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Day 2: Your bucket list

30 Day Blog Challenge

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I am actually sharing this in public. whooaa! HAHA It’s kind of uncomfortable but if this can inspire someone, well I am willing to. We are all allowed to dream dreams, to write goals and achieve them. No rush, no pressure, take your time and just enjoy the journey.

Personal Development

Get your body in the ultimate shape at once in your life
Join a Singing contest
Learn how to swim
Learn how to drive
Get a driving license
Be truly happy
Overcome my shyness (sometimes!)
Have a perfect teeth
Find my passion in life


Learn how to speak Papiamento ( un tiki so (a little bit) )
Learn how to speak Dutch (een beetje)
Learn how to speak Spanish
Learn how to speak French
Find a job you love or create the job you love
Take a class you’ve always wanted
Study again
Be a great writer
Have a music Album
Have a business


Spend Christmas on the beach
See the Solar Eclipse
Sky Diving
Climb a mountain
Ride a horse
Sleep in a 5’star hotel
Find my own secret spot
Learn how to surf
Release a paper lantern/floating lantern
Camping on a beach
Wall Climbing
Sit on a rooftop
Ride in a limousine


Feel like the happiest person on earth
Leave inspiring notes for people to find
Send a message in a bottle
Leave a positive note on someone’s windshield
Go on a mission trip
Tell little kids about Jesus
Worship like nobody’s watchin
Read the entire BIBLE
Write a worship song and sing it at church
Reduce my negative thoughts
Take a homeless person out to dinner
Read the Bible in a year
Use your travels to glorify God
Memorize 365 verses in a year


Go to your favorite Christian band’s concert (Kari Jobe ‘The Garden”)
Drive-in movie theater
Meet my celebrity crush


Fall in love
Get Engaged
Get married
Help him pursue his dreams
Grow old with someone I love
Take a cute kissing pictures in a photobooth
Be kissed unexpetedly
Say “I do”
Write a letter for your husband and open it after 10years
Be woken up with a kiss
Have sex in a hotel room HAHA, why not?
Have sex in a cruise LOL 🙂
Travel alone with your husband

Family and Kids

Have a baby
See my baby take their steps
Write a letter for your baby (open when she/he’s 18)
Make an email for your baby and write letters,
pictures and give the password when she turns 18
Raise a child with a heart for Jesus


Set a foot on all continents
Go to Disney World
See the Eiffel tower
Travel by yourself
Travel by train
Go on a cruise (again!)
See a real castle
Travel to Europe
Travel to South Korea
Visit Bethlehem/Israel
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Visit the 7 Natural wonders of the World
Attach a lock to a Love Bridge
Visit the walk of fame
Put a piece of gum on the gun wall in Seattle
Take a picture with the Hollywood Sign
Love lack in Paris
Visit the original starbucks in Seattle
See the Statue of Liberty
Travel to USA
Visit the 50 States of America


Read the top 5 novels of all time
Write a book (Try!)
Publish a book
Be an extra in a movie
Watch sunset at the beach
One week challenge -Early devotion at the beach
Start running everyday in one month
Hold a baby Panda
Finish an entire coloring book
Disney Movie Marathon
Complete a Scrapbook
Say ‘Yes’ to everything for a full day
Have a notebook of favorite quotes/quotes from Book I read
Have a list of 100 Books I’ve Read 
Have a summer job
Get a college degree
Go on an entire day without using technology
No social media in a month (or more)
Be in a magazine
Compose my own song
Read every C.S. Lewis novels
Memorize the countries/ world map
Photo shoot 🙂 Model! At least once. HAHA
Dutch Passport


Learn how to play guitar
Learn how to play piano
Learn how to play bass
Learn how to play drums
Learn photography
Write a letter to myself and open It in 10 years
Get a tattoo
Learn how to play Ukelele
Take a photo everyday for a year
Create a memory box & open it years after
Learn Calligraphy
Use a planner consistently for a year


Own a house
Own a polaroid camera
Own a DSLR camera
Own a portable printer
Have a walk-in closet
Have a music room in the house
Have a prayer room in the house
Have a craft room 
Go shopping in NYC
Have my own personal library in my house
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Thank you for reading! Be free to share yours. 🙂 What’s your bucket list?

Day 1: 20 Random facts about you

1. I love Korean dramas

I do love how they write them. Mostly, they’re love stories. When it comes to love, they’re kind of pure. They have 16 to 21 episode per show. You know, that feeling that you want them to just kiss already, HAHAHA you’re already in episode 15 and there’s nothing. And that’s kind of excite. I am not sure if their culture is really like that, conservative (I doubt it!) but no matter what, I love Korean shows. They’re funny and cute 🙂

My top 3 favorites:

  1. Descendants of the Sun
  2. K2
  3. Boys Over Flowers (HAHA when I was younger)
  4. City Hunter (is good too. ansabe 3 lang e!)

2. I’m Ambivert

Let’s not confuse ourselves, It’s known that introvert are the quiet ones, shy and private while extrovert are the outgoing and talkative. Well, I can be both. It’s called ambivert.

Ambivert: Someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

I love going out and be with people and I also want to have quiet time with myself at times. It depends upon the situation, and my mood?. So I guess, I am in that category – ambivert. (I maybe write more about this one day!)

3. I have a sweet tooth.

Chocolates. 😉 If I could eat it everyday, I would. I still care for my health, trying not to eat so much. My favorite chocolate is Hersheys Cookies and Cream. whooo!

4. Scrapbooking

I remember my younger years, even I am so tired from school or work, when I get home, scrapbooking was my way of releasing stress, I guess. My grandmother wakes up in the middle of the night and she will find me in the sala cutting all these scraps, papers and mess around. HAHA I still collect specialty papers and stickers!

5. Sanguine and Choleric

I have these two temperaments. Sanguine is positive and optimistic. Years went by, I should say, I really changed. There were years in my life here in Aruba that I was so negative and depressed. I considered them trials and challenges. I know that I am still a sanguine in a unique way.

Choleric are the bossy ones, bad tempered. Woooaah! Some people misunderstood me the way I talk. I don’t mean any thing bad or directly hurting someone by my words or the way I talk but yeah choleric people are known as ‘heartless’. I don’t admit I am heartless, though because I do have a heart. It’s just some of my actions are being misunderstood because one of my temperaments is choleric. This is not bad and it doesn’t define you.

The four temperaments are: Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric and Phlegmatic.

I love talking about this personality with people, you know? It is also fun to observe them and learn their temperaments.

6. Journal /Planner

I write my thoughts and prayers. It used to be everyday but now that my time is not that managed well, I don’t always have time for this. I do browse different layouts in journaling and planning creatively. I am using Mini Happy Planner now and I also have a Travel Journal.

7. Calligraphy

I only learned this online. 😉 for free. Nowadays, it is easy to learn new things through internet. Google is our best friend and Youtube is our university. HAHA

8. Collections

I love to collect scrapbooking materials, washi tapes, and brush pens.

9. Worship Leader

I grew up in a Christian family and I love worshiping. God has been great for bringing me in the worship ministry. I’ve been doing this more than 10 years. And I will forever worship HIM.

10. Netflix

I love watching movies and series.

11. I’m Princess

Whenever people found out my name, they’re like ‘Wow, your mom must love Star wars’ Yeah. You got it right!I never watch it, though. My name is Princess Leah.

Note: My sister’s name is Queen and my brother’s name is King.

12. I love God

I am not religious. I just love the fact that God wants to have a relationship with us. I thank Him for what HE has done on the cross and I am forever grateful for His unending love.

13. I’m short.

I’m 4’11.

14. I have small feet.

It’s difficult to find my shoe size so I usually go to kids stores. I’m 33 years old, though.

15. I look younger than I am.

No comment.

16. I can cook Polvoron

My husband is helping me now, this is difficult than I thought. I am in 16th. 4 facts more.

Polvoron is one of Filipino deserts.

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CTTO : Google pic.

17. I like to sing.

Anywhere. Everywhere. HAHA

18. I sneeze without control

And LOUD! HAHA I don’t know why I can’t control it. They said you can but doesn’t work with me.

19. Tambourine Dance

I started this ministry at church when I was 12 years old. I dance with tambourine. I taught some kids here at church.

20. No tattoos

I would love to have one. One day!

Finally! Done. HAHA Thank you for being here. Till’ tomorrow 🙂

30 Day Blog Challenge

Hello there, people! Happy month of May! How are ya’ll?

This is my first time doing a blog challenge. I have always wanted to make time for blogging but I’ve been busy these past few months. I still think about it every time.

This will help me discipline myself to really do what I love to do. And this is one of the things I really want to make time for.

Anyways, going back. While reading some blogs, today (finally, had time for that!) I found this post from Shairamaec.

But originally made by The Dani Chronicles.

Thank you for posting this. Definitely participating.


Let’s do this! Thank you for your time reading this. Join me as I discover myself by the these topics.

Have a great day!

Day 1: 20 Random Facts About You

Day 2: Your Bucket List

Day 3: What’s your Love Language?

Day 4: Describe your Relationship

Day 5: Letter to 16 year old YOU

Let’s get social

We live in a generation where social media is taking over our life. When we wake up in the morning instead of having a quiet time with the Lord by reading His word, praying and meditation, we grabbed our phone and go straight to our social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to check the

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latest gossip and news. Some will take morning selfies, afternoon selfies and goodnight selfies.It depends on the mood. I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages. That’s how the generation now, what to do? What to do? Well we can’t do anything but my answer is.. Let’s get social! 

We can still balance it. You can be active on your social network accounts but remember to take time with your love ones. Have a social life literally. When you go out with your friends, try not to spend a lot of time on your phone. Have a good and deep conversation with your friends, laugh or if needed cry with them. If you want to take selfie or groufie HAHA, take one or two but never spend the entire time taking pictures and you would not able to have some quality time with your friends or love ones, better post it on you social media accounts when you get home. So all your attention is with them.

Lets get social!  You can post on your timeline , it’s okay. We are free to say whatever its in our hearts but take your time to message your close friends as well. I appreciate likes on my photos or posts but when a friend exert effort to inbox me to ask how am I doing, I am loving that. I feel loved. We liked our Facebook friends images but let us like them too. There are people who only add people on their list because they want to just know what’s going in their lives and when they see something on their wall, they started to gossip about it. Let us be real friends, chat with them, be friendly but not flirting to opposite gender (especially when you are already taken, engaged or married) Also, when someone is posting about his/her success, let us be happy about it and for them. Remove any jealousy and insecurities in your heart. They are not helpful.

Social media can be very helpful to us for important  news around the world but it can also be a distraction to us. It is up to us if we let it take over our lives. Be on guard. If it takes more of your time and you are not being productive, take a break from social media. Life can still go on with or without it. Let’s socialize to our family, friends. Do not let your phones, tablet or any website rule you and ruin your relationships. Balance it. 🙂

Let us be a generation who seek God first before social media. Read your Bible not only posts or tweets. Do not only share verses on your timeline, websites, have time to meditate on it and apply in your life. Exercise kindness, humility and love online or offline.   Let’s get social! 

Take a selfie! Smile, not only on your selfie but to everyone you see. Be a blessing today! 🙂

Raison d’etre: Write to Inspire

While browsing, I  read a post from The Daily Post and I was motivated and inspired to join the weekly challenge. This is my first time 🙂  Let me give it a try

Raison d’être is a French term, meaning “the reason or justification for existence.”

Why do I write? Why do I blog? Why am I here? What on earth I am here for? WOW! Actually these questions were walking and playing around my head for a while now.

As a beginner, I actually do not know why I am doing this. At first, I just want to give it a try but it suddenly been a cry of my heart to write more. I would admit that there were days that I just want to stop writing, deactivate WordPress account and just simply live my life. Will still continue writing, though… in my journal. But there’s like an urge in my heart to write online, the reasons were unclear..

Am I the only one who has a low self-esteem? Am I the only one on earth who cry excessively for many reasons and none? Am I the only one who is not confident about herself and started to feel unworthy and a nobody? Am I the only person who lives on this earth having this depression and anxiety? Am I the only one who has a low self confidence? I bet there are many.

I was a maid for 4 years and it was really hard to believe in myself that I can do better than cleaning. I graduated with a bachelor degree but there are reasons why I chose this path. Do I look down on the job? Definitely not. Did I look down on my self? Yes. I had no choice. I needed to endure it for the sake of “working permit” so I can stay in the country/island, Aruba. I am an overseas worker. I left my country Philippines for the belief I could earn more money and help my family. Helping them is not bad, in fact, it was awesome. There is just this pain in my heart that I wanted to do greater but I could not. A deep longing whenever I am alone in my room for God’s joy and peace everyday. I write because I felt helpless and I wanted my voice to be heard. I wanted to encourage others who are experiencing the same thing and let them know that there is a way out. Low-self esteem, depression and anxiety, feeling unworthy and useless, they must end before these can destroy your heart and whole being. I was at the end of the rope but I am grateful because God is faithful.

Whenever I write, I feel different. I am somebody. I feel smarter and confident. My voice has been heard, the cry of my heart has been perceived. When I am weak, I find strength in writing. It is my escape. Writing is something I would never stop doing, online or offline, publish or unpublished because this is one of the ways where I see myself as somebody. The princess who is stronger in the midst of any trials. The one who can smile in front of others as if there are no heartaches. I know a lot of people who are very good in covering their pain through laughing and smiling; I am one of them. It is not bad at all. But when I write, I cannot hide it. What I write most of the time reflects on what I feel.

When I am weak, I find strength in writing. It is my escape. Writing is something I would never stop doing, online or offline, publish or unpublished because this is one of the ways where I see myself as somebody.

I won’t give the credit to writing alone but to the God who speaks to me to do so. I write not only because of oneself’s expression but to inspire others and use this to reveal what God has done to me. During my years as a maid, I have learned a lot, I had rough days..a lot! 🙂 But those years are just a part of the journey, God shaped me to a person I became now, he comforted me, he rescued me, he healed me and now I have a story to share.

My name is Princess and my raison d’etre is to write to express, inspire and give God the glory.

What’s yours? 🙂