na yan 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-22-37 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-23-30 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-18-00 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-51-25 (2)
Michael Isip

Ikaw na ate Queen ang mukhang emoji! 🙂 Smile pa more

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-28-20 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-05 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-36 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-43-00 (2)Proud sister here! Ganyan din po ako e. Yung special.. Special Child pwede na din. LOL In fairness ang hirap i-crop isa-isa ha! HAHA


Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-31-18 (2)

May naeexcite talaga sa interview interview-han. Naguumpisa pa lang gusto na magjump sa last question. Excited ka te? Message na agad agad? Peace! 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-31-28 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-48-41 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-49-40 (2)

LORD Ikaw na po ba yan? HAHA 

At meron din namang nahirapan..

 Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-56-44 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-55-31 (2)

She Is truly an amazing person. Isn’t she? 

FB_IMG_1446867400234 (2)
She is our Queen!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Proverbs 31;30

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-50-48 (2)
-Kuya Jon
Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-54-24 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-47-51 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-40-57 (2)FB_IMG_1446698620696From Family/Relatives:

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-52-37 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-29 (2)
Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-51-25 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-53-29 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-35-43 (2)

KATAKOT! Agreed. Para kasi yan manghuhula parang alam na nya agad ano nararamdaman mo. Wala ka malilihim LOL 🙂

Na sa first question palang po tayo! kaya pa ba?

2. What do you like about her?
Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-15-09 (2)
Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-21-16 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-22-56 (2)


Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-23-30 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-27-52 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-31-37 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-35-17 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-05 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-39-36 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-43-00 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-56-13 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-05-21-18-00 (2)

Teka, Commercial Break! May babati sayo Ate Queen!


Dave Rutaquio, Radio Announcer at Far East Broadcasting Company, Philippines. (702 DZAS)

Wait ‘te Queen wag kang kiligin fansign lang yan. HAHA Pero pwede no? Pwede ko kaya syang tawaging KUYA? Naku pag nabasa nya to. Joke lang po! LOL Thanks so much Kuya Dave  🙂

Makinig po kayo sakanila, marami po kayong matutunang aral. More about FEBC. Click here :

Ganyan sya ka-special o! 🙂 Let’s continue..

What do you like about her?

Screenshot_2015-11-09-19-20-28 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-09-19-20-35 (2)Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-32-19 (2) Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-29-22 (2)

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-22-37 (2)
Ikaw na malalim. Di ko maarok! hihi 🙂

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-22-37 (3)

Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-26-59 (2) Nobela. 🙂 Dop, Sige na amin na.. may aaminin ka pa diba? HAHA Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-55-31 (2)Amen!Screenshot_2015-11-09-22-36-24 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-56-44 (2)

HAHA. Grajo E! kelangan pa bang imemorize yan?
Screenshot_2015-11-08-11-57-29 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-40-57 (3)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-29-56 (2)
Okay Mommy! Copy!

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-29-44 (2)

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-28-59 (2)
Ano daw sis? Haha Naguluhan na ako!

Screenshot_2015-11-18-14-27-00 (2)



May babati pa ulit. 🙂

Chinkee Tan, Motivational Speaker/Inspirational Speaker/ Radio/ TV Personality/ Wealth Coach/ Best Selling Author

Maraming Salamat po Sir Chink! 🙂

Ako naman ang tanungin nyo? Hehe Yes, She is truly beautiful inside and out. Walang duda. Kung paano kayo na-blessed sa kanya, mas blessed ako dahil kapatid ko sya. God is good huh? I am so grateful!

While we are still here on earth, let us make a difference. Let us appreciate more. Love more. Enjoy life by bringing joy to others. I praise God for you ate Queen. This really makes you beautiful – your HEART. The Beauty That Doesn’t Fade. I am so proud of you. Sabi mo nga “Success is doing what God wants you to do” I love seeing you growing more and more in Christ and doing His will in your life. His glory shines in your beautiful and angelic face. Keep shining! 🙂

But wait, there’s more. Laglagan pa more for the next post. HAHA

Thanks so much!

PS. Happy Birthday ate Queen! I will always be here for you no matter what. Malayo man, malapit pa din. You’re in my heart forever. O diba may forever? Lots of love.


“The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”


Photos pa more


Lakas ng hangin. dami ko electric fan! 🙂

FB_IMG_1446868112507 FB_IMG_1446868130838 FB_IMG_1446868135990 FB_IMG_1446868143104

Queen and Princess, BFF