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God’s Surprise #3 Kari Jobe

One of my prayer lists is to attend a christian concert. I visited Mommy in the US for few months, while I was browsing on Facebook, I saw a post from Kari Jobe announcing her ‘The Garden’ Tour. My mom lives in South Carolina so I asked her where Aiken is. She said it’s only 15-20 minutes away from their place. And I begged her “Mommy please, I wanna attend Kari Jobe’s concert”

To make the long story short. Me and my mom got to see her and worshiped with her. I cried because I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. I sent a message to my worship team in Aruba and told them the good news. I went live on Facebook so they could also see. Well, for others this is just a small thing but for me it is a big thing. BLESSING!

I admire Kari so much. I like her heart towards God. She loves Jesus so much. She inspired me through her voice and songs. God bless her. I don’t idolize her, I am just grateful that during my vacation at mommy’s I would experience more of God’s love. First, the Disney World, second – Jollibee and now this… got to see her and worshiped with her. God is so good.

Kari Jobe is so beautiful inside and out.



Her husband: Cody CarnesIMG_4854IMG_4879

With my mom πŸ™‚ Isn’t she wonderful? She supports me. God bless her.

Venue: Millbrook Baptist Church in Aiken, South Carolina. USAIMG_4924.JPG

For everything, for all the surprises. I give God the glory! πŸ™‚ So excited for more of His revelation and love.


*** August 5, 2017 God answered my prayer. Thank you for reading. πŸ™‚ God bless you!



Medley: I could sing of Your Love/ Broken Vessels/ Forever/ The more I seek You COVER

Hi there! I created a new account on SoundCloud. Decided na ako ito na talaga ang gagamitin ko para magsave ng mga covers. Haha 😝

This is my 4th cover sa account na ito:

Medley: 4 songs.

I only used four chords for the 4 songs. E di ang dali kumanta! But do not expect po ah? I am not that good in playing instrument. Ginagamit ko lang sya to accompany my singing 🎤 kaartehan 😂😜



Song Lyrics: 🎶

I could sing of your Love ❤️

Over the mountains and the sea,

Your river runs with love for me,

And I will open up my heart

And let the healer set me free.

I'm happy to be in the truth,

And I will daily lift my hands:

For I will always sing of when

Your love came down.

I could sing of your love forever,

I could sing of your love forever,

I could sing of your love forever,

I could sing of your love forever.

I could sing of your love forever.

(I didn't include the bridge part)

Broken Vessels

By Hillsong

Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost

But now I'm found

Was blind but now I see


Oh I can see you now

Oh I can see the love in Your eyes

Laying yourself down

Raising up the broken to life

( Chorus 1 & 2 only)


By Kari Jobe


Forever He is glorified

Forever He is lifted high

Forever He is risen

He is alive. He is alive

The more I seek You

By Kari Jobe

The more I seek you

The more I find you

The more I find you

The more I love you

I want to sit at your feet

Drink from the cup in your hands

Lay back against you and breathe

Feel your heartbeat

This love is so deep

It's more than I can stand

I melt in your peace

It's overwhelming


***May these songs be a blessing to you. Don't mind my guitar 🎸 playing. 😂😜 Listen to the lyrics and worship with me ❤️😇 God bless you. Thank you!

Worship even when you don’t feel like doing it.

It is such a privilege to be part of God’s ministry. As a worship leader, there were times I just simply don’t want to do it but I still do it. It’s not about how I feel but it is about who God is. He deserves to be adored so no matter how I feel, no matter what my situation is, I will still worship the ONE who deserves all the glory. I do not want to sound religious. I have my flaws too. But in this writing, I want to you to be encouraged as much as it encourages me whenever life seems all a mess. whenever I feel I am not doing the right thing and my best. It is not enough to just sing

I remember my mentor when I was younger. I was assigned to worship lead at our church for the next Sunday. Everything in my life was a mess that time and I asked her if he can help me find someone to replace me to lead on Sunday. She asked me why, and there I did tell her all the drama in my life. It’s not that bad, I just don’t feel doing it. She is very strict but loving person. She then answered me after telling the story “Is that the way you should serve your God?” And I answered “I do not want to transfer the spirit I have right now to the team because I am not really okay?” “Oh, so whenever you are not okay, God shouldn’t be worshiped? Is that what you meant?” I understood it and my tears kept falling.

God will remain God no matter what. No matter the situation is, whether you are okay or not, God is a God who deserve our worship. We should have a heart like that. Even things are not going well, we should still choose to adore HIM. There are so much reasons to give Him the glory in our life. I do not want to sound that my life is perfect. I actually don’t have. If I have to tell everything in here, you will be spending hours and hours reading. Everyone has problems and it only comes in different forms. But what makes it difference is the way we handle and face them.

I will always have problems, that’s what I believe. There will always be times that I will just lie on my bed, cry my eyes out and with so much pain. In the midst of adversity, God is wanting us to do the best thing. You know what the best thing is? Worship.Β God’s presence will always be the best place to hide when you do not know how to handle things. In seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes being in His arms, soaking yourself to His Word, praying, singing praises, thanking God for all He has done to you, counting all the blessings and all, is better than thousand years. It changes everything. It changes your view in life, your terrible feelings and loneliness suddenly turn to positive and wonderful feeling. Let me say God’s presence is everything. Jesus is everything we need.

I am not good of explaining things theologically, but really.. His presence is life to me. It’s amazing to have experienced this, it’s privilege, it’s an honor. I forget things that worry me, I forget the pain, I forget the struggle in just few seconds or minutes as soon as I know God is covering me with his love. Knowing how he really loves me changes the way I look at things.

Β The social media is a big destruction to our relationship with Him. When I found myself browsing and scrolling my Facebook, Instagram and others for hours, I had to stop and tell myself “Stop scrolling, Read your Bible” I am not saying I am a person who read the Bible all the time consistently. I just understand that His word is a lamp to our feet. A perfect guide and light unto our path according to Psalm. And it is really true. So whenever you feel that your path is not the direction you should be taking in, remind yourself God wants to direct your path. Reading His word is a step of knowing him more, finding him and loving him.

I am still one of the people who want to know more about Him and I am still in the process. I am under construction, letting my architect to design me. I am the passenger wherein I let the driver take over my life. It is more about trusting Him. I might not understand everything that has been happening in my life right now but what I am sure of is God never changes. He remains faithful. He loves me for who I am. My situation doesn’t define me, I will believe what God says who I am. I am beautiful, I am precious and I am a victor. My success Β doesn’t define the way the world define it. My treasure and my success is in God. It’s in His presence. It’s in my worship towards Him I truly belong. IN HIM alone.

“Is this the way I serve God?” I Β will ask myself this question whenever I don’t feel coming to him, whether I don’t feel thanking Him and whether I don’t feel worshiping Him. Because the question will always remind me whenever I see myself not doing my best to the ONE who created me, I am missing something. HE deserves more than anything else in this world. HE is my God, the one who loves, forgives, rescues, comforts, corrects, accepts and adores me, the only One who can touch my heart so deep. How could I not give my best? He deserves our everything. He wants our heart. Give your heart and do your best.

Worship even when you are sad, even when you do not have a job, even you have financial problems, even when you are in pain. Worship. God remains God no matter what and He deserves our adoration. πŸ™‚



I am not Alone- Cover

I admit, I really love singing and most of the time, well always, I worship. I feel home when I start to pour out my heart to Him and worship. I know that there I belong… in His presence

God is my strength and in every season He never leave me nor forsake me. My response to His faithfulness is to thank Him and worship for who He is. He deserves all the praises and adoration.

You are welcome to join me in worshiping Him through listening and if you know it, sing this with me. πŸ™‚

Thank you and God bless you!


Once again

Once again, I sing

Once again, I worship

You’ve proven me your presence

Touchable, tangible and real

I closed my eyes

I let it go, I let it out

All I wanted is to give you my heart and my all

You’ve shown me more

You’ve given me more

More than I was asking for

I asked for your presence to lead

I asked for your Love to overtake

I simply pour out my heart

You poured out your Spirit

I did not sing, I worship

Heart full of gratitude

Heart longs for You

Heart wants to touch Yours

Oh, how I love your presence

How I want for more

More of you, I long for

I seek you, find you and love you

This peace no one else can give

Once again, I feel brave

Once again, I feel loved

Once again, I do not ask anything

But your presence

World can give confusions

Yours is clarity of mind

Once again, I am home

Freedom I feel when I come

Peace I get when I call

Joy you freely given

Once again, let me say

Your presence is life to me

Love that I get from you

Let me share to others too

God, how amazing your love is

How can I live without this

Worthy are you Lord

A God like you deserves to be adored

Once again I will tell you now and forever

Jesus, you are everything I ever needed









“When you worship Me, they will hear Me”

You know I was so blessed to hear you worshiping. Hear you singing, just loving God. And i believe that God will anoint you more and more. I dont know what your heart desire is. I just wanna sing over you. I know that God… You know the father says even the father sings over us, he dances over us with joy, he sings over us. See, we sing a lot , we hear a lot about the song of the lord. We hear a lot about the song of a bride. The song the bride groom, see, God sings over us. You have prophecy like just people speak it, we have prophesy that is sung. And God has given me the grace and anointing to sing over people and just to release the word of God over their lives and to see a song being sung is so powerful. And its awesome when God sings. I love praise and worship. I love it. But to be honest with you. It is wonderul to sing song. But I always wait when the prophetic song kicks in then the Spirit begins to sing. Its not our song anymore. Its not our music anymore. Its not our words anymore. But it is His song and his words. We must always come to a place in praise and worship when God begins to sing. And those songs will touch people’s lives. I’d love to sing ‘Lord I gve you my heart, i give you my soul..i live for you alone. Evry breath that I take every moment im awake, lord have your way in me’ it is wonderful to sing. Songs that has been written by men but when God to sing over us and we God begins to sing like:

When you give your life to ME, when you surrender it all, I will use you the way the best I can. I will anoint your hands, I will anoint you. I will let my anointing flow. Surrender yourself to Me as you worship Me, I will touch your heart and your life. I will make known Myself to you, I will speak to you, just surrender yourself to Me, your life, your heart, your eyes, your hands, your feet, give it all to Me. I will set  you free. This is just the beginning, this is just the beginning, where I will speak to you and you will hear my voice and I will speak to you in many ways and when you hear my voice there will be a melody, songs from heaven will fill your heart and when you sing the song of the Lord, your heart and voice will beat as one as you sing the revelation of the Son. You release it with power and authority, the songs will be release with power and authority. It will set the captives free. Sing, sing a song of the Lord and don’t hold back. Sing the song of the Lord, don’t hold back. I will anoint you, I will anoint your voice more and more. It will not stop, it will not cease, it will grow as you worship Me in liberty, a freedom to fill the place, my glory will shine on your face. I am with you. I called you. I will anoint you. I will lead you and I will guide you. I will fill the songs in your mouth, I will fill it up with My words. Just worship Me in my presence. Just worship Me and you will see, it will touch many lives, it will talk to many lives when you worship Me. When you worship Me, they will hear Me, they will hear Me, they will hear Me.

“When you worship Me, they will hear Me”

From Psalmist Abraham Laisana

Conference: Prophetic Worship

Church of Zion

La Cabana Aruba

O4.17.2013 10:32pm

It was three years ago when I received these prophetic words from a psalmist named Abraham Laisina. He was from Netherlands and he was invited to be our guest speaker for the Praise and Worship Prophetic Conference held by Church of Zion Aruba. I remember someone recorded it from church, an mp3 file so I had the chance to listen to it and I wrote them down. He said those words to me in the form of singing. I was one of the worship leaders that night and because I am a shy type person (weh?) each time I lead, I got nervous. I’ve been leading for how many years but still I get anxious each time. It is His grace that I am able to stand up on stage. I was quietly praying to God before it starts, I asked him to simply flow in the room and to everyone’s heart and to me, of course. Here’s my prayer in secret “God, please show me if I am really called to do this, make me have that feeling of satisfation and joy as I do this service for you. Your will be done and may you found my heart pure before you” I love to sing. But just because someone can sing doesn’t mean you can be a worship leader. There is more to it and it’s accompanied by a great responsibility. Why? Because you are about to usher the people in the presence of God. For you to lead them, you yourself should be in his presence,soaking into His Word and prayer so you can worship Him in Spirit and in truth. For me, without sounding religious, worshiping God is everything to me. I just love to sing for Him. I might write more about it for future topics but today, I want to share this revelation that God has revealed to me.

I love to be in His presence. Words are not enough to express how great the feeling is when I am in His presence. It is life to me. Days before the conference, it had been in my thoughts and convictions that God wants me to surrender everything to Him so He can use me, to empty myself so He can fill me. I am longing for Him. He is the only one who can satisfy me. And when I worship, even I am in the midst of trials, pain and struggles I had the courage to keep going, to keep moving and believing that all things work together for good to those who love God.

β€œAnd we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

To tell you the truth, I have nothing to boast about my life. I don’t have riches in this world. But what I have is Jesus and that I can say I have my everything. I do not want to sound so holy or be called ‘holier than thou’ because I am not. I am imperfect, a sinner saved by His grace. But what I can boast about is the grace of God that overflows in my life. When I worship, either in the privacy of my room or in public, I found my self in a different state, seems everything is perfect. I can feel the deepest of peace where I cannot get from anyone or anything in this world. Nowadays when you look on social media, crimes, war and filthy things everywhere we can all see, and its depressing and heartbreaking. But with His promises, you can sleep peacefully and soundly and be assured that you are safe, not to worry too much because you know that He will hold you, guide you and protect you.

“For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.” Isaiah41:13

“You know what? I am blessed to hear you singing, to hear you worshiping Him, just simply loving God” Bro. Abraham came to me saying this line and started to prophesy. I don’t know. The las time I remember I was really pouring out my heart to God. I had to prepare my heart. I was so nervous and all I can say to God is to take over. “I don’t want to be seen here, I want your presence to flow through me, through the team, through the leaders and just simply use us for your revelation to people” I prayed.

When you are a worship leader, you sometimes forgot that the worship time is not your time. We are so worried about what we are going to say, our attire, about our voice, about the music and instruments, the quality of the sound etc. See what I prayed first “God, show me that I am called for this” It was selfish of me that I want to lead well instead of HIM be glorified. ‘Show me I am called for this’ is asking him to prove that he is calling you to do this and he has to accompany you as you lead. There is no problem about acknowledging HIm, that is my point actually but often time worship leaders are so worried about the outcome of the whole worship time.

But in the end of my every prayer. “Jesus it is not about me, about the songs, about the music, not about us, It is all about YOU” It is important that we check our hearts from time to time. It is not actually the quality of my voice that matters when I lead, it is about the content of my heart towards the Lord. Why are you singing? Is it because you have a good voice? Is it because everyone is in the team and you just wanted to join? Is it because it looks fun in the worship team? NO. You are there to worship GOD alone. Whether you are in the team or not, wherever you are, a true worshiper worships everywehere.Worship is not about singing or playing instruments. It is a lifestyle. Whatever you do that gives glory to Him is worship.

The fact that I have no strength to speak and to do things because I was so nervous. I let it go. I let God take over and I will simply focus my heart to HIM. It is His grace that flow to me so I would be able to do what he wants me to do. I know in my self that I cannot do it but because He told me to do it, I can make it because He strengthens me. When you are called by God to do a task, He will surely enable you. Just simply say “YES Lord, I will follow”with all your trust that He will guide you.

God gave me the grace to sing. And I want to use that for Him. We all do have God-given gifts, we have to use them for His glory.

Today, it was not an accident that I got to read my old journal, I believe. I was reminded about my purpose in life. At the present time, the world’s standard of living is so high and depressing. Everyone runs to the top of the world, they work hard to be in the highest rank of living. Money, fame and beauty, they worry about. There were times in my life that I got depressed seeing my batchmates having a good life, they travel, they have their own family, good carreer, house and lot, beautiful skin and faces etc. and I started to look down on myself. I feel terrible! But God’s word is so comforting and he rebuked me.

 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?Mark 8:36

People may seem have a good and perfect life but God is looking to our hearts. He is more concern to our soul.

I thank God for he taught me how to be content and to keep fixing my eyes on Him so that all I can see everyday is beauty. He is wonderful and He created me in His own image. So, I am beautiful πŸ™‚ right? HAHA

Bro. Abraham ended his encouragement in prayer for me:

Father, I thank you in Jesus name. Lord I release even the prophetic anointing. Lord the psalmist anointing. Lord that is even upon my life. Father, I release Lord the measure of that anointing. I impart, I release, Lord that she may sing the song of the Lord, she may declare the prophetic song without fear and without hesitation and with power and authority. It shall come forth like a river it’ll flow in Jesus name. In Jesus name. Amen

God spoke to me through Him. These are one of the days where I only want to be wrapped in His arms. Loving God is difficult, we fail most of the time but His love never changes, never fails and unending that challenges us to know him deeper. I needed a confirmation for what I have been praying for and there He goes, showing me this again. God is stirring my heart and I do not want to live not doing my purpose. God is calling everyone of us and He wants you as well. He wants your heart so he can freely move miracles in your life. Surrender yourself to Him.

“When you worship Me, they will hear Me” – GOD

Be a blessing!