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Forty-Seven Months

46 months:


I was hesitant to post cheesy stuff about my love life but I realized, I should be really grateful that God has given me this kind of relationship. To be honest, I don’t want to sound bragging. I used to appreciate him in social media more often, but there was a time someone told me that she’s jealous that I found someone like him. I am thankful but really, I don’t want to be a source of someone’s sadness or insecurities. They will start to think like “Why I don’t have this kind of relationship” or “I wish my man is like that” etc etc. or sometimes we compare.


(Pinakita ko talaga ang likes para dagdagan nyo! HAHA Joke!)

But ladies, let me tell you this. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and perfect person. We all have weaknesses, shouldn’t compare yours to others. God has a different story for us and different way of making it fun and lovely. What makes a relationship beautiful is when you let HIM write your story and let Him be the center of it. I am not bragging how perfect and good mine is, I am boasting about how God teaches us to be a better partner so we can love each other the right way. We’ve been through ups and downs, adjustments, disagreements, we disappoint each other, we fight but at the end of the day, we still want to please God by forgiving each other, by understanding each others’ feelings. We tend to be selfish at times, we want to be understood and let the pride get in. But is it the way God wants us to be in a relationship? Of course not, pride is the biggest enemy. So ladies, lower our pride. Just eat fried chicken. Hehe!

Forty-seven months, almost four years. September 01, 2017.


Well, he knows how to reply, at least. HAHA (Minsan pumupuso nalang e! Pero di ako galit bes, pusuan mo man o hindi!)


Happy 3years and 11 months to my Baby. He’s not a social media person who post things all the time about the relationship, but I know and he has shown me how he loves me. I thank him for his patience and understanding. I thank him for he is waiting. Not every man will wait for this long. There are so many things I want to say but I will leave them on our BIG DAY!

I am engaged with this man who loves Jesus. Thank you for you are my answered prayer.

PreWed B&Y-52

(Konting kembot nalang, maging isa na kami. )

Thank you guys for reading!


Hello baby ko!

Cringggg! Cringgg! Cringg!

“Hello baby ko!” I answered

“Hi baby ko, I just want to at least, at least hear your voice and say goodnight. It feels you are near whenever I hear your voice” he said.

I asked him to go to sleep early tonight because he wants to have 7 hours sleep everyday. He needs to wake up early the next day for a walk with his mom. He is trying his best to be healthy which is a good thing.

“But.. I miss you” he replied. Few seconds after, I received the call.

He is a sweet person. No doubt. He never fails to make me feel beautiful all the time. Well actually, every single day he will randomly say “You are beautiful” “Why are you so beautiful?’ “Bakit ang ganda mo?” (in Tagalog)

I am blessed to have him. I want to say more about him. If I won’t control this, I will obviously show that I am head over heels in love with this man. I feel like saying all the endearing words to express how I feel LOL 🙂 I am in love, am I?



One of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received. It was posted on my Facebook account. He really knows how to make his fiance smile. I thank God for Him. I do not want to sound cheesy but really.. this is cheesy! LOL. Hallelujah Thank you Jesus! I am loved and so blessed.

It is important that even you are in a relationship for so long, you have to appreciate your partner all the time. Just because you are comfortable with each other you will not do any effort to make him/her special. We had ups and downs but we make sure to look at each other how God sees us. We are loved unconditionally by God. Only Him can really love us perfectly, of course. Therefore, we should try our best to love others unconditionally.

English Standard Version
We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

I will not say that we have the perfect relationship because we do not have. What we have is God, who is so gracious in teaching us how to love, forgiving us and loving us with unending love. The goal in any relationship is to be God-centered. I will share more on future posts. 🙂 this is good for now.

Prayer for him

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this man. You have heard me a lot of times that I am really grateful you brought him in my life. He is truly my answered prayer. I pray that you will help him grow more in your knowledge. Remind him always that he is loved by You. Make him a  man you wanted him to be. Thank you God for your love that cause us to love each other this way. Thank you for bringing us together. Guide him and protect him together with his family. I know you will always make him happy because you want me to be happy as well. I love seeing him laughing. I like his smile, his eyes. Okay, Lord I better stop. HAHA  All I want to say is thank you because he is one of the greatest things happened in my life. Ooops. I should really stop, I want to reserve words for my vow on our Big Day. 🙂 We love you Jesus. Amen 

Thank you for reading. God bless you