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Let’s get social

We live in a generation where social media is taking over our life. When we wake up in the morning instead of having a quiet time with the Lord by reading His word, praying and meditation, we grabbed our phone and go straight to our social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to check the

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latest gossip and news. Some will take morning selfies, afternoon selfies and goodnight selfies.It depends on the mood. I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages. That’s how the generation now, what to do? What to do? Well we can’t do anything but my answer is.. Let’s get social! 

We can still balance it. You can be active on your social network accounts but remember to take time with your love ones. Have a social life literally. When you go out with your friends, try not to spend a lot of time on your phone. Have a good and deep conversation with your friends, laugh or if needed cry with them. If you want to take selfie or groufie HAHA, take one or two but never spend the entire time taking pictures and you would not able to have some quality time with your friends or love ones, better post it on you social media accounts when you get home. So all your attention is with them.

Lets get social!  You can post on your timeline , it’s okay. We are free to say whatever its in our hearts but take your time to message your close friends as well. I appreciate likes on my photos or posts but when a friend exert effort to inbox me to ask how am I doing, I am loving that. I feel loved. We liked our Facebook friends images but let us like them too. There are people who only add people on their list because they want to just know what’s going in their lives and when they see something on their wall, they started to gossip about it. Let us be real friends, chat with them, be friendly but not flirting to opposite gender (especially when you are already taken, engaged or married) Also, when someone is posting about his/her success, let us be happy about it and for them. Remove any jealousy and insecurities in your heart. They are not helpful.

Social media can be very helpful to us for important  news around the world but it can also be a distraction to us. It is up to us if we let it take over our lives. Be on guard. If it takes more of your time and you are not being productive, take a break from social media. Life can still go on with or without it. Let’s socialize to our family, friends. Do not let your phones, tablet or any website rule you and ruin your relationships. Balance it. 🙂

Let us be a generation who seek God first before social media. Read your Bible not only posts or tweets. Do not only share verses on your timeline, websites, have time to meditate on it and apply in your life. Exercise kindness, humility and love online or offline.   Let’s get social! 

Take a selfie! Smile, not only on your selfie but to everyone you see. Be a blessing today! 🙂


I want a Beach Wedding!

This is a response to The Daily Post topic : Beach . Now, I am really blogging, second time joining the challenge. I did not know this would be really fun! 🙂 Yesterday, I join the weekly challenge and  wrote about Raison d’etre: Write to Inspire . Today, I got excited when I noticed they also have daily prompts, I feel the kilig when I see Beach.

I’ve been engaged to my fiancee for four months now. Last January 1st, he popped the question “Will you marry me?” with a ring pop, literally. HAHA And do you know what my answer is? Obviously I said Yes.


Here I am writing about it. I am a Filipino currently living in the beautiful Island of Aruba. Why not embrace the fact that I am surrounded with stunning beaches? So we finally decided a beach wedding. Does woman really win all the time? HAHA Not really but truly the beaches in Aruba are so awesome! We love it! Many tourists travel regularly in the island and their words will always be “Aruba is so beautiful”

The beach is a perfect place to meditate on God’s beauty.

His creation is beautiful.I have Christian friends who also love doing their devotion at the beach. It’s truly relaxing and spirit calming. You will hear the sounds of the waves and feel the breeze. Gash! I love that 🙂 God’s creation is awesome. Amazing!

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We have a saying that Life is like a beach. Everyone has his own definition of this, I’m gonna try to define it on my own. I would sit down for hours looking around and still won’t fed up with it’s beauty. The only thing is the sun. It is so hot, others love the heat and likes to get tanned, you’ll get tanned in Aruba very quickly in the sun andako in the pure air. At first I did not like it but I embraced the reality that I am living in the island of Aruba, gotta accept the truth that I will get tanned. HAHA :)My future loves my complexion, though! 🙂 Tourists came for the sunset. Everyone would love to wait for the sunrise and the sunset. I am not a morning person, I prefer sunset 🙂 My father works in a
hotel and he said, early in the morning, guests really wait for the sun to rise as well as the sunset. There they go, KODAK! Click! Selfie here, Selfie there! I’m on vacation.

I am blessed because I live in the island, I can enjoy the beauty whenever I want. Thank God!




I wish I can take more photos right now. I feel like going to the beach today. Oh Gash. Let us see.


I cannot make this photo bigger. I grabbed this photo from my IG account. This was taken last year when I had a chance to have a vacation stay at Marriott Hotel. A view from the room. So beautiful, isn’t it?

That’s why it is so exciting to get married in Aruba but it’s also expensive, needless to say. Do you think beach wedding are only for rich people?  I don’t think so. I have faith , it’s a beach wedding! 🙂



How can you say no to beach wedding? Tell me. I am in love 🙂

I am getting married this year to the love of my life, my angel and my answered prayer.


Soon I will post my prenuptial photos.

Thank you The Daily Post, I am able to share a glimpse of Aruba. A perfect place for beach wedding.