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Day 4: Describe Your Relationship

30 Day Blog Challenge

An Answered Prayer

“I remember kneeling down and praying to God. I was tired of childish and vain relationships. I asked God to give me a godly wife who loves Him above all else, who is able to love her husband and help raise godly children.
God, please let her be a Filipina, and help us to love each other the way you want, to grow in you together.” God taught me to seek Him first , to set my affections on things above and to serve Him. About a year later he let me meet that woman. – Rowin Brandon

“I was earnestly praying to God to show me and send me the one whom He created just for me, my lifetime partner. I wasn’t desperate but I really wanted God’s will to be done in my life. I had composed a prayer song that time and there is a part that says “I want to meet that man who loves God more than I, who tries to do the will of God. I want to wait for him and be with him for the rest of my life.” God taught me to focus more on Him, seek Him and know Him deeper. While chasing God he led me to this man. I knew from the moment I first saw him that he is the one I would call MINE. I could even hear God whispering to my ears “My Princess, he is the one” –Princess Leah

This was written on our wedding invitation. Proudly telling our love ones and friends that God made a way for us to be together. God is good all the time.

P&B Prenuptial Photos

January 1, 2016, I said Yes!

One of the best days of my life. Woah. What’s next? The prenuptial photoshoot was a blessing to us. It’s free! Thank God for my cousin Christopher Grajo for his patience and talent. I am not really good at posing, you know? It’s not my thing. I wanted to be my thing but it doesn’t like me. I could really see my cousin during the photo shoot having a hard time for my smile and pose. HAHA! I am so sorry! But it was a great day.

Actually, this is just arte! It’s not really necessary to have this, you know. Practically, you just want to get married to your partner. That’s it! When you really look at how the world nowadays when it comes to events, it’s creative and elegant. But to be honest, I just want a simple one. I want to stay on that main reason why you’re getting married. But we are so blessed that I have a talented cousin who didn’t charge us anything. God bless him abundantly. Such a blessing!

1…2…3… Smile!

PreWed B&Y-4

Okay, not bad.

PreWed B&Y-6

Thank God that I didn’t need to smile there and pose. Just stand up and hold hands. The Ring has to be seen. HAHA

Okay. For a better view:

PreWed B&Y-7

Could you imagine how our neck is getting stiff and tired? 1…2…3 pose! click! one more, move a little, look up!  His eyes are beautiful. Really! mas mahaba ang pilikmata nya. 


Yeah, right. He’s tall and I am short. Perfect combination. LOL.

PreWed B&Y-13

Ayan na ‘te! Pose na!  He’s lovely, isn’t he?

What I love most when I get to hug him, I could hear his heartbeat.

PreWed B&Y-14

And he can freely kiss me on my forehead… gentleman!

PreWed B&Y-16

I know this is a photoshoot, scripted. But in real life, he is like that. I love it when he kisses me on my forehead. It made me feel secured and respected. I am.

Thank God for him.

PreWed B&Y-17

For the love of nature. Vitamin SEA. We were under the sun during the photoshoot. But it’s windy…always in Aruba. 🙂

PreWed B&Y-35

See that? Ano shampoo mo te? Rejoice ba yan? When hair covered my face, my dress filled with air. Dami ko din atang gas nyan’. Too windy. HAHA

PreWed B&Y-19

PreWed B&Y-23

PreWed B&Y-31

PreWed B&Y-34

I can’t help but smile while looking at the pictures. I’m just happy being with him. He is a blessing to me.


He carries me when I feel like falling. He encourages me to stand up strong. And helps me to see how God looks at me and reassures me that I am loved.

PreWed B&Y-36

I know from the day we started dating, I have someone I can share my laughs and cries with. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord allowed two different people from different culture and race to meet and get to know each other and desire one thing? To LOVE GOD more than anyone else so we could love each other the right way. GOAL. Purpose.

PreWed B&Y-42PreWed B&Y-41

When you love someone you always want to see that person happy, right? We hope that we will stay like this forever. May forever! Maniwala tayo!

PreWed B&Y-47

PreWed B&Y-28

When I think about the purpose why am I still here in Aruba, the ring will always remind me why. Him. It was the hardest decision ever to live your comfort zone to go to the unknown. When it was blurry, he showed me clearly. God sent him to me. There is a purpose I stayed.  The past years, I was wrestling with God, telling him “I want to go home” (Philippines). He never answered me, I thought. I was home all this time. With GOD always by my side and with him who God sent for me to feel secure. I am home.

PreWed B&Y-48

HOME. Where you feel safe. When you are yourself. BE silly. Freely! 🙂 Where LOVE is.

 You will feel weak sometimes but you will help each other to stand up again…


PreWed B&Y-49
Pata ang labanan ‘te! HAHA

PreWed B&Y-50


Gotcha! Am I heavy? :p

PreWed B&Y-51

REST is essential to everyone, to any relationship. To pause for a while and reflect how you guys doing. I remember one of our anniversary celebrations where we talked only about how grateful we were that the Lord answered our prayers. He prayed for someone like me and I prayed for someone like him. And how we met was truly God’s plan. In a relationship, we all argue and have misunderstandings but to pause for a while and look back on the day you first met and fell in love is also good to do. Talk about it as much as possible and be always amazed what LOVE can do. What GOD can do.

PreWed B&Y-53

PreWed B&Y-52

And strike a pose. Selfie? Click. HEHE Back to the ball game. Life goes on. Love always.

PreWed B&Y-54PreWed B&Y-55

Are you still there? There’s more. HAHA

PreWed B&Y-57PreWed B&Y-58PreWed B&Y-61

At this point, we got tired already but had to laugh about it. You want a prenup photoshoot, huh? HEHE… Magdusa ka! LOL

PreWed B&Y-45

Okay. That’s it. The reason for this photoshoot… SAVE THE DATE! arte haha.

PreWed B&Y-46

The two unggoy(s) [monkeys] are getting married. When is the BIG DAY?

PreWed B&Y-21

“Are you ready?” I asked this question many times, I asked him too. When you say, YES, no turning back. Leaving the person behind in marriage isn’t an option at all. You will look at marriage as good thing, not a scary one. I’ve learned that. For me, who has a lot of fears, God reminds me of his Word.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18

No fear. Just LOVE. God will teach us how to love the right way if we will keep our eyes fixed on HIM. And he never fails.

Hand in hand…with JESUS and with the one He sent.

PreWed B&Y-63

PreWed B&Y-65

The princess found his prince. Finally!

PreWed B&Y-70

Are you ready?

PreWed B&Y-62

Yes! We’re ready…


Woah! Finally, I finished this post. It took me a while, well years. HAHA I got engaged, January 1, 2016. We had this photoshoot for fun and for memories. This is kinda late, but yeah! I haven’t shared my photos on my social media (Facebook, IG). I mean I have but not all. Dito lang sa blog site ko shared, first. Thank you so much for your time.

God bless!


Photographer:  Christopher Neil Grajo.

Thank you, boy! The best ka. Love yah. 🙂

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Forty-Seven Months

I want a Beach Wedding!

I said Yes!

NExt… The BIG DAY!!

Forty-Seven Months

46 months:


I was hesitant to post cheesy stuff about my love life but I realized, I should be really grateful that God has given me this kind of relationship. To be honest, I don’t want to sound bragging. I used to appreciate him in social media more often, but there was a time someone told me that she’s jealous that I found someone like him. I am thankful but really, I don’t want to be a source of someone’s sadness or insecurities. They will start to think like “Why I don’t have this kind of relationship” or “I wish my man is like that” etc etc. or sometimes we compare.


(Pinakita ko talaga ang likes para dagdagan nyo! HAHA Joke!)

But ladies, let me tell you this. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and perfect person. We all have weaknesses, shouldn’t compare yours to others. God has a different story for us and different way of making it fun and lovely. What makes a relationship beautiful is when you let HIM write your story and let Him be the center of it. I am not bragging how perfect and good mine is, I am boasting about how God teaches us to be a better partner so we can love each other the right way. We’ve been through ups and downs, adjustments, disagreements, we disappoint each other, we fight but at the end of the day, we still want to please God by forgiving each other, by understanding each others’ feelings. We tend to be selfish at times, we want to be understood and let the pride get in. But is it the way God wants us to be in a relationship? Of course not, pride is the biggest enemy. So ladies, lower our pride. Just eat fried chicken. Hehe!

Forty-seven months, almost four years. September 01, 2017.


Well, he knows how to reply, at least. HAHA (Minsan pumupuso nalang e! Pero di ako galit bes, pusuan mo man o hindi!)


Happy 3years and 11 months to my Baby. He’s not a social media person who post things all the time about the relationship, but I know and he has shown me how he loves me. I thank him for his patience and understanding. I thank him for he is waiting. Not every man will wait for this long. There are so many things I want to say but I will leave them on our BIG DAY!

I am engaged with this man who loves Jesus. Thank you for you are my answered prayer.

PreWed B&Y-52

(Konting kembot nalang, maging isa na kami. )

Thank you guys for reading!


You Should Go and Love Yourself

I always wanted to write something about love. I just don’t know where, when and how to start. So, I am here typing and letting my heart out. Everyone wants to be loved, right? We long for someone who can be there to understand and accept who we are, spend quality time with us, embrace our strengths and our weaknesses, someone who can see beauty in us, someone who brings the best in us. That feeling of being accepted and loved is the best feeling ever.

But…to love is another story. Do you really know how to love? Is the love you think you are showing to your partner, friends, parents, family or any relationship you are with the right love, the right way of love? I will ask you again, do you really know how to love?

When I was younger, I got easily fall to someone I don’t even know. I had a lot of crushes (which is normal, I guess ! HAHA) I remember someone who broke my heart without him knowing because I got frustrated because he didn’t like me. I had a crush on him for a long time. I wanted to be liked, be attractive to him and be loved. I even thought that I would be the most happiest person on earth if he will be my partner. I do believe that everyone went through this kind of feeling. Puppy love. I was high school back then.

You started to feel ugly, not beautiful, unaccepted or unwanted when the person you like doesn’t like you back. Every kind of negatives will begin to overwhelm you. You start to look down on yourselves and instead of looking on the beauty within you, you only see the ugly ones that your mind is telling you. The worst, you compare yourselves to others. Insecurities will always be present when there is comparison.

When emotions overwhelm us, we become weak, sad and depressed. Anxiety attack! What do you do when you feel all this? I am not a Love Adviser or something, I am not like Papa Jack in Philippines who gives advice about love. But I am thankful that God had shown me what it is to be loved and to love. I am from a broken family and I grew up observing couples, married or anyone in a relationship because I always wanted to have a perfect relationship. I believe that any relationship can be right if we all know how to do it right. I wanted to share what I have observed and learned from my observation and personal experiences


For you to love someone the right way is to first LOVE YOURSELF. Here’s the question for you? Do you love yourself? When I say love…

According to Google : “the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”

I am not gonna say that Google or the dictionary is wrong. This is right but I am gonna say this, you cannot love others unselfishly when you do not know how to love yourself. You can be good to others but you have to be good to yourself too. Do you accept yourself? your face, eyes, nose, lips, your body, your whole being? Your attitudes? Do you like everything about you? I believe, none of us will say YES, I do! All of us has insecurities somehow. This is my advice, do yourself a favor. LOVE YOURSELF. Our imperfections should not be the reason of not being yourself. There is no such thing as perfect people. Everyone has flaws but before anyone can accept you, accept yourself first. How? Try to look at all the good things in you. Discover yourself. Discover your passion. What are the things that you can do and makes you feel great? Do you even appreciate yourself. Well, there is warning in loving yourself. Do not be proud. I am not telling you to be selfish by loving yourself. Loving yourself is not being selfish it is self-love.

There are a lot of people especially women who live their lives insecure. Accept this: there will always be a person who is more beautiful, sexier than you, someone who is better than you. But there is only ONE YOU. And you gotta love that ONE YOU. Love yourself.

As you discover the good things in you, you will learn the meaning of love. This is only one of the ways of loving someone the right way. Stop looking down on yourself. There are so much in you that is bursting to be shared to the world. Believe that you are awesome. Stop comparing yourself to others. Go, love yourself. Remove that insecurities because that is not God wants you to live. Your heart will never be okay when you dwell on your insecurities. It’s okay if there are people who is greater than you. Just keep going and be the best version of yourself.

Easier said than done, huh? I observed when my heart is not okay, if I dwell and somehow enjoy my insecurities and all the negatives, I treat others negatively too. I judge them and I don’t see good in them. The way you treat other people is the reflection of yourself, the reflection on how you treat yourself. I remember when I used to be insecure and negative, my actions are all  a mess. I messed everything up. I hurt others by my words and actions and also hurting myself too. I ended up exhausted and almost giving up, I wasn’t able to see the beauty in me and others, my surroundings, everything is dark and gloomy. It was so tiring and I wanted to get out to that situation of my life. I asked God to show me how.

I won’t be shy if I said that I went through a deep sadness and depression. It was the very terrible days of my life, I even wanted to end my life. No one would ever believe when I say these words because they usually see me a jolly person. I love smiling to people and show that everything is okay. My smile is my cover that everything is just alright. I am a worship leader at church, so somehow they are looking up on me. Everyone thinks that I am just so fine and well. When I go home, alone in my room, I reveal myself , the real me to the ONE who helped me overcome all of this. I wanted to tell everyone I am not okay. But the Lord taught me to seek HIM alone. Only Him can understand how I feel.

Look at yourself the way He sees YOU.

To make it short, I started to seek HIM more and ask him to show me what’s really the root of all of this. His answer: See yourself the way I see you. He shows me who I am. Not only that, HE wants me to see how He sees me. He wants me to love myself the way HE loves me.

He sees me beautiful. 

Let’s start with this, I used to be so insecure. I didn’t accept myself. God’s definition of beauty is different from the world. Do not define beauty according to what you see in this world. When I was in Philippines, I can see and observe how people define beauty. When you are light or white, tall and sexy, you are beautiful. When you have branded clothes and stuff, you are attractive. When your skin is dark, you won’t be on the top list of beautiful ones. White or light skin is their standard to be beautiful. Whitening soap or pills are trending now in the country. Your environment affects the way you look at yourself, to be honest. Culture has a great impact to your whole being, as well. The world define beautiful differently.

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.
Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.
1 Peter 3:3-4

Inner beauty is the most important factor of being beautiful. I might not have the FHM body but what I will focus on having is a heart that’s great to God’s sight. And my heart is happy.

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

Guarding my heart is one of my purpose in living, for heart is the wellspring of life. When you guard your heart, avoiding all negative feelings towards yourself and others, you live happily and contented.

He sees you righteous.

This is taking too long, huh? Are you still there? 🙂 God is not counting your sins. If you have done mistakes, I want you to move on and be kind to yourself. God has been so patient to us, so be patient to yourself too. HE sees you a righteous one. He loves you. It’s so hard to imagine how God love someone who is so bad like me. If you are still reading this and you are that person who verbally declaring all the negative traits you have, I challenge you to speak the opposite. “I am a good person” instead of “I am bad” “I am loving him/her the right way”  instead of “I don’t love and he/she doesn’t deserve someone as dumb as me” “I am worthy” instead of “I am unworthy and undeserving of your love”.  Believe that God created you uniquely and wonderfully.

Knowing your identity in Christ is very essential in loving yourself. If you know how God sees you, how he loves you, you will begin to see yourself valuable and worthy, deserved to be loved. I might post in the future about your identity in Christ. 🙂


If you are having problems in your relationship, I hope that this post can help you realize things. I am not that so good about this, but it is my joy to encourage someone. If you aren’t loving yourself yet, it’s okay. I am not judging you,and it is not too late to start. Look at yourself the way God sees you. He sees you awesome, righteous, wonderful etc. Your story is different from others. Your love story is different and unique, do not compare. You will be able to love your partner the right way if you begin to discover yourself, to love yourself. If you fail to love yourself, it would be difficult for you to love others. Get rid of all the negatives you’ve been feeding your mind and heart. You are not a mess. Do the right thing because God has given you all you need, you just have to choose to do the right thing. Go, and LOVE YOURSELF.

I want to re-read this and edit but I am so sleepy but I want to publish this immediately so, I apologize if my sentences are not good. Thank you for reading! Enjoy! 🙂 I am also willing listen to your stories. Blessings!



I want a Beach Wedding!

This is a response to The Daily Post topic : Beach . Now, I am really blogging, second time joining the challenge. I did not know this would be really fun! 🙂 Yesterday, I join the weekly challenge and  wrote about Raison d’etre: Write to Inspire . Today, I got excited when I noticed they also have daily prompts, I feel the kilig when I see Beach.

I’ve been engaged to my fiancee for four months now. Last January 1st, he popped the question “Will you marry me?” with a ring pop, literally. HAHA And do you know what my answer is? Obviously I said Yes.


Here I am writing about it. I am a Filipino currently living in the beautiful Island of Aruba. Why not embrace the fact that I am surrounded with stunning beaches? So we finally decided a beach wedding. Does woman really win all the time? HAHA Not really but truly the beaches in Aruba are so awesome! We love it! Many tourists travel regularly in the island and their words will always be “Aruba is so beautiful”

The beach is a perfect place to meditate on God’s beauty.

His creation is beautiful.I have Christian friends who also love doing their devotion at the beach. It’s truly relaxing and spirit calming. You will hear the sounds of the waves and feel the breeze. Gash! I love that 🙂 God’s creation is awesome. Amazing!

akoto e

We have a saying that Life is like a beach. Everyone has his own definition of this, I’m gonna try to define it on my own. I would sit down for hours looking around and still won’t fed up with it’s beauty. The only thing is the sun. It is so hot, others love the heat and likes to get tanned, you’ll get tanned in Aruba very quickly in the sun andako in the pure air. At first I did not like it but I embraced the reality that I am living in the island of Aruba, gotta accept the truth that I will get tanned. HAHA :)My future loves my complexion, though! 🙂 Tourists came for the sunset. Everyone would love to wait for the sunrise and the sunset. I am not a morning person, I prefer sunset 🙂 My father works in a
hotel and he said, early in the morning, guests really wait for the sun to rise as well as the sunset. There they go, KODAK! Click! Selfie here, Selfie there! I’m on vacation.

I am blessed because I live in the island, I can enjoy the beauty whenever I want. Thank God!




I wish I can take more photos right now. I feel like going to the beach today. Oh Gash. Let us see.


I cannot make this photo bigger. I grabbed this photo from my IG account. This was taken last year when I had a chance to have a vacation stay at Marriott Hotel. A view from the room. So beautiful, isn’t it?

That’s why it is so exciting to get married in Aruba but it’s also expensive, needless to say. Do you think beach wedding are only for rich people?  I don’t think so. I have faith , it’s a beach wedding! 🙂



How can you say no to beach wedding? Tell me. I am in love 🙂

I am getting married this year to the love of my life, my angel and my answered prayer.


Soon I will post my prenuptial photos.

Thank you The Daily Post, I am able to share a glimpse of Aruba. A perfect place for beach wedding.

Hello baby ko!

Cringggg! Cringgg! Cringg!

“Hello baby ko!” I answered

“Hi baby ko, I just want to at least, at least hear your voice and say goodnight. It feels you are near whenever I hear your voice” he said.

I asked him to go to sleep early tonight because he wants to have 7 hours sleep everyday. He needs to wake up early the next day for a walk with his mom. He is trying his best to be healthy which is a good thing.

“But.. I miss you” he replied. Few seconds after, I received the call.

He is a sweet person. No doubt. He never fails to make me feel beautiful all the time. Well actually, every single day he will randomly say “You are beautiful” “Why are you so beautiful?’ “Bakit ang ganda mo?” (in Tagalog)

I am blessed to have him. I want to say more about him. If I won’t control this, I will obviously show that I am head over heels in love with this man. I feel like saying all the endearing words to express how I feel LOL 🙂 I am in love, am I?



One of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received. It was posted on my Facebook account. He really knows how to make his fiance smile. I thank God for Him. I do not want to sound cheesy but really.. this is cheesy! LOL. Hallelujah Thank you Jesus! I am loved and so blessed.

It is important that even you are in a relationship for so long, you have to appreciate your partner all the time. Just because you are comfortable with each other you will not do any effort to make him/her special. We had ups and downs but we make sure to look at each other how God sees us. We are loved unconditionally by God. Only Him can really love us perfectly, of course. Therefore, we should try our best to love others unconditionally.

English Standard Version
We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

I will not say that we have the perfect relationship because we do not have. What we have is God, who is so gracious in teaching us how to love, forgiving us and loving us with unending love. The goal in any relationship is to be God-centered. I will share more on future posts. 🙂 this is good for now.

Prayer for him

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this man. You have heard me a lot of times that I am really grateful you brought him in my life. He is truly my answered prayer. I pray that you will help him grow more in your knowledge. Remind him always that he is loved by You. Make him a  man you wanted him to be. Thank you God for your love that cause us to love each other this way. Thank you for bringing us together. Guide him and protect him together with his family. I know you will always make him happy because you want me to be happy as well. I love seeing him laughing. I like his smile, his eyes. Okay, Lord I better stop. HAHA  All I want to say is thank you because he is one of the greatest things happened in my life. Ooops. I should really stop, I want to reserve words for my vow on our Big Day. 🙂 We love you Jesus. Amen 

Thank you for reading. God bless you


Ako’y kinikilig!

Kasalukuyan akong nakangiti ng napakalaki abot hanggang tenga! Kinikilig ako:) Isang love story na napaka common. Babaeng simple, hindi nag aayos pero napansin ng lalakeng mayaman, sikat at higit sa lahat pogi! Nangyayari pa kaya to sa totoong buhay? Oo man o hindi, this fairy-tale-like story ay nakakakilig pa din. Nakakatuwa naman talaga ang mga Koreanovela e no? Bukod sa napaka pure ng story when it comes to love and relationship e ang lakas din makabata nito e! High Schooler lang ang peg. Yung feeling mo ikaw yung babae hinahabol ng lalakeng pogi. HAHA MAngarap! Nganga naman kasi sa totoong buhay. Kaya nga siguro dami single ngayon na babae kasi naghahanap ng perfect guy or tinatawag na Mr. Right. Umaasa may ganun pang mga lalake sa mundo yung alam lahat kung nasaan ka, susundan ka, nakabantay sayo para lang ma-make sure nya na safe ka. Yung palihim ka piprotekatahan. Yung kahit mayaman sya at against sayo ang parents pipiliin ka pa rin nya na mahirap lang pero mabait, simple at maganda din naman. Sige maniwala ka kasi na maganda ka! 🙂  E ambot lang sa totoong buhay. Hirap makahanap nyan.

GANOINpaman, ako’y kinikilig pa din. Ang sarap naman kasi ng feeling kapag may nag-aalaga sa yo diba? Kapag may nagmamahal at concern sayo, yung tipong ngingiti lang sya sa harap mo kasi nacucute-an sya sayo? at magtatanong ka “Bakit? Bakit ka nakatitig? (yung tonong nagiinarte, enebeyen! Sabay hagis ng buhok pataas) At sasagutin ka nyang nakatitig “Bakit ang ganda mo?” Tunaw! HAyyyyy.. Ang sarap mainlove. Eto ah! Hindi ako nagiinarte pero kinikilig talaga ako pag may nagmamahalan. Kahit nga married couple kapag nakikita ko silang sweet, kinikilig ako! Di ko alam bakit. Kasi siguro yung LOVE andun e, ramdam mo.

One time naging crush ko si Kimpoy Feliciano, online hearthrbob, social media sensation. Dami dami nya followers karamihan babae. Nacurious lang ako nun e. Nasama pa nga ako sa closed group sa FB na sya mismo ang nagcreate. Talaga namang nakikipag communicate sya sa mga fans nya e. Kanya kanyang papansin sa mga posts e. Dahil single din sya, maraming kababaihan ang talaga namang I am sure umaasa na mapansin ni Kimpoy. Sinubukan ko lang naman if mapapansin ako sa post. Napansin naman ng ilang beses. Nag-umpisa na ako magpost sa group kasi nila-like nya nga talaga. naging isa na rin ako sa papansin, naghahangad sa like and comment ni Kimpoy. Attention. Kamote stressful, dami ko kaagaw! HAHA Nakikinig na din ako ng song nya noon yug title ay “Ikaw Lang” Akala mo naman talagang ikaw ang kinakantahan ni Kimpoy e.

Ikaw lang pag-ibig sa buhay ko
Ngunit bakit ka naman ganyan
Walang tiwala sa akin
Mahal na mahal naman kita
Tunay ito, aking sinta
Hindi kukupas kailan pa man
Kahit itanong mo
Kanino man, mahal kitang talaga

Gabi-gabi na lang sa pagtulog ko
Ikaw lang ang panaginip
‘Pag ako’y gising na
Ikaw pa rin ang na sa isip
Kahit hindi mo ‘ko kaipiling
Asahan mong sa iyo pa rin
Ang pusong ito na iyong inangkin

Ikaw lang ang tanging minamahal ko
Huwag makinig kaninuman
Ikaw lang naman at wala nang iba
Sana ay maniwala ka na

Tunay ito, aking sinta
Hindi kukupas kailan pa man
Kahit itanong mo kaninuman
Mahal kitang talaga

 WEH? Di nga? Haha. Aba may votes votes pa yun nagsisipuyatan sila para maging top 1 lang si Kimpoy sa list. Yes, number 1 sya nung mga panahon na yun pero hindi ako nagvovote nun. 🙂 Over na ata! Pero meron talagang mga fans na talagang full support sa kanya. Like lang or mention lang sa post ni Kimpoy e masaya na ang mga iyon e nagsisitalunan na sa kilig. Ganun nga talaga ang karamihan sa babae. Mababaw ang kaligayahan. Mapansin lang, ayos na! Mahalin mo lang, okay na. Kayong mga lalake dyan wag kayong paasa. HAHA Kung wala naman pag asa bakit kelangan pang hayaan mahumaling sayo ng husto, itigil mo pang impress mo kung mangiiwan ka din naman. #Hugot

Isang araw habang nakikinig ako sa kanta nya na yan. Napaisip ako, may parang kumausap din sa akin. At sa maikling conversation with God that moment nabago na ang takbo ng love story ko. Yan yun araw na sabi ko.

“Lord ang gara naman, babae ako bakit ako naghahabol sa ganyan, sikat pa. Dami ko kaagaw. Di naman ako desperada mapansin pero tulad ng maraming babae nahangad din ako ng fairy tale story. Mapansin, mahalin din? Actually di naman talaga ako choosy e. Di ako mahilig sa pogi. Mas gusto ko ang character. Higit sa lahat yung malakas din sayo. Ayaw ko ng ganito Lord yung ako ang maghahanap. I am your princess, I believe. Hindi ko kelangan maghabol sa kahit kanino para mapansin lang at mahalin. Ibibigay mo yun sa akin sa tamang panahon” (wala pang aldub dialogue ko na yan! haha) Sa tamang panahon. Kaya maghihintay ako kasi pag galing sayo laging Okay. Kaya tama na to Lord.”

” Tska ang gara no? Ang tao ang dali dali nila gumawa ng kanta tulad nito, mga love songs para sa tao. Dahil sa love, masarap magmahal at mahalin. E panu kana? Mas nakakakilig ka kaya! You are LOVE itself. Kung nagagawa nilang makagawa ng song for a person, pwede rin naman para sayo diba? Mas bongga ka nga magmahal e”

Yung araw na yun, nakagawa ako ng isang kanta. Masyadong madrama ang araw na yun, punong puno ako ng emotion. Habang naglalakad ako, bulong nya “Sino ba ako para sayo Yhang?” Aba kahit na nasa daan ako ang luha ko naman talaga bumuhos e.He is my everything, narealized ko na kung gaano nya ako kamahal na hindi ko na talaga kaya pag wala sya. Yung joy at peace na binibigay nya everyday. Walang makakagawa sa akin nun kahit sinong lalake. Yung love nya unconditional, walang ganun sa tao. Maari mawala silang lahat, iwan ka or saktan ka pero sya? Hindi e, Iba sya magmahal. kaya ang sabi ko sknya “You are the lover of my soul” Isang araw ko lang nabuo. Inspired na inspired ako. Yun ay kanta ko for God na naging way din na matagpuan ko ang Prince Charming ko 🙂 Nakakatuwa! Hindi ako nagmamayabang pero parang totoo talaga na fairy tale happens in real life. Yung parehas kayo nagseek sa KING para matagpuan ang isat isa. Ang pogi nya kaya. Latak ako. Lage nila sinasabi Jackpot daw ako, nakaksakit na kayo ah. Maganda naman ako ah? At least sa mata nya HAHA. Di ko akalain mamahalin ako ng isang tulad nya. Pogi sya inside and out. Thank you Lord! 🙂

Ako ay kinikilig. Yung habang nagkukwento ka, daldal ka sa harap nya tapos nakatitig lang sya sayo, nagsmile. Nagtanong ako ng bakit. “You are so cute, You are so beautiful. I am so blessed” Ayyyyyy

Sa Koreanovela pinapanood ko kinikilig ako sa love story nila, lage ko inaalala ang araw na nagkakilala din kami at paano kami nagkatagpo. Kinikilig pa din ako. Kinikilig ako kung gaano ako kamahal ni Lord at ibinigay nya sa akin ang tulad nya.

I said Yes!

I’ve been wanting to write something about my engagement a month ago but I couldn’t because of busy schedule and at the same time, I did not know how to start. Still can’t believe? Haha 🙂

Looking back, months before I met him, I was earnestly praying to God to show me and send me the one He created just for me to be my lifetime partner. I was not desperate but in everything, this time, I want His will to be done in my life. One morning, I was praying and ended up composing a prayer song about it. One of the lines goes like “I want to meet that man, a man who love God more than I, who try to do the will of God. I wanna wait for that man, to be with him for the rest of my life” I won’t write the whole lyrics now.  But this has been in my heart since I was a teen. I will always believe that a person who loves God knows to handle any relationship with purity, love and respect. I am one of the girls who believes in a fairy tale love story. I am okay with imperfection, though. I just simply want someone who loves God.

Two weeks before I met him, I was crying like a baby. With honesty, I prayed to have someone whom I can share my thoughts, someone I can pray for and with, someone I can be silly with, someone I could be myself, exposing my flaws and yet still look at me lovely and beautiful, the way God sees everyone with unconditional love. I wanted a partner. I didn’t ask for just a boyfriend but a husband-to-be. The kind of relationship everybody would ever wanted to have.

God taught me to focus more on Him, seek Him, know and experience His love even more and little by little, He was preparing me to be the ‘someone I want to be with’, Meanwhile, there is this guy who had been praying the same thing. While he was waiting, God also molds him the way He wanted him to be so that when we are both ready, we will just simply share the love God showered us to each other. I looked up to God, gaze on His beauty, I chased Him and He led me to this man unknowingly. It happened when you least expect it huh? This may sound cheesy and crazy but I knew from the start,the moment I saw him, he is the One whom I would call MINE. I can even hear God whispering to my ears “My Princess, yes, he is the one”

Celebrating the new year’s eve, Yeah! I am so late, it’s February now. LOL 🙂 I thought it’s just one of the pose he wanted for picture taking, because it’s normal for us to do silly things. He knelt down his knee, looking up to me, held my right hand. I was just standing there with a bewildered look on my face. I could hear everyone screaming and I was like “Okay, what’s going on?” “Is this for real?” My cousin Abegail asked. With everyone’s whoooooosss,ahhhhhhs and waaahhhhhhs together with the fireworks, I could hardly understand what he was saying. I managed to listen to the last part. “Baby, I love you so much. You are my answered prayer.” He took the ring pop first and wore it in my finger. I loved that part, though. I don’t mind at all if it was not a diamond ring or whatever, I would still say YES to whatever kind of ring it is. But thank you for it is so sparkling beautiful. He never fails to make me feel pretty and special. (Special Child? LOL)

“Will you marry me?”

How could I say No to my answered prayer? I should stop now right?I have to save some for my vow. Haha I am just proud of my God who writes our love story.
To God be the glory.

It was New Year’s eve. Our Two Year and three month Anniversary, January 1, 2016.



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